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Hockey Buffet

Over at Battle of New York, Steve is attempting to kill himself by liveblogging an alarming number of games today.

Says Steve,

Starting at 1:00 PM ET, I will be focusing on:

-Isles-Flyers (+Sabres-DC)
-Nucks-Sharks (+ the Mets game, heh)
-Oil-Flames (+COL-NSH)

So if you want to give him some encouragement—or maybe just have a little fun watching a hockey blogger self-destruct—visit Steve throughout the day and be entertained.


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Hockey in Florida: Gotta Love it

From Tampa Bay Lighting.com, I get this:

Press Release Detail: GameDay

After clinching their fourth consecutive playoff berth due to a Toronto loss Thursday night, Tampa Bay Lightning mascot ThunderBug will move from his home to the roof of the St. Pete Times Forum tonight. He will live on the roof until the first home game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is sold out.

I’m not even going to make fun of this. Too easy.  I just pray we don’t see Ducks, Sharks and that freaky-looking Gnash, all sitting on top of arenas this weekend.

That’ll kill my hockey fandom for good.

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Watching the NJ Devils Website Updates

Monday, April 2, 2007:  12:02 PM EDT


Monday, April 2, 2007:  2:45 PM EDT


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Vancouver is Canada’s Team…

...and other reasons why Edmonton, Calgary -- and Mark Messier -- just suck. To start, here's a fun piece on Edmonton's fine accomplishments of the past month. A review, if you will. From David Young at Vue Weekly, it seems that even the bible is against them:

"Here’s the fun-fest the Oilers have provided fans recently. Since a shootout win against Detroit on Feb 23 the Oilers have only had a lead for exactly 18 minutes and 28 seconds. That’s out of 900 minutes of regulation game time. That’s 2% of the time. The team scored three shorthanded goals but only three powerplay goals. The Oilers only won once in 15 games. And the team was outscored during this stretch of futility 55-17. Interestingly, Psalm 55:17 (known as the Prayer for the Destruction of the Treacherous—perfect, huh?) reads “Evening and morning and at noonday, will I complain and moan; And He will hear my voice.” And so concludes our bible study with a verse that pretty much sums things up."
A tragic comedy if ever there was one. Then there's the apparent evidence that both the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames nearly devastated hockey broadcasting in this country earlier this season. William Houston at the Globe & Mail takes a look at the audience numbers for HNIC games:
"The CBC's first-game audiences on Saturdays are down 1 per cent (1.381 million). Second-game audiences have dropped 20 per cent (748,000), a steep decrease that's partly attributable to a small number of Vancouver Canucks games aired early in the season. The decrease has narrowed since November, when the gap was 40 per cent."
Ha! Show too many Flames and Oilers games without the Canucks being involved, and the decrease in viewers was 40% early in the season. But give people what they want -- Canucks games -- and the world starts to right itself again. Nice. Finally, there's Mark Messier. Does this man ever STOP annoying Canucks fans? It seems not. And now from the news wires today, I learn that he's trying to find your house and upset you in person:
"The Bring Home the Cup contest is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the passion of the playoffs with the Stanley Cup and Mark Messier as the guests of honour in the home of one lucky hockey fan," said Dale Hooper, Vice President Marketing, Frito Lay Canada.
Ugh. Though in all honesty -- setting aside my antipathy for Messier for a moment -- this is a pretty cool contest. Read more about it. Invite me to your house if you win. (Unless you're a Flames or Oilers fan, in which case I won't hold my breath...)

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Shanahan: You’ve Got Some Explaining to Do

imageGeez, it seems I'm full of entertainment gossip news and how it relates to the NHL today. Earlier I brought you the Playboy Mansion of Hot Blondes and Retired NHLers. Now here's Brendan Shanahan's Moment in Kink, appearing on Page Six of the New York Post today:

March 20, 2007 -- LINDSAY Lohan continued her New York party over the weekend. On Saturday night, she and her pals, deejay Samantha Ronson and p.r. powerhouse Lisette Sand-Freeman, hit the Beatrice Inn before going to The Box at 1 a.m. - where Lohan got up on the stage and sang while doing a "stripper dance" to thunderous applause. She got off easy - after her, New York Ranger Brendan Shanahan was blindfolded and ball-gagged as trannies danced around him.
Ummm... wow. I have no idea what this means, how it happened, why it happened or what on earth his fellow Rangers are saying to him today. But dear God, I DO want photos! P.S. On the bright side, I guess this would indicate that Shanny's feeling well enough to get back on the ice this week... P.P.S. A shout-out thank you to SteveNJ for the tip to this story.

