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What’s Trevor Linden Been Up To?

With some guys, you definitely get the sense that retirement is a hard thing, that they don’t quite know what to do with themselves when they pull away from hockey. But not so, Trevor Linden.

The video below (thanks to Buzz Bishop) is a brief Q&A with Linden when he stopped off at the Future Shop headquarters to pick up his new TV. An odd scenario, to be sure, but probably a hoot for the staff that had a chance to talk to him. 

Anyway, it sounds like his first year off the ice has been full of fun and adventure—cycling in Belgium, week-long trips to Whistler, and much more. As he describes it, he’s “like a guy getting out of jail.” And he says he’s still a Canucks fan. smile

Here’s the vid:

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Give Me Trevor Linden for Valentine’s Day

Or at least give him to someone deserving.  It’s the gift your girl will never forget: Trevor Linden. From Metro Vancouver:

imageHe’s a married man, but for one afternoon two of Trevor Linden’s many admirers will get the chance to call the former Canuck their own.

Linden will be auctioning himself off for a Valentine’s date at Six Degrees Of Separation, an annual charity gala that raises money for Special Olympics Canada.  The event will be held at the Commodore Ballroom on Saturday night.

If someone wants to bid on him for me, I’d be ever-grateful. I’ll use the time to gently ‘encourage’ him (leaving no marks…) towards to his inevitable coaching career. 

Linden needs to quit fighting it: You’ve got to figure he’ll be coming back to the Canucks sooner or later, in one form or another, so why delay destiny?

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Ringside Seats

imageI doubt there was a bad seat in the house—after, all, what could be better than attending the Trevor Linden jersey retirement ceremony in person Wednesday night.

Well, how about attending that ceremony as a guest with Linden’s family and friends in the box he’d reserved for the evening?

That was my friend Michael McKinley‘s experience last night, and this morning he was nice enough to chat with me about the affair, sharing thoughts on the ceremony itself and the insights he got chatting with the Linden family and other guests at that momentous event. 

Which is good, because somehow I wasn’t on that guest list.  Go figure. wink

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The weather outside is frightful, as the song goes. Truly, ridiculously, appallingly frightful—by Vancouver Island standards, anyway. Between snow, hail, rain, freeze & thaw, this day is just one giant warning-bell to not leave the house.

But of course, nearly 19,000 hockey fans are leaving the house, preparing to spend 4 hours in GM Place tonight, and countless others are out searching for warm bar stools all around the province, from which to witness Trevor Linden’s jersey retirement and the game that follows it. 

For those at home, some other things to see and do:

  • The Humming Giraffe has brought together an excellent group of links to writers around the net, all sharing their thoughts of Linden.
  • The Canucks website is offering a live feed starting at 6pm PT for the pre-game ceremony.
  • Speaking of the Canucks, they’ve unveiled a new Gate 16.
  • There’s also a live chat/blog going on at the Canucks Fanzone. I’ll be there, as will Mike and lots of others. We’ll be starting just before 6pm, and you’re welcome to drop by and share your Linden memories.


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The Trevor Linden Special

A lot of Trevor Linden content around this week as we prepare to see his jersey retired tomorrow night at GM Place. You can check out Craig MacEwan’s piece at Sportsnet.ca today; mine (mentioned yesterday) at NHL.com;  and of course, many, many others around the blogosphere.

imageTonight, Canucks.com is airing a special featuring panelists Barry MacDonald, Dean Linden, Kirk McLean and Norm Jewison. The crew will share their own thoughts on Linden as well as answer fans’ questions sent in by video. (*Which includes me, theoretically, although I’m not totally sure; I botched up things up initially and they requested another video today, which may have arrived too late for them to use. C’est la vie!)

Anyway, the show will be available during the 8pm PT live broadcast on the player embedded below.

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Thoughts on Trevor Linden

The 16 Days of Trevor Linden on Canucks.com has established a great collection of memories and media remembering Vancouver’s favorite son of the last 20 years.  Today, NHL.com has also released a few pieces for Linden fan’s to check out, including my own memories.

Linden gets right to the heart of the matter
By Alanah McGinley

It might seem strange to most, but my favorite and most enduring memory of Trevor Linden was represented in a scene which depicts what might have been the most heartbreaking moment of his NHL career.

