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Prove How Smart You Are By Never Doubting Steve Yzerman

03/17/2021 at 11:10am EDT

I'm pretty sure that by the end of Tick Tock Kenny Holland's reign, or run, as GM of the greatest franchise in American sports history, I could have been a better GM. Don't get all sad and angsty about that. It's just my opinion and never once, not ever, have I ever given the impression here or anywhere that my opinion was the gold standard of opinions. I'm just a fan, and I happen to be a fan who believes I'd have been better than Kenny by the time he left.

Opinion. That's all that is. Belonging to one chubby guy with nothing to back it up.

But we also deal in facts here. Facts matter. So here's one for you:

Anyone who doubts Steve Yzerman is stupid.

That's been scientifically proven. And I don't mean just the people who blare their waning faith. I don't mean those who long-windedly proclaim in comments that Yzerman's moves are flawed. No.

I mean that if you've even had a passing thought that Steve Yzerman has been, or ever will be, wrong...you're stupid.

If you don't have full faith, unshakeable and redolent certainty that everything our Captain has done or will do is going to bring this team back to where Baby Jesus says it belongs? Stupid.

If you doubted him when he drafted Morris Seider? Where are you? Where is your disdain now? Have you hidden it away like Albert Ingalls tried to hide his morphine addiction until Pa ousted him and then nursed him back to clean living? Have you?

Nearly two years ago, Steve Yzerman stunned the crowd at the 2019 NHL Draft when he took defenseman Moritz Seider with the sixth overall pick — Yzerman’s first selection as Red Wings general manager.

Seider, by most public accountings, had been ranked in the teens or 20s entering the draft, which made him a clear first-round pick and a well-regarded prospect by any measure. But still, at least in the public sphere, hearing his name called in the top 10 was a surprise to most.

Two seasons later, with Seider wrapping up a dominant campaign in the Swedish Hockey League at age 19, the Red Wings’ faith has thus far been rewarded. Seider is regarded as a top prospect and one of the best players currently outside the NHL.

That's Max Bultman from The Athletic (pay up, bitches).

If you've got the cash, read the article (and Bultman is the best digger we've had since our Anti-Digger, Bruce MacLeod, left us). Read the testimonials from all the draft experts and scouts who admit they were wrong about Seider while Yzerman was fabulously right.

If Steve Yzerman trades Anthony Mantha? I'm in. If he keeps sending Svechnikov on consistent trips from GR to Detroit, sometimes four or five times per day? I'm good. Bernier dealt for a second rounder? Ryan for a third? Cholowski for a second? Good, good and good. If he chooses to keep Jeff Blashill? He's doing it for a reason and I hope he elects not to tell any of us what it is. I hope he's got secrets that we don't need to know. I hope that if and when someone dares to question him for a single move he makes, that Steve Yzerman simply stares at the camera until the questioner becomes uncomfortable and cries.

Literally anything Steve Yzerman decides to do I approve of. And if you don't? Dumb. None of us know as much about anything as Steve Yzerman knows about being the GM of a hockey team. I'm not insulting you. Again, it's just a fact. Some of you may be close in your chosen profession or in your knowledge of your vices, but not quite where Yzerman is when it comes to managing a hockey team.

Naysayers and advocates of the devil like to rile you. They like to poke you and be contrarian because it's their nature. Your utter and complete faith in Yzerman bothers them. That's fine. Ask them about Seider, then ask them about Kucherov, Palat and Point: Kucherov with pick 58, and Point in the third round.

Yzerman did that for a team he had no history with. He drafted those players with the cool professionalism of Wonka churning out new and delicious inventions every four months. All business. No emotion.

Now, our GM, the GM we told you we'd have for years, is not only crafting a team using those same abilities he had in the sunny hotbed of hockey he left, but he's doing it with a genuine passion for Detroit and the Wings.

Doubting this guy is ridiculous. And I mean even slightly doubting him. If you're doing it, stop because you look stupid.

If, in four years, this team is still on the outside looking in? Have at it. But you know, oh yes you do, you know that's not going to happen and you know the reason is Steve Yzerman.

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