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Post-Game 4: Thoughts, Anxieties and the Art of Optimism

The Canucks have looked tired, weak, confused and disoriented these last two games.  If the Canucks were a dog we’d probably talk to a vet about euthanasia. However, I do think the team will regain their vigor back home, barring some injuries we don’t know about, anyway. (Seriously, Ryan Kesler, where’d you go???)

Couple reasons I’m not freaking out. First, I did write before this series started that I expected a couple blowout scoring games, so I guess I can’t complain when it happens.  (Of course, I wish at least one them was where we came out on top, but what can you do?). Second, I’d figured on a 7 game series.  Being tied 2-2 pretty much tracks. 

Of course, playing like ass for these last two games didn’t really fit into my agenda, but them’s the breaks. The series against Chicago sort of conditioned me to grin and bear the pain… good things happen to those who don’t have a heart attack before the final whistle.

All I know is: thank God for that President’s Trophy and the game 7 home ice that comes with it.

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XM Radio: Portable XMp3 Player

A while back, some very nice people through XM Radio asked me (and I think about a dozen other bloggers across the country) to try out their new XMp3 Radio and to review the gadget if I wanted to. And there were no strings attached; they’ve already given me the toy which I’m not giving back. smile

imageSo in case anyone else is interested in the technology—and given how much hockey coverage XM is doing these days, I’m sure there are a few of you—here are some specs on my newest toy, plus my experiences with it thus far.  Good and bad.

The basics:

  • Records up to 100 hours of XM programming
  • Stores MP3 or WMA files on a removable microSD card (sold separately)
  • Manage your music with the XM2go Music Manager software
  • Pause and replay up to 30 minutes of live XM
  • Record up to 5 channels at the same time
  • Portable Highlights: See what’s playing on XM
  • Set your favorite XM channels


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Best of Metro Vancouver

imageMy friend Miss 604 is spearheading the awards for the Best of 604, finding and voting for the best of online Vancouver.  Categories include everything from Best Fashion site to Best Sports Blog, and today is the last day for nominations.

The awards reception will be held at The Cellar on December 11th, and is open to anyone for the admission price of a donation to the Vancouver Food Bank.

Note: Someone kindly nominated C&B in the sports blog category, but alas my area code discriminates against me—I’m in the 250, thus not eligible. But I loved the idea of these awards so I chipped in as one of the event sponsors. I hope you’ll chip in too, nominating any of your favorite Vancouver sites today and participating in the voting starting tomorrow.

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Canucks & Beyond Notes

A couple tidbits.

  • First: I see my Canucks & Beyond ramblings are on the voting list for being one of the Best Sports Blogs in Canada. Flattering? Definitely. But this has happened before and believe me: winning the big prize ain’t an option when I’m in the company of so many other fine bloggers like Covered in Oil, Battle of Alberta, Battle of Ontario and From the Rink, among others.  But it’s all in good fun and I encourage you to vote for your favourite.
  • Second: I’ll be a guest on The Program tonight, largely because—I suspect—those boys want to make me cry about Roberto Luongo’s injury status in a public forum.  (Grrrrr…!)  So listen in at 7pm PT and if you want to test my hockey knowledge you can also phone in during the program at (347) 826-7358.*

Disclaimer: Testing my hockey knowledge is a double-edged sword, as I reserve the right to make up crap on the spot if it suits me. You’ve been warned. smile


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Canucks Fans Win Stuff

imageA couple weeks ago I posted a contest for some bits of Canucks swag.  The contest closed last Saturday, I’ve just been slow getting around to doing the draw. (Sorry!)

So without further adieu, here are the winners of the Canucks cap, the Canucks wall flag and the Canucks beer bottle bank:

*drum roll please*


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If You’re in Vancouver, Say ‘Hi!’

A busy weekend ahead, as Sunday is the time for the Vancouver Canucks’ annual Open Practice.  Last year, the team was nice enough to allow The Crazy Canucks podcasters to record throughout the building—and it was a great experience, but this year might even be even more fun

We (“we” being myself, J.J., Rebecca, John and Dave)  were kindly asked to participate in the events surrounding the team’s search for The Ultimate Canucks Fan

And that’s just for starters…

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Off-Ice Fighting

This isn’t hockey related, but I thought I’d share anyway…

In late August, I covered the BodogFight’s 6th season television production in Vancouver for MMA on Tap.  Among other things, I got to interview the rather famous billionaire bad boy, Calvin Ayre

I’m not very knowledgeable on the world of ultimate fighting, and the whole experience was a huge learning curve. My thanks to the boys at MMAonTap for the education and opportunity.  It was fascinating to see how another sport works behind the scenes—and quite honestly, these were some of the nicest athletes I’ve ever met. 

Oh, and by the way? I didn’t mention it in the article, but Ayre is a huge Canucks fan. smile

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I'm continuing to have RSS feed and domain name issues since the site changes last week. The canucksandbeyond.com address isn't working as it should, and there are a number of other linking issues. The rest of the Kukla's Korner site is doing great however; the problems are largely limited to just me (more proof of an anti-Canuck fan conspiracy?!?) For this reason, updates on C&B will be rather infrequent till things get sorted out. (Some days, I hate the internet...)

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New Website

This is the new blog page for Canucks & Beyond at Kukla's Korner. I hope you like it... but I realize some of you are going to run into a few problems fairly quickly. Growing pains, I'm afraid. If you entered this site through the domain URL of canucksandbeyond.com you'll find that the links on the page and some of the images don't work as they should. Please click here to get the proper main C&B page, then everything should work fine from that starting point. I'll have this issue fixed sometime Friday, so that visitors who enter that way are automatically redirected. If you run into any other issues at all, please drop me a line in the comments - hopefully we'll have them all sorted quickly. Thanks! smile

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A Bright Spot on a Rough Day

Just a quick thank you to The Blog Show with Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post and Jamie Mottram of AOL Sports. On their D.C. area cable television show, they noted this post on Canucks and Beyond, calling it "the coolest thing we saw on the internet last week." Very nice. (Okay, 'nuff of that. I'll now return to my regularly scheduled ranting and fear. More of it later, you can be sure...)

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