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Oh, Happy Days

imageYesterday was fun. I mean, the holidays, presents, food and family are all nice and everything, but they just don't quite measure up to kicking ass in two hockey games: Team Canada over Team USA, and the Vancouver Canucks playing their most entertaining hockey game of the year. Smoking. Here's a quick look at both games.

Team Canada

A 6-3 win over the U.S. was a nice way to walk away from that game. The Americans stayed in it most of the way, but Canada's ability to score in bunches helped ease the stress for Can-Fans.
The Canadian players aren't about to admit it, but they're successfully through the hardest part of the preliminary round at the world junior hockey championship. The defending champions defeated the U.S. 6-3 on Wednesday following a 2-0 victory over the host Swedes a day earlier.
And both were such FUN for a Can-Fan, almost as much fun as watching Jonathan Toews calmly step up and rifle a penalty shot past the beleaguered U.S. goalie late in the game. Said Pierre McGuire (yes, I'm actually going to quote -- and agree with -- Pierre McGuire):
But the thing I admire most about Toews is his poise under fire. The penalty shot goal elevated the spirit of Team Canada and sunk the spirit of Team USA. That was a pretty good shot to finish a special play by a pretty amazing young guy.
Good stuff. Next game is tomorrow against Germany at 9:30 a.m. PST on TSN television and broadband. Remember, if you can't watch the games live, they're being repeated on TSN and available on-demand online.

Vancouver Canucks vs Calgary Flames: (Re-match #2,834 this 2006-07 season)

Getting sick of the Flames yet? Me, too. But only because I hate them. The hockey, however, has had some kick ass moments. Honestly, if all these never-ending divisional matchups looked like some of these Canucks-Flames games, I wouldn't bitch about the schedule at all. (Sadly, Minnesota continues to exist...) But this last game against Calgary was the cherry on top of the cake. It's not just because Vancouver won the game in OT (although that was seriously appreciated and celebrated), and it's not just because so many players looked hungry in that game (Morrison? Cooke? Linden? the list goes on...), and it's not even because the Canucks scored 6 (SIX!) goals in a game, a season high, I do believe. No, the reason that game will be remembered is because that looked like the old Canucks. Offensive, exciting to watch, madcap hockey. They took chances on the ice and went for broke. Some run-and-gun, risky-yet-dead-accurate passing, flying around like a team that believed in themselves, believed they could score. It was the first time since October that I watched Canucks hockey without automatically assuming their scoring would dry up at some point in the game. Damn, I miss watching fun hockey games. That was just awesome.

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Sorry—Some Blog Problems

Apparently there have been hosting problems this morning and Canucks & Beyond has been offline quite a bit. (Either that or it's a Kukla's Korner conspiracy to shut down this poor little blog. Should I be suspicious? Hmmmm....) I'll be back over the course of the day with stuff on Team Canada, the Vancouver Canucks and the weekly collection of hockey quotes. Later.

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Are You at Work? STOP IT!

The World Junior Championships game #2 -- between Team Canada and Team USA -- starts now. 10:30 a.m. PST. Canadians can get broadband streaming on their computers at TSN -- go here then click the broadband link at the top of the page. Americans, I'm told, can watch it on Center Ice, but I'm not sure about broadband access. Alternatively, connect your non-Canadian computers to a Canadian IP address and hopefully you'll be able to access the TSN broadcast. _____________________________ *thanks to commenters on this post for the connection options

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For a game that Vancouver managed to actually win, we expended a surprising amount of profanity around my house last night. Particularly for the first half of the game, and for a variety of reasons: (1) Watching players repeatedly pass and not shoot is frustrating. It makes me want to break sh!t. (2) When coach Alain Vigneault thinks changing the lineups yet again is a good idea, I get mildly annoyed. But when I see lines hit the ice like "Naslund Kesler Bulis" and (early on) "Green Morrison Linden", I want to break more sh#t. (3) When PPV/Team 1040 color commentator Tommy Larscheid says things like "Bingo! Bango! Bongo! Luongo!" I finally do start breaking shit. (I mean, what the hell, Tommy? I used to think you were one of the good guys.) On the other hand, things did find a way to work out. Some high points:

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On the Hockey Blogs This Week

By Alanah

We all depend on the mainstream hockey media to provide their usually-excellent insider coverage, but there are at least three big things I love about hockey blogs and bloggers:

(1) they do it all for the love of the game,
(2) they get to voice some insanely-entertaining opinions that the mainstream media can only dream of writing, and
(3) they cover every aspect of the NHL and don’t just get stuck on the ‘talking points’.

I hope you enjoy this week’s selections—some analyses, some rants and some laughs.

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Money For Nothing

It's not fair -- I like money, I like gambling and I like free hockey stuff. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to enter the contest... but you can. Good luck!

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Vancouver in Flames (Arena) Again…

No more food, way more hockey. These are words I intend to live by with the passing of Christmas, and Boxing Day is the right day to start this resolution. Besides, we ate everything -- including the leftovers -- so the food is gone anyway. About hockey, well, there's a lot of it worth watching today. We're going to start with the World Junior Championships and enjoy the Canada vs Sweden game this morning, including Canucks' prospects Luc Bourdon (Team Canada) and Daniel Rahimi (Team Sweden). Here's a PDF file of the lineups today, with thanks to a friend who pointed it out to me. Other Vancouver Canucks kids playing in the tournament for their various countries include Mario Bliznak and Juraj Simek. (FYI, Hockeys Future has a review of Canucks prospects in the WJC.) Okay, now let's turn our focus back to the Vancouver Canucks in Flames -- you know, the ones who make the big bucks and who are already busy losing hockey games for the Mother Team? There's a few problems...

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The Night Before Hockey Christmas

T’was the night before face-off and all through the rink, All the Referees were partying and farting up a stink...
...for the rest of this hockey cartoon, click here.

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World Junior Championships

The WJC start December 26 in Sweden. TSN will be broadcasting all the Canadian games (plus three Team USA games) via broadband, although there is some uncertainty whether or not non-Canadians will be able to access them live online. (Canadian IPs only? Let us know, TSN.)  The games are being broadcast live, then available on demand till January 8th.

Broadband schedule can be found here.
Schedule for all tournament games is here.
Official World Junior Championships 2007 website.

Updated Jan. 3/07:
More on watching the WJC here.

Updated Jan. 5/07:
More on the WJC - Medal Games

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Santa Needs a Slap

Not hockey, but hey, it's Christmas...
powered by ODEO Just a taste of holiday madness from The Onion Radio.

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