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Canucks Picture Book

The Canucks this week, told in various imagery.

First we’ve got “Brian Burke” who apparently discovered Twitter today, broadcasting this disturbing message.



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Logo Art Laughs

The NHL Tournament of Logos is always producing fun ideas and here are a couple I saw today that made me laugh. New concepts for the Predators and the Red Wings:


I didn’t bother looking for their latest Vancouver ones—after all, the historical reality is bad enough.  And besides, no Canucks concept logo could ever be more awesome than this one:


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Paying Up Foolish Hockey Bets

Noted in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

When the Penguins lost to Detroit, so did Post-Gazette editorial cartoonist Rob Rogers. He made a bet with Detroit Free Press cartoonist Mike Thompson that he’d don a Red Wings jersey if the Pens went down. Today, Rob made good on his wager.

Go here to see the video. 

I have a pile of sympathy for that guy—I lost a similarly horrid bet about a year ago.
*with thanks to Stu Hackel in the NYT for the link

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Changing “The Script”

Time to go home, Pittsburgh. No more games for you.

You’re clearly out-matched, have no business being in these Stanley Cup Finals, and frankly, we’re a bit concerned Evgeni Malkin is going to hurt himself.

What, you say? You don’t think you’re out of it yet? You think you CAN win a couple games?

Oh yeah, right. It’s a best-of-7 series. 

But you can’t blame me for being confused. I’ve been following the hockey coverage and the overwhelming theme thus far is: You’re outclassed.

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More on Brunnstrom—No Guarantees

From Ansar Khan at MLive:

Brunnstrom narrowed his choices to Detroit and Vancouver six weeks ago. A few of the Wings Swedes, including captain Nicklas Lidstrom and Andreas Lilja, called him to try to convince him to pick Detroit. Brunnstrom is a big Wings fan and likes their puck-possession style, but he also wanted assurances that he would play on one of the top two lines. The Canucks apparently gave it to him, telling him he’ll be paired with Daniel and Henrik Sedin. But the Wings are too deep and too good a team to be offering any unproven prospect a guarantee like that. That’s not how this team operates.

Which is it: “assurances” or a “guarantee”?

First of all, no team should be offering a guarantee like that (well, with possibly the singular exception of the Vancouver Canucks, who would be unwise to turn down a well-fed monkey to play on their top-6 at this point).  But that being said, I’d be surprised if Vancouver did anything of the sort.


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“Glorified Beer League” to NHL YoungStars

It’s the Edler Hour or something this week, as Alexander Edler’s trip to the YoungStars Game has caught the attention of various reporters seeking to profile the latest Swedish Canuck.  Sportnet.ca dropped some comments today, following broadcaster Jim Hughson’s remarks on the player’s unexpected rise on the NHL Network yesterday.

But it’s Iain MacIntyre who tells the full story of how Vancouver snatched Edler—a sleeper pick at #91—from under the nose of Detroit (via the National Post). Here are some of the details…

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Petty Disputes & Goalie Aggravations

A mild disagreement.  As a Wings fan, Kukla is convinced this cover for the latest edition of The Hockey News looks great:


But I’ve proposed what I think is a reasonable, much more interesting alternative for a future editions.  Perhaps THN will be able to bank it for later…

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Secret of Detroit’s Success

There is nothing but hard science behind this latest innovation in pre-game workouts, as developed by coach Mike Babcock.  On this top-secret footage, you can see his Detroit Red Wings as they prepare for their match against Vancouver on Sunday.  Impressive stuff.

Also very gratifying to see The Dominator’s hip is looking so much better.

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“Canucks Destroy Red Wings”

That’ll be the headline tomorrow… or so the voices in my head tell me.

But—taking a break from my dementia—there are a couple serious obstacles to such a happy ending:  (1) the Canucks can’t score their way out of a paper bag; and (2) Henrik Zetterberg can’t stop scoring.

From TSN:

Henrik Zetterberg will attempt to extend his season-opening point streak tonight when his Detroit Red Wings host the Vancouver Canucks at Joe Louis Arena.  Zetterberg has at least a point in each of Detroit’s first nine games, posting seven goals and 10 assists in that span.

Poll Question:  Can Luongo stop Zetterberg?



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Nothing Good Ever Came From Michigan

imageIn the world of college sport, Michigan and its neighbors enjoy their trash talk. And even if it traumatizes a nice Canucks boy -- as was the case last weekend -- I'm always in support of Michigan getting trashed. The papers are reporting Brendan Morrison's distress as he witnessed his alma mater - the University of Michigan - get defeated in the NCAA football championships (whateverthehell, Brendan. college football? snooooore...). Regardless, it upset Mo, hence fun for others who sent him taunting text messages to amuse themselves after the defeat. Particularly Ryan Kesler:

"I called him the day it happened," Kesler said. "I couldn't stop laughing. It was pretty funny. Mo was pretty rattled about it." Morrison may have been rattled at the time but he has since recovered, at least based on his response Tuesday. "I received a lot of text messages but I couldn't read Kesler's because he can't spell," Morrison retorted. "He went to Ohio State, so..."
But GM Dave Nonis, who attended college in Maine, gets the final word: "I never have a hard time seeing Michigan lose no matter what sport it's in." Amen. I was looking at the Detroit Red Wings' schedule today, and I say they go 3-5-1 in the pre-season. By the time Vancouver plays them home and home on October 24th and 28th, their confidence should be shattered and their souls hollow, making them easy pickings for Canucks' scoring machines like Jeff Cowan and Brad Isbister. And besides, that should be around that time that Crazy Hasek and his groin decide to take a month off. That boy's equipment is living on borrowed time. __________________ *photo credit to zianet.com

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