It was in the immediate postgame aftermath of the 1994 Stanley Cup Final against the New York Rangers. While the Blueshirts celebrated their hard-fought victory to the roaring appreciation of the Garden’s faithful after the final buzzer, the Canucks were slumped on the sidelines witnessing the atmosphere. And it was in that moment that a cameraman caught Linden in his lens.

You can read the rest here.

Additionally, there’s also two great articles there published by John McGourty:  “Love Affair Between Linden, Vancouver Continues”  and “Linden Heroic in 1994 Stanley Cup Final”

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We Can Haz Goalies

imageIs there a goalie nightmare brewing in Vancouver? We hope and expect not—“we” being the hosts of The Crazy Canucks—but perhaps we’re overly optimistic.  Nonetheless, episode #70 was fun for a few reasons.

For one, when I interviewed CBC’s Jim Hughson last month he was good enough to record a show liner for the podcast, so he’s the one that opens this episode. (It sounds great.) And for another, conversation on the show gave me an excuse to dredge up this photo of my husband (Jeff) with Stan Smyl back on Raise-a-Reader day in September. (A favorite since we’re big fans of Steamer plus because we also happen to own a bookstore.)

We also have some personal requests (*do you wish to share some memories of Trevor Linden? .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)), announcements (*Rebecca and I are part of hosting some inaugural liveblog action at Canucks.com on Thursday and Friday) and prizes (*answer a skill-testing question and we might be sending you a book!).  So check it all out.

Meanwhile, here’s a possible sneak-peak at Trevor Linden’s new banner:

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Canucks Round-Up

Random considerations for an off-day:


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16 Days of Trevor Linden

From a Canucks press release:

The Vancouver Canucks are proud to announce that Canucks.com will celebrate 16 Days of Trevor Linden, beginning on Monday, December 1st, 2008. The special 16-day initiative will take an in-depth look at Trevor Linden’s career, concluding on December 16th, 2008 just one day prior to Trevor Linden’s sweater retirement ceremony.

The 16 Days of Trevor Linden will feature video and print content as well as a series of photo galleries highlighting Linden’s hockey career spanning more than two decades. The 16 days of coverage encompasses draft day in 1988 through to his last game on April 5, 2008 and will include stories and accounts from on and off the ice courtesy of former teammates, coaches, fans and countless others impacted by Trevor.

More at Canucks.com. And while you’re on Orca’s website, the FanZone got a nice makeover.

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Directly or Peripherally Vancouver-related

Odds & Ends. (Updated below with the theory of Sundin-to-Colorado)

  • Agent J.P. Barry does, in fact, talk about more than just Mats Sundin.  Yesterday on Team 1040 he commented that Daniel and Henrik Sedin would never, ever move their careers in different directions.  There is a zero-percent chance that will ever happen. 

    Normally I’d think this was simple-stupid-obvious and just ignore the remarks.  But since it was J.P. Barry himself who seemed to have started the speculation in the first place when he said he “wouldn’t be surprised” if one or both the Sedins were going to be dealt away by the Canucks this past June, I thought it deserved mentioning.


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Canucks News Today

  • Ed Willes at the Province points out why Mike Gillis is having trouble fitting into the Old Boys Club of the NHL.

  • Despite the problems Willes points out above, Tony Gallagher at the Province remains unfazed, and is still the acting PR voice for Gillis in the Vancouver press.

  • Sportsnet television is broadcasting their much-hyped Trevor Linden feature tonight. Air time is 9pm PT.

  • Ron Delorme, part of the Canucks organization for some 26 years, has tattoos of all the Canucks logos on his butt. (Seriously.) Anyway, Iain MacIntyre at the Vancouver Sun talks with the Canucks scouting director of the last nine years. All indications are that he’s on his way out.

Update 10:40am PT: Given the Delorme story, below is a bit of support for his drafting record, and from an unlikely source: a Detroit Red Wings fan.

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Trevor Linden Day

The City of Vancouver has some new proposals on their agenda as noted on Mayor Sam Sullivan’s website:

  *  Mayor Sullivan proclaim Trevor Linden Day later this year - on a date to be confirmed with the Vancouver Canucks
  * The City of Vancouver and the Mayor’s Office work with the Vancouver Canucks to identify other ways to celebrate Trevor Linden
  * The City of Vancouver’s Street Naming Committee be encouraged to consider ways to recognize Trevor Linden’s legacy

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20 Years Ago Today…

Trevor Linden was drafted by the organization and fan base that will one day raise his number to the rafters. Today he announced his retirement from hockey with these words:

image“Thank you all for being here today. Twenty years ago today I was drafted on the floor of the Montreal Forum by the Vancouver Canucks. [...]

