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Green Men Better Step Up Their Game

imageFrom the Canadian Press (via THN):

“We have a few things up our sleeves,” Force, part of the green dynamic duo, said Tuesday. “We are going over some plans. We are heading to a thrift shop this afternoon.

“Boston has some good celebrities we can make fun of. Zdeno Chara’s height may be a target. We have to step up our game.”

Maybe it’s just me, but I think there might be something quintessentially ‘Canadian’ about planning pranks—that are liable and likely to get international coverage—by haunting the local thrift store. 

Canadians: Yes, we’re understated and cheap. And we’re not embarrassed to say so. grin


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Hockey as Art

Great cartoon from Bob Krieger at The Province today. You can click the image to see it full size at The Province website, and see some more great stuff by Krieger.


And Peter Diamond, an illustrator in Vienna, Austria, forwarded this remarkable work to me the other day, depicting Daniel and Henrik Sedin:

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Canucks Fans in San Jose

Courtesy of Kurtenblog, Canucks fans having a helluva good time, taking over San Jose yesterday.

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Ben Eager Meets the Twins

Update Thursday May 19th: The UNEDITED video. Scroll to the bottom of post.

A 7-3 win and Game 2 was practically a fiesta of great moments for a Canucks fan.  Aside from the final score and some stellar play by the Canucks to lock this one down, there was also Ben “I like to pretend I’m on meth” Eager’s performance throughout the latter half of the game, to enjoy. Almost enough to make a girl giddy.

Speaking of Eager, I wrote some nonsense piece a couple years ago titled “Ben Eager and Other Boobs”, which wasn’t really racy, just me messing around.  But apparently, hockey love and life does come full circle, because Ben Eager did finally meet some… well, you know… 

Video below. Definitely NSFW.

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Back to the Future… with the Oilers

The Mostly Water Theatre Company in Edmonton produced this video a few weeks ago:

“A harrowing tale from the future about the ill-fated 2006 Edmonton Oilers.”

Unless you’re an actual Oilers’ fan, parts of this are pretty entertaining. (P.S. Sorry, should’ve mentioned this before, NSFW language)

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Tanner Glass, Ben Eager on Fighting, etc

Tanner Glass and Ben Eager had a few words to say yesterday about the role of tough guys, fighting, and Derek Boogaard. 

From Matthew Sekeres at the Globe & Mail, these words from Glass:

“It’s tough just to know each night that you are going to be tangling with those customers. I know he wasn’t scared of guys like that, or intimidated, but with the size of people he is fighting, any punch can be a pretty serious punch. It’s a tough job and he did better than most.

“You have to be a different kind of person to do that. It takes a type of mental toughness that every guy in the league doesn’t have. It takes a little bit of a craziness. I don’t want to say reckless, because you know what you’re doing, but it’s something.

And from Ben Eager:


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Marty and His Monkey

Marty McSorley joins Sportsnet‘s Eric Gage to do some Lightning/Bruins pre-game talk. It doesn’t go very well.

Marty needs a new monkey.

*thanks to Sportsnet’s All Morning Breakfast

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Making Fun of the Enemy

imageI’m starting to think Sharks fans are sorta cool—or at least have a bit of a sense of humor about their team, unlike too many other people. Aside from getting nothing but polite and thoughtful comments from them personally, I also noted this photoshoppery thread at their message boards, making fun of the Canucks, but also openly inviting Canucks fans to do the same. 

Which is where I found this image of (H/D?) Sedin.  Posted prior to Sunday, but a nice epilogue for game 1, I think. smile

Of course, appreciating their willingness to spar means taking a few hits ourselves.  And while the whole tiresome “Sedin sisters” theme continues on boringly, there’s also some more unusual and entertaining efforts.

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A Royal Canucks Moment

Something sort of stands out about this image, taken the day of Prince William and Catherine’s wedding a few weeks ago…


Derek Jory at Canucks.com found the answer to this puzzling image which was broadcast around the world the day of the British royal wedding:

Elisa Fung has the answer because Elisa Fung is the answer.

That’s Fung waving the flag from the 33 to 37 second mark of the video in question, moments after William and Catherine became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The flag is real, as real as Fung’s love for the Canucks.

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Hairy Problems in Vancouver

Canucks center Ryan Kesler had a heck of a year, but his playoff beard isn’t so hot. Still, you really can’t blame Kesler. Accustomed to being eliminated in the second round, he had no idea what his beard would look like at this point.


Fair point.  And yeah, this isn’t too pretty…

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