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Turning the Page in Vancouver

Most of the stories about the Vancouver Canucks this past summer had one theme: they lost. Kaboom.  The Stanley Cup Finals was a great ride… until it wasn’t.

But with a new season finally upon us, the page seems to be turning as the analysis switches towards the new topic of “so now what?”  With the puck drop countdown now in its final hours, perhaps it’s finally safe to to start being optimistic about a new season.


—Is the latest version of the NHL—Brendan Shanahan’s NHL, that is— built for the Canucks? You could make the argument that it is.  In today’s Province, Ed Willes argues his thesis about the Red Wings Way:

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Game Day: Canucks Coach Alain Vigneault

Q.  Alain, you said yesterday that Alex Edler is fine, is he good to go tonight?


Q.  Coach, can you talk about the insertion of Jeff Tambellini, Game 7 in his hometown, a dream scenario, especially for him tonight?

COACH VIGNEAULT:  Without a doubt, for Jeff to come in at this point.  He has had some experience in this series, but he hasn’t played regular.  But he’s going to get an opportunity here tonight to play the seventh game to win the Stanley Cup.

I’m sure he’s excited.  He knows about their history in B.C., the history of the Canucks.  I’m sure he’s going to be real good tonight.

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Game Day Transcript: Alain Vigneault

Video added 10:52am PT— not all of it is the same material as the transcript below.

Q.  What did you like about your alignment or defensive performance in Game 5 that kept the Bruins from being able to get the pucks through, which seems to be the key to their forecheck, getting it to good places?  You guys seemed to prevent that pretty well in Game 5?

COACH VIGNEAULT:  I think we kept the puck out of neutral zone and took away some of their forecheck.  Obviously they’re such a skilled team they can throw different things at you, and we’re going to have to be ready tonight.


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Post-Game 4: Thoughts, Anxieties and the Art of Optimism

The Canucks have looked tired, weak, confused and disoriented these last two games.  If the Canucks were a dog we’d probably talk to a vet about euthanasia. However, I do think the team will regain their vigor back home, barring some injuries we don’t know about, anyway. (Seriously, Ryan Kesler, where’d you go???)

Couple reasons I’m not freaking out. First, I did write before this series started that I expected a couple blowout scoring games, so I guess I can’t complain when it happens.  (Of course, I wish at least one them was where we came out on top, but what can you do?). Second, I’d figured on a 7 game series.  Being tied 2-2 pretty much tracks. 

Of course, playing like ass for these last two games didn’t really fit into my agenda, but them’s the breaks. The series against Chicago sort of conditioned me to grin and bear the pain… good things happen to those who don’t have a heart attack before the final whistle.

All I know is: thank God for that President’s Trophy and the game 7 home ice that comes with it.

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Thursday Canucks: Alain Vigneault and Daniel & Henrik Sedin

Several videos below showing the press Q&A’s from earlier today, with coach Alain Vigneault, and Daniel and Henrik Sedin in the NHL Network and in the press conference.

First, Vigneault:


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