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The Commodore 64 War

So, I take a weekend completely off the clock and away from hockey, and what happens while I’m gone? Puck Daddy and A2Y managed to end up in some kind of Commodore 64 War.

First off, from an outsider’s point of view, it kind of looks like The Chief has acquired a stalker.  I mean, getting called “the piece of garbage that runs the worst hockey blog on the internet” sorta crosses the line from ‘dislike’, storms past ‘creepy’ and closes in on Fatal Attraction territory, no?  Glenn Close, a pair of scissors and a bunny, all rolled into what looks like a bit of a hockey blogger meltdown. 

Ryan Lambert’s comment in full:

Not that I’m going to plug them, but the piece of garbage that runs the worst hockey blog on the internet is trying to organize a campaign AGAINST the Commodore 64 thing. Because, he says, he doesn’t want Commodore — A RED WING!!!! — to be a “gimmick.” (Ignoring the fact that throwing an octopus and singing along to a Journey song are absolutely gimmicks, because why allow logic to enter into any such debate?) And also, presumably, because he hates charity.

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Prince of Hockey

The news in Canada is full of Royalty this week, as Prince William and his wife Kate visit the country.  Admittedly, not exactly riveting news to post on a hockey site, but here’s a photo of William that adds a bit of relevance:


“Prince William takes a shot with a hockey stick as Kate Middleton watches during a visit to the Somba K’e Civic Plaza in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.”
—source TooFab

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Happy Canada Day!

A shout-out to all the Canadians haunting this space—I hope you’re enjoying an amazing beach party, BBQ. or simply a rare and wonderful day off work. smile

This well-worn (but still awesome) 2009 vid by Andrew and Julia always makes me smile, so I’ll post it here in hope it kick-starts your Canada Day, too.

And on a more sporty (but still non-hockey note), a few words from your Vancouver Canadians:


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Much Ado About Hats

From Rick Bozich at the Courier-Journal:

Maybe John Wall should stay away from baseball.

First there was his misguided opening pitch. Now, according to this blog in the Washington Post, Wall was seen wearing the baseball cap of a rival team.  [...]

Wall plays for the Washington Wizards. His owners, the Leonsis Family, also owns the NHL Washington Capitals. Wall is pictured wearing a Philadelphia Flyers’ hat.

Dan Steinberg at the DC Sports Blog suggests: “If I’m Ted Leonsis, anyhow, I think I send a box full of Caps gear to Wall’s home.”

You may remember, the subject of hats had the NHL’s head office a bit miffed during the Stanley Cup Finals, when some Boston Bruins players were appearing in the media wearing the Red Sox hats instead of NHL gear.

The modern world of sports branding… a hat ain’t just a hat anymore.

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Random Monday Musings

Still haven’t quite recovered from Vancouver’s whole playoff implosion (and explosions) thing, but getting there.  (Starting to be able to read the hockey news without getting a twitch and randomly hyperventilating, though, so that’s something.)  Here’s a few odds and ends for the day…

This is Our Vancouver is a PR campaign looking to fix Vancouver’s badly tarnished image after last week’s riots.  (Of course, when it comes to mob-attack behavior in the aftermath, those families are on their own…). Incidentally, someone thought it would be fun to light up a car on a busy street where I live on Vancouver Island this past weekend, too.  One very big and dangerous fireball was the result. So the ripple-effect of last-week’s stupidity has legs. Lucky us.

—When Nicklas Lidstrom’s new 1 year contract extension was announced this morning, KK’s website hits bounced up about 6,000% over the previous hour.  (Maybe a slight exaggeration, but still, On The First Day, There Was Much Joy in The Land.)  That guy’s eventual retirement is going to kill these poor people.

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Cheer Up, Vancouver

Last night was a bad night.  Here’s a couple ways for Canucks fans to feel better:

Wholesale Furniture Brokers is giving away a $500 gift certificate you can use on anything in their online stores, including Vancouver Canucks merchandise. All you have to do is “Like” their Facebook.com page  and post on their wall how many games you think it will take and what the final score will be “when” the Vancouver Canucks win the Stanley Cup.  A winner will be picked if the Vancouver Canucks win the Stanley Cup in 2011. Deadline June 8th. More instructions here.

• And then there’s also my own far-less-profitable (but still a cool prize!) contest for a Reebok 2011 Canucks Conference Champs t-shirt. To enter, just leave a comment here. Deadline is also June 8th, 5pm PT.

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Canucks Fans: It Was All Just a Bad Dream!


Yes, that’s how it really happened on FoxSports.com tonight. 

A much happier reality than the one I’ve been living.  Thanks, Foxy.

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Win a Canucks Conference Champs T-Shirt!

imageThanks to Reebok, we have TWO of their official “2011 Conference Champions” t-shirts honouring the Canucks to give away.

To Enter: Just leave a note of support for the Canucks here in the comments, and I’ll draw for two random winners.

Deadline: Wednesday, June 8th, 5pm PT.

Update Thursday, June 9th And the Winners are…

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How to Make Hockey More Exciting

From Next Media Animation:

The Stanley Cup Finals have begun, featuring the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins.

Americans don’t know who to root for. The Canucks are Canadian and Boston is one of the most-hated sports cities in the US.

Video is in Taiwanese, apparently.* I’ve included the English version at the bottom, but seriously, Taiwanese is really what makes the magic happen…

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Burrows, Biting and Breastfeeding

There’s a title I don’t want to write ever again. But that’s where we’re at, thanks to the illustrious Jack Edwards and his unfortunate access to a radio signal.

So, yes, Alex Burrows wasn’t suspended and it seems like everyone’s pretty ticked about it.  (Message received. Gross miscarriage of justice, etc etc.)  But that’s cool. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. And at least no one’s written me anything as insane as in the audio below, kindly provided by Matt Yoder at Awful Announcing.

I’ll let him set it up:

This audio from Jack addresses Vancouver’s Alex Burrows biting the hand of Boston’s Patrice Bergeron.  Surprisingly, Burrows was not suspended by the NHL.  Thankfully though, the entire incident has given us this video of Jack Torrance… err… I mean Edwards, providing a poignant social commentary on the matter complete with some kind of circus music.  By the way, congrats if you spun the Jack Edwards Wheel of Insanity and landed on Breastfeeding.


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