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Canucks Sweaters: Past and Present

Dave McGinn at the Globe & Mail posts a look back at the evolution of the Canucks hockey jersey, from 1970 to the present. Click here or on the image below to see the images and textual history:


McGinn’s pictorial is also accompanied by an article titled Designing a Jersey you can be proud of. He’s talking about the design process NHL teams need to abide by.  But while we’re on the topic, I figure there’s nothing wrong with fan permutations, either:


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Pastries and Hockey Jerseys

Last night C&B posted the new Canucks jersey photos and about 90% of poll respondents voted positively—it broke down as “Not Bad” (48%) or they “Love it” (42%) with “Hate it” taking just 9% thus far.  A small sampling, but that’s some pretty positive feedback all things considered, given the frightful history of Canucks jersey unveilings.

But Joseph Ruttle at The Province‘s Canucks Nation is wondering about copyright infringement when he looks at the shoulder logo and compares it to Vachon bakery.


Oh my. Can’t really argue with the inspiration for Johnny Canuck looking at that. Although for the record, I’d never even heard of Vachon before today, and yet now I’ll probably be thinking of the May West every time I look at this new logo.  So maybe this’ll work out pretty well for the bakery either way.


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Yet Another 3rd Jersey

From Erik Rolfsen at The Province’s ‘Canuck Nation’ blog,

The Vancouver Canucks will unveil their new third jersey at the team’s Nov. 15 home game against the Toronto Maple Leafs, team president and CEO Chris Zimmerman announced on Thursday during a luncheon with the Vancouver Board of Trade.

Promises of new Vancouver Canucks jerseys are always a mixed blessing.  It’s like delicate plastic surgery… sometimes it all comes out okay, but one slip of the creative-knife and things can end up looking just plain weird.

So make fun of the current jersey all you like, I really don’t think it’s bad at all.  And besides… there’s plenty of evidence that things can end up much, much worse.

Update November 13th: New jersey released.  Official.

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All Time Worst Dressed

According to Maxim.com, the Worst Sports Uniform of all time happens to be a hockey jersey.

The specific hockey jersey won’t surprise anybody, but on that same list of eleven bad clothing choices (why eleven??  who makes a “top-worst-11” list?)  one other hockey item shows up that’s a bit more unexpected.


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Vancouver’s Stanley Cup Jersey

The Vancouver Millionaires won the Stanley Cup in 1915, but there are few tangible keepsakes to remember them by—until now.  From John Mackie at the Vancouver Sun:

imageNo Millionaires sweaters from 1915 are known to have survived. Cyclone’s mannequin is actually wearing an old Ottawa Senators sweater—the team the Millionaires beat to win the Stanley Cup.

This has bothered local hard-rock singer Thor for years. Thor is such a hard-core Millionaires fan, he copyrighted the name a few years ago and has been reproducing Millionaires merchandise.

Now he has produced a replica of the 1915 Millionaires sweater, which he will present to the BC Sports Hall of Fame May 1, so that the Cyclone can be shown in the proper duds.

When he says a replica, he means it.  The sweater is made from wool, just like in the old days, and has the 1915 “V” logo, which Thor’s wife Kathryn painstakingly studied and reproduced from old photos.

Back in March, my friend Miss 604 provided some interesting biographical information about Fred “Cyclone” Taylor, whose display at the BC Sports Hall of Fame will feature the replica soon.
*photo cropped from an original by Ward Perrin at the Vancouver Sun

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Redesigning Jerseys—Almost Always a Bad Idea

imageHockey Canada was excited today to unveil their new Team Canada jerseys to be worn in all upcoming international competitions, including this year’s World Championships and the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Everyone should be nervous when they mess with jersey designs. (As any Canucks fan can tell you, it’s been known to go horribly wrong rather often.)  So I was pleasantly surprised to see the officially-issued photos of the new style.  Looks almost the same as it was before, really. No complaints here.

But then I saw them being ‘modeled’ on Team Canada members Patrick Sharp and Gillian Apps at the press conference…

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