Where did 20 years go?”

Where, indeed. 

Update12:05pm PT: Below is the video I’ve posted on YouTube of his remarks. A class act to the final scene:

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Linden Expected to Announce Retirement Wednesday

From Jeff Paterson at the Straight:

The Vancouver Canucks have issued a statement inviting media to General Motors Place on Wednesday morning (June 11) for what the team is calling, “A special announcement from Trevor Linden”.

Exactly 20 years to the day after Linden was drafted 2nd overall by the Vancouver Canucks in 1988, the popular forward will announce his retirement from the Canucks and the National Hockey League. The official word will come at 11 a.m. on Wednesday morning.


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Not Much News on Linden

From Jim Jamieson at The Province via Faceoff.com:

Never one to enjoy talking about himself, Trevor Linden declined comment on his playing future or the contract extension given to Vancouver Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault.“I don’t really have any comment on anything at this point,” said Linden on Thursday. “I’m just going through the process of determining where I’m at.”

Linden, 38, has been expected to retire. He has been mulling his future since the end of the season in April.

It seems unlikely that Linden would be back with the Canucks with Vigneault behind the bench and new GM Mike Gillis promising change.

Not exactly news, but a worthy of an update to Canucks fans, nonetheless. The bigger question (than whether he’s going to play next season) is simply “What next?”  Does Gillis offer him an executive position? Does Linden want one?

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Renewing the Vows in Vegas

Will Vigneault be fired in Vegas? The poll (below) indicates that most fans think so. But while I’m not a fan of the coach, I tend to agree (at least in part) with Iain MacIntyre via the National Post, who feels Viggy will get more time.

So, ask yourself: Would the GM include his coach in critical strategy sessions to finalize the Canucks’ entry-draft list, identify free-agent targets and generally plan for next season, then punt him? You know, so Vigneault could take his Jack Adams Trophy and the Canucks’ top-secret plans to another team?

Gillis is unconventional, but not mad.

Chances are the delay in clarifying Vigneault’s status is not due to the possible termination of his contract, but the possible extension of it. Vigneault has a year remaining and obviously would prefer not to be a lame duck, since the most recent one of those - Quenneville - will be pulling shotgun pellets from his rump for weeks.

Firing the Jack Adams-carrying coach is simply much riskier for Gillis than keeping him on another season.

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Linden in Effigy

Pulled from a press release from McFarlane Toys/Spawn.com:

McFarlane Toys is teaming up with the Vancouver Canucks for an exclusive Sports Picks figure for one of the most-beloved Canucks of all time.  McFarlane Toys has created a new look for our classic Trevor Linden figure - showing off the new-look Vancouver jerseys they wore in the 2007-08 season.

This limited-edition figure will be available exclusively through the Vancouver Canucks and their Web site, canucks.nhl.com this October.

Below is a photo. Sometimes I’m very tempted to start collecting these, but it’s a hobby I expect could fast exceed the cost of actually attending a season’s worth of Canucks games.


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Linden Chats with ESPN

From ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption”, Tony Kornheiser (a.k.a. The Most Annoying Man on Earth When He Talks About Hockey) and Michael Wilbon chat with Trevor Linden about some NHL playoffs storylines.

Some pretty good, quick analysis from Linden on Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, and the East & West playoff races—which he figures will ultimately come down to a Devils/Sharks final.



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Canucks Weekend Odds & Ends

imagePlenty of interesting trivia about things relating to the team this past week. From Trevor Linden to Anson Carter to events earlier today regarding Yo! Luongo… here are the odds & ends.

Update: Canucks defenseman Sami Salo has been injured Sunday as well. Story is added to bottom of this post.
Update 2: The Trevor Linden injury is also now added down below.  (I can’t stomach making new posts for every freakish Canucks’ injury today…)


Vancouver favorite Trevor Linden may not be at the stage in his career that he can set the league on fire, but he’s proven to be a valuable part of the franchise. Last season’s playoffs were one notable part of that, which led to him signing on for another season with the team.  With a work ethic that’s impossible to beat, adoration from local fans that can’t be bought, and a salary that doesn’t edge the cap, Linden faced down his summer workout with creativity.

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