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Canuck Injury Updates, Plus the Ohlund Trade Rumors

Some bad news earlier today in the form of Rick Rypien’s impending surgery but the day had an upside.  It seems Vancouver is running an Injured Canuck Exchange Program rather than simply a one-way train to the infirmary, as Sami Salo went through yet another full practice and could be back as early as Tuesday.

From the Canucks:

“I feel good so it’s up to the coaching staff and the training staff and see what they think because we have to play three games in four nights so we don’t want to rush back in just to play one game,” said Salo.

Indeed. And since the next game is tomorrow’s matchup against Boston, it might not be the best date for Salo’s return.  I’m always joking that Salo is made of glass—and we now know explicitly the kind of damage Milan Lucic can do to glass.



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Oh Captain, My Captain

How’s that for a cliché title? But the choice of a new Vancouver Canucks captain is not a cliché  at all—in fact it’s one heck of a shock. 

Roberto Luongo.

Now… did anyone predict that??  Not a chance.

Update 2:39pm ET: Assistant captains—Ryan Kesler, Mattias Ohlund, and Willie Mitchell.  Coach Alain Vigneault also states they did advise the NHL this morning that they chose Luongo, and while there is no rule preventing a goalie from being named a captain, he won’t be permitted to have a ‘C’ on his sweater.

More updates below.

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Canucks Stuff: News and Fantasy Troubles

A trail of stories…

  • Parenting Tip: Ryan Kesler promises to vent his rage on the ice not against his baby daughter.  Says Kesler: “Now I might be a little more pesty on the ice and take out some of my frustrations if [Makayla] won’t stop crying in the middle of the night.”

  • Pavol Demitra“Offensive juggernaut”? Sure, I’ll bite, but I still won’t count on him for more than about 55 games a year.  I don’t care how healthy he feels right now, the dude is the Slovak equivalent of Sami Salo.

  • Some unsolicited advice for TSN.


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Playoff Hockey in March

[Updates below— because Pronger is really just “misunderstood” and “the nicest boy”...]
[Video now added at bottom]

Shockingly, the always-wholesome, sweet-natured, Lady Byng -worthy Chris Pronger has been accused of a nefarious act.  From TSN:

Anaheim Ducks defenceman Chris Pronger could face disciplinary action from the National Hockey League after stomping on Vancouver Canucks centre Ryan Kesler on Wednesday night.

The incident happened in the opening minute of the second period in Anaheim’s zone after a dump in from the blue line by Canucks defenceman Sami Salo.

Class act, that Pronger.  But then, I shouldn’t really comment—the game was on Canucks PPV last night, and being the top-quality broadcast that it is, they provided no video of the incident.  Tommy Larscheid had a verbal eruption while witnessing it from the broadcast booth, and then… nothing.  But assuming the Ducks broadcast caught this on tape, there’s reason to believe Pronger might be in some trouble for once…


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A Reprieve From the Edge

Having been out of touch with the hockey news since late Thursday night, I hauled a copy of the Vancouver Sun into a breakfast diner off Granville this morning, ready to enjoy the whiplash effect of excessive optimism that the 6-2 win over Nashville last game was surely having on Vancouver fans and writers (lose a game? armageddon. win a game? salvation…).

But the hockey news isn’t always utterly predictable in Vancouver, and they turned the tables on me.

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Ohlund Gone For Season?

From TSN, dire news with a wee bit of hope:

The Vancouver Canucks received some bad news Thursday as they learned defenceman Mattias Ohlund has bone chips in his left knee.

In an attempt to reduce the swelling in the joint, Ohlund has been administered anti-inflammatory drugs.  He will then be given four to six days to see if the swelling has gone down enough to return to play.

If Ohlund has not recovered enough to play at that time he will undergo arthroscopic surgery, ending his season.

There’s no way to put a positive spin on this. And note that the injury happened in that losing game against Colorado. 

How everyone doesn’t buy my theory that the Avs are the Evil Empire, I’ll just never understand…

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Ohlund is Resurrected and the Thrashers are Going Down

On Monday, Mattias Ohlund returned to Vancouver unexpectedly for undisclosed personal reasons and missed Tuesday night’s game in Dallas.  Then on Wednesday, he suddenly went missing from the Canucks active roster, only to return to the list several hours later.

This unexpected development caused bazillions of CDC forum posters to nearly crash the message boards with dreams of Hossa coming to Vancouver, and other related fantasies. (I believe several were even debating matters like the value of trading Ohlund for Wade Belak.  Seriously.)

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Canucks End Mid-Season Vacation

The Canucks end a 4 night vacation to return to action Tuesday, healthy, practiced and ready to stomp the Islanders…

Or not.  After all, this is the Canucks we’re talking about:

The Vancouver Canucks’ blue-line corps, already reeling from the indefinite absence of Mattias Ohlund (concussion) and Kevin Bieksa (lacerated calf), has another potential problem on its hands.


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Swedes, Whiskey and the Blues

Elliott Pap at the Vancouver Sun gets an interview with Mattias Ohlund. And, given the opportunity to explore the complex issues of Ohlund’s 4-game suspension, Pap goes for a truly hard-hitting approach right from the top:

Q.The Canucks are on the road this week but you’ve been at home serving your suspension for whacking Mikko Koivu. Are your kids wondering what Daddy has done?
A. I think Viktor and Hannah are just happy that Daddy is home.

Well, as long as they’re happy, that deals with the big question of the day.  So now for some trivialities—like Markus Naslund’s recent performance.

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“Be Ready for Anything”

So said the Hulk, beating his chest for the media yesterday. 

But first, about the Oilers.  The dark powers of boys named Alice (shootout specialist extraordinaire) and his partner the WhoreCough, plus a temporarily functioning powerplay, was all it took to give Edmonton their second s/o win over Vancouver in a week.  But neither loss should devastate a Canucks fan—great games, right?  (Although Tony Gallagher had a serious difference of opinion on that subject a few days ago—but I’ll worry about agreeing with Gallagher when the earth shifts on its rotational axis…)

Anyway, with all the fuss from Derek Boogaard, threatening retaliation on Markus Naslund or the Sedins tonight, there’s a lot of posturing going on. And I like posturing, my favorite part so far being this promotional poster for the game, found in the Pioneer Press today:

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Pimp My Hockey Team

Jason Botchford at The Vancouver Province was impressed with the 6-2 win:

The Canucks started Friday’s game like they had just left the set of Pimp My Hockey Team.

Suddenly, all the nagging flaws, the worrisome blemishes and the inadequacies that had them mired in a mediocre start to the season were scrubbed clean.

In their place was a souped-up, turbo-charged team that looked like a sleek sports car—complete with tinted windows and halogen headlights. It was enough to blow the doors off a tired, unmotivated Minnesota Wild team before the Wild even got out of the blocks.

It was a great performance, but now for the not-so-fun stuff: Should someone get suspended? After a night of “pimping” a couple of guys might deserve some jail time.

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