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Still haven’t quite recovered from Vancouver’s whole playoff implosion (and explosions) thing, but getting there.  (Starting to be able to read the hockey news without getting a twitch and randomly hyperventilating, though, so that’s something.)  Here’s a few odds and ends for the day…

This is Our Vancouver is a PR campaign looking to fix Vancouver’s badly tarnished image after last week’s riots.  (Of course, when it comes to mob-attack behavior in the aftermath, those families are on their own…). Incidentally, someone thought it would be fun to light up a car on a busy street where I live on Vancouver Island this past weekend, too.  One very big and dangerous fireball was the result. So the ripple-effect of last-week’s stupidity has legs. Lucky us.

—When Nicklas Lidstrom’s new 1 year contract extension was announced this morning, KK’s website hits bounced up about 6,000% over the previous hour.  (Maybe a slight exaggeration, but still, On The First Day, There Was Much Joy in The Land.)  That guy’s eventual retirement is going to kill these poor people.

—Speaking of Lids, Hockey Hate has been on my mind today.  Years back, I remember a playoff round against the Red Wings that took a screeching turn towards disaster as Dan Cloutier let in that Lidstrom goal from about 7 football fields away. Sure, I could have hated Cloutier, but that would’ve been too easy… better to hate the Wings. smile  In other years, it was the Avalanche who killed my Canucks dreams (various ways) and of course, the Oilers (god, they’re evil), and the list goes on.

This year, I’m working on some Bruins hate, for obvious reasons. Today’s stray thought: dreaming of them missing the playoffs next year. (It could happen, dammit!)  I’m not bitter, honest… just trying to keep an open mind to the possibility that God might really exist.

—The lame duck coaching theory is… lame.  Ron Wilson has a contract that rides to the end of the 2011-12 season.  Like all of us that have jobs, Wilson will work hard (or not) for his next contract term.  Whether he himself is simply a lame coach… that’s another story and for Toronto’s fans and management to decide once next season is underway.

Global Saskatoon read the ESPN report on the Ultimate Standings in pro-sports, measuring the overall fan experience and product of different teams.  As a result, Global’s website estimates that the Vancouver Canucks rank “poorly” as a fan experience, given its #43 position on the list. 

I won’t argue with the great minds of Saskatoon or ESPN, but maybe that report as a whole deserves a little more vetting.  For instance, they also note that somehow Tampa Bay Lightning is the #2 of all pro-sports in North Amerca, and #1 of NHL teams. (I like their team and I’m not making fun, but, seriously, the best NHL fan experience in the league??). Or how about the fact that the Atlanta Thrashers, a team that effectively no longer even exists due to not enough fans enjoying the “fan experience”, somehow ranks higher than the Toronto Maple Leafs. (Not that we can entirely argue with that logic, but still…). 

I know the media is enjoying the whole “Vancouver sucks” genre in recent weeks—and don’t let me stop you; I’m sure it’s fun—but citing ESPN as your source for our suckitude is weak.  Maybe stick with reporting our riots—you’ll be guaranteed at keeping the moral high-ground and all of us sad-ass Canucks fans can’t really argue the point.

LiberoVision—Sure, it looks cool,  and yes, it probably helps learning fans understand the game better. But it’s not hockey “analysis” as much as it’s a video-game, is it?  After watching their first few games, aren’t new hockey fans who are interested enough in the game to continue watching it, smart enough to figure this shit out?  Are 3D Star Wars simulations really necessary?

I’ll take an incoherent, glow-in-the-dark Don Cherry any day.

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Maybe stick with reporting our riots—you’ll be guaranteed at keeping the moral high-ground and all of us sad-ass Canucks fans can’t really argue the point.

If any group of people can attest to getting cheap shots that they can’t argue its Detroiters… so what I’m saying is… my condolences that a bunch of losers have tarnished Vancouver’s image and I’m with you on how lame it is that the haters choose to go there.

Posted by bezukov from the kids are alright. on 06/20/11 at 04:23 PM ET

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Thanks.  I figure it’ll all blow over eventually—like in 2020, I guess—but for now, if everyone’s going to make fun of us, I guess all I can do is make fun of them on the rare occasions I can. smile

Posted by Alanah McGinley from British Columbia on 06/20/11 at 04:43 PM ET

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My Kesler sweater still lies crumpled on the sofa in the basement…just where I left it last week.  Can’t pick it up…

I have come to accept the loss, if only because of the obvious injuries that were ravaging the team…but, I still can’t get over the multitude of people that are slapping the blame on the whole damn thing on Luongo…just like those many years ago, I could never come to grips with those that put it all on Cloutier.  TEAM game…TEAM game.

Can’t wait for the draft this week…hoping to see some of my Winterhawks go high again (Yay, Sven!)

Posted by GZ Expat on 06/20/11 at 04:52 PM ET

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It’s an annual ritual here in Hockeytown ... waiting with baited breath for Captain Nick’s decision and the eventual sigh of relief when he decides to re-up for another season. When he finally does decide to “hang ‘em up” for good, will it be as devastating as losing Yzerman ?  Steve was a clutch player ... a player that turned his game up 2 proverbial notches and managed to score the game winner when needed. We have yet to find a replacement. Once we find out just how good this Brendan Smith kid is and which UFA Ken Holland manages to sign, Lidstrom’s retirement may not be as traumatic as most anticipate.

As for everyone bashing Luongo, to me it seemed he saw the writing on the wall once that first goal went in in game 7. He knew his defence was decimated, he knew the Sedin twins were next to invisible, he knew Kesler wasn’t 100%, and so on and so on. Unfortunately, the NHL playoffs have become a war of attrition and the healthier team wins the cup, not necessarily the better team. I don’t think Vancouver has any reason to be embarrassed, with either they’re hockey or the “riot” that took place after their loss. All I’ll say about the violence is ... don’t get stuck in LA after the Lakers lose in the NBA playoffs. It’s not pretty.

What changes need be made to prevent all of the injuries so the “better” team wins ??  It’s a multi-step process and I’m still organizing it all in my head, and when it all makes sense I’ll post it on my blog. It will be difficult but, I’ll try not to sound like Don Cherry ... LOL

Posted by Hockeytown Wax from West Bloomfield, Mi. on 06/20/11 at 06:55 PM ET

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I’m not bitter, honest… just trying to keep an open mind to the possibility that God might really exist.

Yeah, he’s a Bruins fan. :p

Posted by Steve Strowbridge from St. John's, NL, CA on 06/20/11 at 09:19 PM ET

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That guy’s eventual retirement is going to kill these poor people.

You better believe it.

Posted by mrfluffy from the phone, calling Detroit, telling them it's on 06/21/11 at 01:05 PM ET

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