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All Time Worst Dressed

08/01/2008 at 3:36pm EDT

According to, the Worst Sports Uniform of all time happens to be a hockey jersey.

The specific hockey jersey won’t surprise anybody, but on that same list of eleven bad clothing choices (why eleven?? who makes a “top-worst-11” list?) one other hockey item shows up that’s a bit more unexpected.

The worst piece of sports clothing in history…

According to Maxim Magazine. And it’s tough to disagree with the flying-V.

Nor should any Canucks fan be offended by the choice. To quote the Vancouver Sports News and Events blog, ”[At] least we won something!”


What SHOULD BE ranked the worst piece of sports clothing in history…

According to me, anyway. Isn’t this Astros abomination even worse than the Canucks atrocity above? I submit that it just might be.

And it even has that same lemon/orange sherbet coloring that so-perfectly defines a bad clothing choice…


The #8 worst item on Maxim’s list

Really?? These pants are actually that scary??


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