Update 5:00pm PT:

I would've thought this would be obvious, but seeing some idiot comments on message boards and in my email box, I just want to clarify my own point of view on this -- that there is virtually NO chance this story is based on anything but some random, stupid New York moment. I mean, yes, it's funny as hell (and I do love to make fun of the Wings, past and present) but I assumed most people would realize a couple things:

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Wings-Canucks Liveblogging Tonight



Alanah, Paul and Bill (a.k.a. IwoCPO) will be doing a group


liveblog tonight of the Vancouver Canucks vs Detroit Red Wings game.  Essentially, 2 Wings fans and 1 Canucks fan, sharing a great deal of highly inaccurate information as the game progresses.

It’s the final game of the season series tonight, hosted by Vancouver who currently holds the series advantage thus far with a 2-1-0 record versus the Red Wings. Six Canucks share the team scoring lead in games versus the Red Wings with three points each. Nicklas Lidstrom and Dan Cleary have each recorded three points against Vancouver this season to share the team lead.

So that’s the boring stuff. The important things to know are these:  “The Sedins are Here to Pump You Up” and Mike Babcock says the Wings are on a “dry run for the playoffs.”  And of course EVERYONE is afraid of getting hit by flying ladies undergarments.

What could be more fun than that?  If you’d like to join us in the trash-talk, we’ll see you on this post at game time, 7pm PT/10pm ET.



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Trevor Linden in the Mix

imageTrevor Linden's tenure as the elected president of the NHLPA ended last year, much to my relief; as expected, it seems to have provided him with renewed energy on the ice. But recent developments with NHLPA head Ted Saskin seem to be dragging Linden back into the fray of hockey politics he escaped last July. Saskin's suspension by the player reps on Sunday will continue as he's investigated for accessing players' email accounts. Linden has, predictably, been re-engaged by the media given his past relationship with Saskin. He's been publicly supportive of Saskin throughout this (and previous) scandals, and he's likely to be featured heavily in stories over the coming months. Here are some quotes indicating his feelings yesterday:

"I think there is more to the story and you have to understand that. I don't think you can pass judgement until you understand the full story behind it. I'm not going to pass judgment until I know all the facts." And about the email story... "I knew that there were a lot of sensitive documents being leaked to the media a year and half ago. I'm not sure if this has something to do with that. I knew there were some agents and some players leaking documents."
Whether it's his intention or not, Linden's last comment does seem to be rationalizing the behavior Saskin is accused of -- accessing those NHLPA email accounts. Certainly not likely to be a popular response to many players. What I'm curious about now is how much all of this will impact one of Vancouver's favorite sons. Saskin was hired during the lockout year under circumstances which have continued to draw attention. Linden endorsed Saskin and has always maintained the process was legal. But now that Saskin is almost certain to fall from his perch, and as investigations continue into activities of the NHLPA, Linden's support is liable to be questioned considerably. How will Trevor Linden's reputation be impacted by all of this? And after having him as their president for 7 years, will the players on the NHLPA hold him responsible for what's happening now, or will the focus remain on Ted Saskin?

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What Motivates ESPN?

imageI read an interesting post on the New York Metroblog on Monday that got me thinking about ESPN television’s apparent disinterest in the NHL. 

I usually prefer to bring up ESPN only when there’s a choice reason to make fun of that network—they certainly provide me with enough opportunities (competitive dominoes anyone? or how about fantasy fishing?!). But today I’m considering the more serious aspects of ESPN’s dominance in sports television coverage.

As NY Metroblogger Chris Baldwin asks, “If a sporting event takes place and ESPN doesn’t have a stake in it, did it really happen?”

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Wild Nights

Last night's game between Calgary and Edmonton presents conflicts that I don't enjoy -- that is, hating both teams with nearly equal passion, yet having to accept that at least ONE of them will be getting points. And even worse than that, admitting that I prefer Edmonton be that team. (*If, you know, someone pointed a gun to my head or something). Not that Edmonton rewards me for this reluctant alliance.

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The Hockey Gods Love a Good Joke

imageI've always loved Todd Bertuzzi and want him to do well, so I'm glad he's being embraced in Detroit. But hell, some of this stuff is hard to stomach. From Helene St. James at the Detroit Free Press:

Draper joked that now that Bertuzzi is a Wing, he'll "get a lifetime supply of Cheli's chili, just like all the rest of us in here," a jovial dig at Chelios' penchant for promoting his restaurants. Chelios followed through, though, promising, "I'm getting Todd some coupons, T-shirts, hats, whatever he wants." Already the Wings are embracing a guy described by Naslund as a great teammate. "Ask anyone that's played with him," Naslund said. "He's well respected among his own teammates." It was respect for Chelios that prompted Bertuzzi to enter that restaurant last year and pay homage to a kindred player. "Cheli is that consummate warrior," Bertuzzi said. "He's that guy that when you think of the NHL, you think of him. You've got to pay the guy respect, man. We had some wars, and everything I would give, he would keep coming back for more."
God, I'm gonna gag on this Cheli Chilli Crap sooner or later. ____________________ *photo by Julian H. Gonzalez/Detroit Free Press

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