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Canada vs USA

05/06/2008 at 1:44pm EDT

Canada vs USA—3:30pm ET
Video —In Canada on TSN & RDS; In the USA, only by a paid feed; International viewers check here
AudioFan590 streaming live.
Info—Complete tournament schedule [PDF], and power rankings.


So there’s some hype building in the World Championships. TSN says it’s a “rivalry renewed” [video], and the Globe & Mail’s Roy MacGregor is ready for a couple of teams to “get their hate on.”

This post will update periodically with screenshots of the action during the game, and a box score link will always be provided at game time.

Should be fun: it’s Team Tortorella vs Team Hitchcock, which might make for some seriously-bad language being thrown around. If I work on my lip-reading skills, perhaps I can transcribe some John Tortorella gems…

Some pre-game factoids:

The 1976 Canada Cup team is being ceremonially honored before the game, and attendees include Scotty Bowman, Bobby Orr, Bobby Hull, Denis Potvin and Lanny MacDonald.

Team Canada will be wearing replica jerseys for the game

Rosters loaded with NHL talent: Canada [PDF] and USA [PDF]

According to USAToday: “If the USA can win this game, it would mark the first time it has gone 3-0 in the preliminary round since this format was adopted in 1998.”

Team USA wore 1960 replica jerseys when playing Latvia in their opening match.

First Period

And they’re off…


Hmm. Only 1:42 into the game and Pierre McGuire has already called John Tortorella a “power hungry maniac.” (Not friends, Pierre?)

And only now 4 minutes into the game and Canada is killing their second penalty. (Getzlaf, must you? Alas… Ducks just can’t help themselves…)

8 minutes in… and a lot of America-Scaring-Alanah going on. And then Brent Burns scores! 1-0 Canada


And in the final 30 seconds… Dany Heatley. 2-0 Canada. (that’s Heatley at the left side of the net).


Second Period

Geezus, I miss 3 minutes to open the second period and miss THREE GOALS????? Now Canada 3, USA 2


Cam Ward makes a save here, the puck jammed tight between his skate and the corner of the net. Shots—8 minutes into the 2nd—are 16-9 for the USA. Still the score is 3-2 in Canada’s favor. Miraculously.


McGuire just mentioned that Canada has averaged 51(?) shots per game thus far into this tournament. Till this game. Perhaps they’re intimidated by the Mighty Tim…. and his Acrobatic Style!?

Ward has horseshoes up his butt. Exhibit one: the photo below? He just got a whistle… and right at that moment, the puck trickles out of god-knows-where in his equipment, and lands in the crease.


But enough about Ward. How about that Thomas?

Photo #1: Caption “Tim Thomas returns from the bench realizing game is still in progress.”


Photo #2: Caption “Tim Thomas gets helmet trapped in the netting in attempt to make saves through back of net.”


Third Period

Coming soon. And don’t be late: I missed the opening three minutes of last period and missed three freakin’ goals. Wtf??

Game on. This photo shows the devious ways of Tortorella as he slips money to the referee to “take care” of Cam Ward. But…


...the plan backfires. Canada goes on its first powerplay of the game.

Now, disgruntled members of Team USA contemplate “taking care” of the referees. Game is clearly fixed in Canada’s favor.


Somewhere outside of camera range, Tim Thomas discovers there is no backup goalie dressed. He feels a pain in his groin at the thought. Canada promptly scores.

4-2 Canada.

Note to self: Canadians are freaks. (Ah, shit, I’m Canadian.) Oh well, this photo… still freaks.


USA gets a powerplay (note: Tortorella’s money is good, apparently). And they score. 4-3 Canada.

Now USA gets another powerplay. Sigh - Is it too early to start drinking…?

Update: No, it’s not too early to start drinking. Tied game, 4-4 because of J. PalmYourVille. (or whatever…)


Reminder: OT would be 5 minutes of sudden death, then a shootout. In case you’re missing that regular season NHL fun…

In an exciting new development, something happens on the ice and Canada does not get a penalty. Awesome.

Helluva save…


And Heatley shows off by scoring in the final miliseconds… 5-4 Canada… (well, 40 second left)


Ugh. 23 seconds left, USA gets another powerplay…

I’m betting—following Murphy’s Law—USA ties this up…

But I’m wrong. Canada wins. And what’s more? Team USA piles on top of the Canadians to help them celebrate! Feel the love! (Or is it “Feel the right hook”? Yeah, it’s a fight…)


Ah, more lovely Canadian freaks. Standing respectfully, singing the post-game anthem… albeit looking something like characters from Sesame Street. Gotta love this country… :)


And so another gentlemen’s game of hockey comes to an end. And they’re all so polite and orderly now, aren’t they?

Hard to tell they were trying to rip each other’s faces off in the post-game scrum 10 minutes ago…


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