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A Reprieve From the Edge

03/08/2008 at 6:14pm EST

Having been out of touch with the hockey news since late Thursday night, I hauled a copy of the Vancouver Sun into a breakfast diner off Granville this morning, ready to enjoy the whiplash effect of excessive optimism that the 6-2 win over Nashville last game was surely having on Vancouver fans and writers (lose a game? armageddon. win a game? salvation…).

But the hockey news isn’t always utterly predictable in Vancouver, and they turned the tables on me.

Despite the last win, the morning news was still purely Armageddon—a horrific new haul of defensive injuries piling up while I was still busy gloating over Thursday’s game.

But as the hours went by, something miraculous happened.

Things have improved drastically over the course of the day—and that’s not just the booze talking.

From Jason “this blog is sure handy when I remember to use it” Botchford in The Province, some incredibly unexpected good news in Canuck land:

Not only did Kevin Bieksa and Ryan Kesler get medical clearance to play but so did Mattias Ohlund who, just a few days ago, many people thought would miss the rest of the regular season because of bone chips in his knee.

The pain and swelling in Ohlund’s knee have subsided and it’s a good bet he will play Saturday against St. Louis.

“He looked fine this morning ... and if he looks good in warmup and says he can play, he’ll play,” Vigneault said.

Ohlund said he felt ready.

“I think I can play and it’s something I really want to do,” Ohlund said. “The knee is actually a lot better today than yesterday.”

Bieksa is okay? Kesler survived? And Ohlund is back from the edge of season-ending injury???

Geezus… things were so desperate yesterday, Brendan Morrison was actually being used as a defenseman in practice.

But now? It’s like entering the Twilight Zone. Things are going so well, it sort of makes me worry I’m going to get hit by a bus on the way to GM Place tonight.

P.S. Yes, I’ll be at the St.Louis/Vancouver game tonight. And take comfort in that: we always, always win when I’m around. That team should be paying me to attend their games, for godsakes…*

*Probably shouldn’t say crap like that. Tempting fate. Whoops.

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