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Game 1: Canucks & Bruins—The Ghandi Edition

imagePaul keeps telling me I’m supposed to be a shaking, freaked-out mess of stress and hormones going into this series.  (Apparently that’s how they roll in Detroit.) But so far, cool as a cucumber out here. 

Maybe my composure will head south at about 10 seconds after puck drop, but for now I’m like Ghandi… calm and philosophical about it all.*

Enjoy the game. And this is an open post, if you want to check in. It should be fun: No doubt I’ll be having a complete f&#king nervous breakdown in the comments by about 5:24pm PT. 

(*that is, if Ghandi was a masochistic Canucks fan; and had no moral problem with salty orange snacks and cases of beer stacked 2 feet high on the kitchen counter…)

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Nashville’s Cup Dreams are… Interesting.

As a fanbase weirdly dedicated to little green men, Canucks fans don’t expect to point fingers at anyone else’s strangeness. 

Until we see this:

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Poking a Stick at the Enemy

On playing against Marian Hossa: “There’s nothing I’d like more than to be able to shake Marian’s hand at the end of this series, look him in the eye and say, ‘You chose the wrong team.’”

—Maxime Talbot (translated from French and quoted in the Detroit Free Press)

Ah, the joy of ‘friendly’ competition in the playoffs, where one of the more entertaining pleasures for us outsiders is the good-natured trash talk between the teams and fans.

But still, two dudes named Maxime vs Marian going at it? I keep flashing on rival Barbie dolls about to end up in a celebrity boxing reality show.


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I’m awfully late with this, but that’s the kinda thing that happens when a girl has a couple of weeks away from hockey-ish things. I totally miss out on idiocy like this:

The Weather Network clearly has no idea who they’re talking to, (which is probably a surreally-awesome experience for Luongo), but it makes me worry about what else I’ve missed on the Weather Channel.  Has Barack Obama ever come jogging by? Stephen Harper? Little green men visiting from Mars… perhaps too polite to point out that, “Geezus lady, we’re little green men visiting from Mars!”?

I definitely need to watch more TV, not less. smile

(Thanks to my friend Josh for mentioning this vid to me!)

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Why Chicago is the Best Opponent

I’ll admit to being one of those misguided sad sacks who had dreams of reliving all the bright moments of 1994 in this 2009 playoffs. In my fantasies, the Vancouver Canucks would leave a trail of road kill in their wake, littered most brightly with Calgary Flames sweaters and tragically-suicidal oil country executives. But alas, Chicago has taken care of that fun stuff already, and with San Jose’s (fully expected, planned and scheduled) implosion, we now move on to bigger and better things: the ruination of the Chicago Blackhawks.

However, after pondering this state of affairs for a bit, I’ve decided I’m pleased with this new direction. For one thing, 1994 obviously lacked a fully happy ending, so perhaps it’s time to let that sleeping dog die.  And for another, there are many points of optimism in this new direction—in both the fallout of the first round and in the upcoming series against Chicago’s team of grade schoolers—which I’ve listed below. Trivial and petty things really, but this is playoff hockey… complex and rational commentary is overrated.

Here are some of the positive outcomes of round #1, and Vancouver’s future assault in round #2, that come to mind:

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Itty Bitty Canucks Swag Contest

Contest closes on October 11th… before the first game of Jim Hughson’s opening CBC Canucks HNIC season.

Please leave your name and email on this post. By random draw you may win one of the three prizes I mention on the video, and I’ll ship them wherever you want. (Even if you’re not a Canucks fan—as if that’s even possible…!) smile

*originally posted 7:40am ET

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Bite Me, Tiger

For fun, (and because I have some strange, pathological dislike of golf; enter the words ‘alanah hates golf’ into Google.com and I’m the #1 search result…) I ran a search online using Google Trends to see what’s more popular these days in the online world: the PGA or the NHL?

It’s the NHL.

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Chicks and Sports Don’t Mix?

Den Cotton at the National Sports Review is having some fun… although maybe a bit more than that:

Perhaps I’ve been drinking too much of the Colin Cowherd Kool-aid, but I’ve realized female sports fans are messing with the natural order of things — and that is turning me into a chauvinistic, repressive fool.

As I recall, Colin has spoken about the upsides — a requirement even — of having a relationship with a girl who doesn’t love sports. Now I don’t want to get Colin in too much trouble because he has a lot of smart female fans who call into his show. But I don’t want to date them, no matter how hot they are.

And for bonus points:

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Saved by the Girls of Tennessee

Dominik Hasek’s appearance in this movie [note: don’t click that link unless you want to be annoyed to death by bad music and stupid flash] two years ago, was an Oscar-worthy performance as a heroic firefighter. (Well, not really.)  But it is believable, isn’t it?

The Dominator, rising from the ashes, saving the unfortunate, etc.  It was certainly the script the Red Wings hoped to play out for this season…

Anyway, farbeit from me to miss an easy target. Plus I’m a bit bored and those lunchtime cocktails have released my creative genius, so I played around with a couple of the movie stills. (Art-imitates-life-imitates-art-imitates-life… you get it.)

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NHL Stars as Celebrities

Sports Illustrated has put together a photo array of NHL hockey players and their entertainer lookalikes. 

Below is Daniel Briere and his alter-ego Paul McCartney.  But there’s worse—check out the remaining 27 players. (Among others, Alexander Ovechkin and Jarome Iginla each took a particularly nasty hit from the SI editors.) smile


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