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Politics & Hockey—The Fun Way

imageWhen politics and hockey collide, it’s seldom interesting, fun or even all that rational.  Which is why I was pleasantly surprised to discover a new candidate had entered the American political arena—one who, in his own words, “isn’t afraid to dig in the corners and make goalies wet their pants.”

It’s Pierre, the Phoenix Coyotes own mascot with the bad French accent and a plan for exactly nothing. 

But that hasn’t stopped him from campaigning…

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How the Wings Control Canada’s Hockey Future

Well, maybe not entirely, but Eric Duhatschek in the Globe & Mail today does point to the relationship between the NHL team and Canada’s international hockey dreams.

Hockey Canada has drawn heavily on the Red Wings’ organization these past six years for help assembling its annual world championship team. In that span, Holland, his assistant Jim Nill, and Yzerman have all taken turns at the helm, coinciding with a time when Canada’s world championship results have improved dramatically over the previous two decades.

And then Duhatchek poses some more interesting questions like…

Who plays goal? How young do you go? Is Sidney Crosby ready for the captaincy, or does that job fall to Jarome Iginla? With Pat Quinn and Jacques Martin no longer coaching in the NHL, is the main man behind the bench Ken Hitchcock, or Mike Babcock, or maybe Gretzky, who has embraced the challenge of turning around the Coyotes with a fervour that stunned many?

My answers would be: Luongo plays The Goalie (although that one will really depend on how this upcoming season goes), Iginla plays The Captain and Babcock plays The Coach. 

Other suggestions?

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The Hockey Farmer

imageWriting a novel or any hockey book sounds like a daunting task to most of us, but as in the case of Farhan Devji, in the right circumstances it can seem to almost happen by accident.

Originally from Nanaimo, British Columbia, Devji is currently a journalism student in Ottawa working towards a career in sports media. He answered some questions for me recently, and below that you’ll find an excerpt from his new young adult hockey novel currently for sale on Amazon.com.

Q. Can you tell us why you decided to write a hockey-themed novel?

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Steven Stamkos. Supermodel.

imageHow does an 18 year old who’s never played a NHL game in his life end up as the official spokesman for a pricey Swiss watch company?

Well, being the #1 draft pick has its perks, and being thought of as the “next Sidney Crosby”  doesn’t hurt, either.

Which brings me to the video.

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Ovechkin Wants a Wife

...and the NHL Network Online is happy to help him out.  The video below is from a Russian broadcast picked up by the NHL Network, where AO talks about his quest for women.  The narrator remarks that Ovechkin “dreams about meeting a sincere and selfless Russian soul” and in AO’s own words:

“Show me just one such girl and I’d fall on my knees and say, ‘You are my temple of poetry’.”

Sure, it sounds romantic, however a warning might be appropriate here: being a “temple of poetry” apparently requires at least 5 children “but no more than 10.” 

So, if you or someone you know is ready to be a very fertile temple, please apply within.

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Stalking Wayward NHLers

Mats Sundin and Peter Forsberg were both golfing at the same charity tournament yesterday, the photos taken by a friend of the Denver Post’s Adrian Dater

Clearly, these are two athletes in a big hurry to get back into hockey shape.


Sigh. I’m worried for Mats—I think we’ve reached a stage where people blow an ankle just looking at Forsberg at this point.

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Strachan Lets it All Out

From Al Strachan at FoxSports:

[Brian Burke] started off as GM of the Hartford Whalers, a team that had just made the playoffs for seven consecutive seasons. Once Burke got there, they missed.

But he was much better in Vancouver. There, he won a playoff round. Granted it took six seasons to do so, but geniuses can’t be held to the same standards as everyone else. In those six seasons, he missed the playoffs twice and went out in the first round three times.

Of course, Strachan fails to mention the levels to which Vancouver sucked before Burke came to town, but what the hell—Al is on a roll in this column.

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Remembering the Pink Elephant

With its pink walls, the Miami Arena became known as the “Pink Elephant” to some, the design seemingly-inspired by Don Johnson’s wardrobe in that other prominent 1980s embarrassment of the region.  Built in 1988, it became the first home of the Florida Panthers in 1993 before they departed in ‘99 for their current residence—the luxurious but disturbingly under-insured and just begging-for-a-hurricane Bank Atlantic Center. image

But the Miami Arena has been gutted in recent days and the building will be demolished by the end of summer, taking with it a small piece of hockey history.  And while it may be hard to imagine these days, hockey was actually a hot commodity in Miami for a while…

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Sometimes, I Can’t Help But Like the Bolts

There are times in the last few months when I (and many others, I’m sure) suspected the Tampa Bay Lightning organization had nearly re-defined the word “crazy”—even by NHL standards.  And then there have been moments when they’ve seized my attention in more positive ways, marketing their team with such a bang this summer as they have. 

But it’s the story of David Carle that I like most of all—a situation that hints they might be both a little crazy and a pretty classy organization.

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How to Start a War.  And End One.

Earlier today, John Glennon at The Tennessean noted that the International Ice Hockey Federation will determine the status of the Nashville Predators’ Alexander Radulov in the next two weeks.

If the IIHF finds that the KHL acted improperly, Glennon also noted some possible outcomes:

  • the IIHF could pressure the KHL to void Radulov’s Russian contract

  • the IIHF could choose to “red flag’’ Radulov, which would lead to sanctions against Radulov and/or his team.

Sanctions? Like what?

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