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Anaheim Duck Jokes Back in Style?

02/20/2007 at 5:07pm EST
Well, it's about bloody time.Ever since Brian Burke, ie. Best Canucks GM Of All Time ™, went to Anaheim, Disney jokes have dwindled to a virtual standstill. That once-great source of insults -- ranging from snotty Emilio Estevez references to generally smartassed commentary about midget hockey ineptitude -- dried up almost the moment the "mighty" was deleted from the logo.Many around the league have been left struggling for cool new ways to say "Ducks suck!" in that face of the fact that, well, they didn't anymore. It's been a rough ride.*But those days are over and the Mighty-Unmighty Ducks have returned.Sure, they're at the top of the Pacific Division and sitting in 2nd place in the West -- but that's the benefit of playing like they were an entire team of all-stars for 3 months. The last 6-7 weeks? Not so spectacular. 9 wins and 14 losses since Christmas -- and if you don't mess around looking at point totals (taking into account several OT losses), that's a 0.391 record.I remember making a crack somewhere on this blog back in December that the Ducks could essentially play .400 hockey for the rest of the season, and still roll into the playoffs without breaking a sweat. Little did I know they were going to take me up on that theory...So now they're in a swan dive, and hoping to right their ship at the expense of the Canucks. Irony being what it is, I suppose they just might stomp our asses tonight. But until then... Anaheim, You Suck.™ **Or so I hope. Earl Sleek has other ideas, however. A gambling man.Bonus Points For ObnoxiousnessSome inappropriate pre-game porn references. Courtesy of, the "porntacular" George Parros set to the unbelievably bizarre theme music of the Center Ice network:
Update 1:05pm PTI really shouldn't write snotty posts about other teams before I consider all the possible scenarios. In this case, yet again, Grant Kerr and the Globe & Mail dumps this on me this afternoon:
Durable goaltender Roberto Luongo will finally get a well-deserved rest after starting 11 consecutive games for the Vancouver Canucks.In a surprise move Tuesday, Vancouver coach Alain Vigneault named backup netminder Dany Sabourin to start for just the fifth time this season in a road game against the Anaheim Ducks at the Honda Center.Sabourin has never won a National Hockey League game, although he came close in his last start Jan. 19 against the Buffalo Sabres. The Canucks led until the final minute of regulation before losing a face-off in the defensive zone that led to the game-tying goal. The Sabres eventually won 4-3 in a shootout.
____________________________ * I'm sure it's a similar experience for fans around the league who've derived great pleasure from the disasters of Canucks goaltending over the years. Then Roberto Luongo came to Vancouer and sort of fu#ked that up for y'all.** Yes, I realize Anaheim has smoked our asses twice this year already. If I can conveniently block that from my mind, so can you.

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