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Ben Eager Meets the Twins

05/19/2011 at 2:45am EDT

Update Thursday May 19th: The UNEDITED video. Scroll to the bottom of post.

A 7-3 win and Game 2 was practically a fiesta of great moments for a Canucks fan. Aside from the final score and some stellar play by the Canucks to lock this one down, there was also Ben “I like to pretend I’m on meth” Eager’s performance throughout the latter half of the game, to enjoy. Almost enough to make a girl giddy.

Speaking of Eager, I wrote some nonsense piece a couple years ago titled “Ben Eager and Other Boobs”, which wasn’t really racy, just me messing around. But apparently, hockey love and life does come full circle, because Ben Eager did finally meet some… well, you know…

Video below. Definitely NSFW.

[Video Yanked by Youtube. Twice.]

Most of why I love hockey is because I simply love hockey. But I’ll admit, PART of why I love hockey is because hockey people are all nuts.

From Ben Eager to the Twins—both sets—a great night for a Canucks fan who has a long memory of past horrors.

It feels a bit like redemption. :)

Update: Original video yanked from Youtube. Replaced it with another, crappier one (God, why is Youtube so darn uptight about boobs on video? Sheesh.)

I imagine this video will be yanked soon, too. Sigh. (And yet I can still watch life-like corpse dissections on any version of CSI, 50 times a week. The world is a very stupid place sometimes…)

Anyway, if you really need to see this, there’s a photo here. But it’s not nearly as fun without seeing Ben Eager sitting there looking all “FML.”

Update Thursday— This video from The Score is edited so you won’t be too traumatized by the girl parts.

Update Thursday May 19, 7:29pm PT:

Finally, the UNEDITED version of Ben Eager and his boob encounter. This should satisfy your interest in boobs, while it also satisfies my interest in not tolerating censorship of silly stuff like this. Enjoy.

(And, it should go without saying, NSFW!)

Note: When you hit play, be patient as it takes a few moments (or even minutes) to load before it plays, for some people. Sorry.

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