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Abel to Yzerman

Quick Recap- Detroit Red Wings/Buffalo Sabres

11/30/2022 at 9:57pm EST

The Wings scored first just like they did against Toronto then gave up the next four, just like the Toronto game. After 40 minutes it was 4-1 Buffalo.

Unlike the Toronto game, Detroit scored the next three goals in regulation to tie the game 4-4. The Wings had numerous chances late in the third on a 5 on 3 power play but could not score.

In overtime the Sabres controlled the puck most of the time but really not many chances to score.

Buffalo won the shootout 1-0 to win the game 5-4.

Team stats

Detroit goals are below plus an interview with Steve Yzerman.


Good comeback, but, never should have gotten down by 3. Should have capitalized on the 5 on 3. 


Sorry I didn't make it to the your live blog Kate. The wife and I went out to watch the game. She embarrassed the hell out of me yelling across the bar at the Wings on tv. Man i love her!

Go Wings!


Your wife sounds like someone I would love to watch the Wings with. As long as you had a good time is all that matters. 


We did. You should. If you are ever back up this way please reach out.



I’m am in complete agreement with Sundqvist. Shoot the puck! For crying out loud!




Totally. They played like it was the last two minutes of the game from that point on all the way through the third period. OT was not very good tonight. 


Wow, that was like being stood up by a blind date but she ends up showing up right before you walk out and you find out she's actually blind. 

Ned didn't not look good on 3 out of 4 goals. One of those goals went off whoever's knee which he had no chance on. I hope he pulls his shit together. The Wings need him.

Copp with two big assists from behind the goal brings this team back from the dead. Give it to the coaching staff to make some minor changes during the third to shake things up.

Perron. Just WOW. Lol. Love that guy.


The Wings need to shake up the power play. I would give Suter a chance. He looked good when the Wings were down with injuries. 

Big sigh of relief seeing Seider house come back in the game. Phew!!!

Go Wings!


Big faceoff win by Copp on the tying goal, clean win, back to Sundqvist, goal.


Yeah, Copp is silent but deadly. Its fun watching him coming back into game shape Paul. Now we need Bert to recover his game.


Silent but deadly is right. I swear I told my lucky half the exact same thing about Copp. He’s getting better every game.


It’s a better team with a lot more compete but they’re still leaving valuable points on the table. Better they’re 28th than 18th, which is how they look to me.


Wings do need to shoot more on the PP, agreed, but to do so, it requires  better passing, and the Wings passing is not where it needs to be, being 12" off target in the pro's = shots pro goalies can stop, which is why we are not taking them IMO. 


Setting the game aside, 100% happy to see both Seider and Bert return, though I don't think Bert was good to go seeing limited ice time after.

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