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Hockey Rumors Gone Wild

It came as news to me over the weekend that there’s a brand new rumor site in town:  Meet Peklund:

I just got off the phone with one of my imaginary sources. He is a sock puppet and was in the dryer. He told me with extreme vigor that Robyn Regehr for Steve Sullivan is either happening or not happening. Apparently Sullivan has to prove he is 5 feet tall. If he can do this then the deal could happen as early as…during the season. P3

Sidney Crosby just signed a new deal to stay in Pitt. Or will he? He purposely refused a no trade clause because of his childhood dream to play for the Phoenix Coyotes.

Hmmm.  Well, good to get some solid coverage in the hockey rumor industry—thanks to the KK reader who sent the link. 

Now I just want to know a couple things: Who is this Peklund guy? And how soon till Sportsnet.ca puts him on TV? (I hear they’re quite revolutionary that way…)


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In Light of Recent Rumors…

So, the lastest rumor-mongering is a deal for Brian Gionta in exchange for Mattias Ohlund. (Ugh.) Not that there's any reason to believe this is true or not, but it reminded me of one of my more embarrassing photoshop efforts from a year ago at my old blog. My original accompanying comment from VCOE still stands:

I should probably be more embarrassed than I am, conjuring up this crap. But what the hell… live and learn. And besides, that “don’t embarrass yourself” ship already sailed a long while ago, I’m guessing…;-)
P.S. The Canucks 2007-08 Season Schedule:

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Colorado Shows Off the New Kids

This is the sort of stuff the Colorado Avalanche sends out to PR their new players. Admittedly, I added the clown noses -- but check out the original photo and tell me that the noses aren't an improvement!

Ryan Smyth and Scott Hannan, $49.25 million, and 9 years. I'm sure their upcoming success in Colorado will make me hate them, but for now I'll wish them well. Two once-great players have now joined The Dark Side. We should all take a moment of silence and remember them for the good men they used to be.

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In the News: Why Off Season Hockey Can Be Fun

imageThe off season is full of so many stories, it's understandable that people joke that there really ISN'T an off season for the NHL. But it's the potential for amusement that really stands out to me, and for some reason this week, everything strikes me as worth laughing at. Here are just 5 recent stories that seem to have their own laugh-track built right in:

#1 Mark Messier Makes it to the HHOF
Perhaps this is just Vancouver fan amusement? And maybe "amusement" isn't exactly the right word; "bitter irritation" is probably more accurate terminology. It's a no-brainer that the man makes it into the Hall of Fame, and everything he did in both Edmonton and New York is worthy of respect. But THAT is what sort of leads us to the punch line here: Vancouver. Sigh. Enough said. It's more of a laugh/cry thing, really. "Congratulations, Mr. Messier. It was a great career, burn in hell..." etc., etc.

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Tranahan Uncovered

I stole the "Tranahan" moniker from Islanders Army (brilliant) and the image below from WDFN Sports Radio (I bow to your photoshop skills...). By the way, meet Brendan Shanahan's mother. If she can be understanding, so can you.

Note 1: original photo here. Note 2: the goofy story behind this Photoshop effort is here.

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How the Mighty Have Fallen: Edmonton vs Vancouver

I'll admit it: I am REALLY enjoying the Western Conference standings right now. While I've heard other more gracious and gentle-spirited hockey fans speak of the "sad" downfall of the Oilers and their suffering fans -- a plummet from grace that has taken them from the 2006 Stanley Cup Finals to the ignominy of losing 10 straight games and likely missing the post-season this year -- I simply giggle a lot. And not very discreetly. (Last season is WAY to freakin' burned into my brain for me not to enjoy the hell out of this, thank you very much.)

So, we've come a long way. But while playing the Edmonton Oilers Farm Equipment and Ambulatory Service tonight should promise an easy Canucks victory, of course it won't. Caution says we should all be terrified of watching the Canucks get their butts handed to them by this car-wreck-of-a-hockey-team. Ugh. But regardless, it's easy to maintain a positive attitude simply being thankful that at least we're not in their shoes right now.

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