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Anyone Else Glad That It's Just Finally Over?

04/04/2008 at 4:59am EDT

The thought came to me from a message board thread that explored that question with various degrees of angst, horror, relief and sadness. Although mixed up with a few mental health concerns, it actually made for some decent reading; not as heavy on the prepubescent hormones as that site usually is.

Anyway, I’m not at all glad it’s over, but I am relieved it’s over… somewhat like the poster ‘Too Optimistic’ (lovely irony, that) who commented:

“Surprisingly it feels like i have a weight off of my shoulders. Don’t have to worry about the Canucks loosing anymore.”

(I’ll even forgive him the “loosing” thing… after all, if TSN can do it, then drunken, traumatized Canucks fans surely have an excuse for spelling imperfections on elimination night.)

I feel like I’m supposed to write a eulogy or something before I accept that this is essentially the end of the Canucks’ season—but it’ll have to wait for a few days. Other than a disturbingly-pathological dislike for Alain Vigneault’s coaching, I’m not even particularly ticked-off yet.

(Although, just give it time—it’ll build. An incomprehensible and totally inappropriate rant will come forth sooner or later.)

Meanwhile, Canucks fans should still watch HNIC this week, shouldn’t they? The playoffs may be off the table now, but that’s still a game that matters. It’s possible we’ll never see a couple of our players lace up their skates in the NHL again after Saturday night—notably, two captains, who both also happen to be two of the greatest fan-favorites in Vancouver Canucks history. Trevor Linden and Markus Naslund.

Besides, the Canucks & Flames almost always make for a great game. And hell, if our team could be responsible for making Mike Keenan seriously unhappy—even if only for one brief night—I’ll consider that a small consolation prize.

Anyway. Onwards…

Starting next week, some of us will have to start plotting who we’re cheering for in the playoffs. My own opening thoughts on the issue aren’t too rational—I’m sorta comforted by the idea of the entire Western Conference top-8 getting wiped out by a giant tsunami. No survivors. (But I’m pretty sure that’s just the grief talking…)

Sigh. I’ll get over it. :)

P.S. Looking at the current standings tonight, I say, “Go Nashville & Go Minnesota!” (Two things I never, ever thought I’d say).
P.P.S. Hockey sucks.

Peace. Out.

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