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07/23/2008 at 4:38pm EDT

Vancouver is hosting their annual State of the Franchise event tonight—a joyous occasion in that it’s one of the few Canucks gatherings that doesn’t appear to make money off anyone. (Though I suppose this week’s money train has already been taken care of.) Anyway, the event itself will be broadcast online at the Canucks TV portal, starting at 6:30pm PT.

Meanwhile, here are some opinions on the state of this franchise from a few C&B readers in the last week…


Seriously take 3 deep breaths and take a step back then re-evaluate Mike Gillis so far.

He drafts Cody Hodgson. BPA and could be future captain material. He lets the overaged declining UFA’s walk. Thats what everyone wanted 3 months ago then when it happens people lose it Classic Canucks Paranoia.

He doesnt give long term deals to over payed over ratted UFA’s that arent in the prime. Everything he has done is going in a positive direction to rebuilding this club PROPERLY.

Tyler is an optimist, which is an admirable quality. But saying that “everyone” wanted all the UFA’s to walk is presuming a lot. Plus I’m not convinced that Gillis is rebuilding the way some people think he is.

What is “properly” anyway? Youth? It’s not not like Gillis invented that draft pick, nor do I think his FA signings this summer make up a list of superstars-in-the-making, either. Bernier was probably a good risk to take, but it will take time to evaluate the rest of them.


confident and happy canuck fans right now remind me of guys in the bar around closing time, lowering their standards so they don’t go home empty handed.

Cynical, sure, but c’mon… that’s funny.


I think with Sundin as a piece in the puzzle that is the Vancouver Canucks, there is a serious 2 year window. These guys can compete for the cup.

More optimism. Nice, but I have to admit that “compete for the Cup” is not a benchmark I will ever hold Vancouver to. My standards are much lower than that—just score a few goals per game and I’m half way to ecstasy.

Jeff D.:

Fans better hope the team has hidden offensive potential. The Canucks have, arguably, one of the best defensive corps and goalies in the Western Conference, but they still can’t score enough to survive another run of injuries to that defense. Ultimately does the team look any different heading into this coming season than it’s looked heading into the last couple seasons? Not so far.

Jeff is both an optimist and a cynic. My kind of guy. (Which is probably why I married him.) :)

Any other thoughts?

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