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The Crazy Canucks on Vancouver Television

As I mentioned the other day, CTV News filmed a segment with our podcast, The Crazy Canucks. Lots of drunken footage John, Rebecca, J.J. and Dave from last Friday night. And I show up briefly later in the segment (nicely behaved and sober as a nun, for once! ) Via YouTube:

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Behind the 8-Ball

While basking in the glow of playoff dominance (for the moment, anyway!) I've been working on a Canucks feature to post here, hopefully tonight. Meanwhile, I've been busy updating Kukla's Korner as Paul has been away on a family emergency. I'll try and entertain you all with my Deep Insightful Observations (ha!) later today or by morning. Meanwhile, feel free to share your own. For instance: Does anyone wish to argue that Willie Mitchell is overpaid?!

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We’re on CTV— Tales in Podcasting

Last week The Crazy Canucks podcast was filmed by the CTV news cameras for a feature to air this week. If you want to see it, it should be aired on CTV tonight at 6pm, or maybe tomorrow. We're really not sure, but if you have a digital recorder I'd love it if someone would record the footage for us. Thanks! So, about last Friday... First they (camera guy Murray and features reporter Heron Hanuman) showed up at John and Rebecca's apartment (where the podcast is produced). There, they spoke with John and myself; though I wasn't in the room with them, my portion was done over webcam and Skype. Then later, the cameras followed the rest of the crew (not me; I'm stranded on this godforsaken island!) to Library Square pub in Vancouver to film how the show is put together when we are able to meet in person. Very cool! You can hear the podcast of their drunken times from Friday here. The first half (about 18 minutes) cover the game and post-game of that horrible loss. The latter portion is the audio of John and I talking with CTV for part of the television segment.

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Winners of the Hockey Pool

The winners of the Kukla's Korner and Canucks & Beyond Hockey Pool have been decided. Thanks to everyone who participated. Winners will be contacted personally by email shortly. They will each receive gift certificates from NHL.com or IceJerseys.com. First and second prizes went to the top two finishers, and third prize was drawn randomly from all 179 entrants (he/she was #151).* Winners:

First Prize -- $100: "kaus" Second Prize -- $50: "nutzz87" Third Prize -- $25: "Chiefsleafs"
*note: third prize was selected by this random number generator.

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2006-07 Hockey Pool Winding Down

Last September, Paul Kukla and I created a hockey pool to carry fans through the whole season, for some fun prizes at the end. As the season winds down, here are the standings on the final weekend.

Note: Vancouver Canucks Op Ed was retired last fall, and it is Canucks & Beyond that will be honoring the prizes with Kukla’s Korner.

Prizes (nhl shop or icejerseys.com):
1st Place—Wins $100 Gift Certificate
2nd Place—Wins $50 Gift Certificate
Consolation Prize—Random draw of all 179 pool members for a $25 Gift Certificate

Winners will be announced Monday. 

Meanwhile, here are the top-10 pool members racing to the finish:

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Running Behind…

I've been negligent with decent updates for a few days, but hell, I've been busy. I hope you find the results to be a great new resource for hockey information online. I've had a ton of stuff sent to me in the past week because of this project, and wasn't able to respond to all the emails. Hopefully I got all your favorite sites on the page though. Anything you think I've missed, let me know. P.S. I never got to see the game last night, the first one I've missed completely all year. I was entertained to watch Kevin Bieksa in this highlight however. Penner's such a punk.

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