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Abel to Yzerman

On The Captain and Jimmuh And Righting The Ship

11/28/2018 at 6:43pm EST

Running a little late tonight. Because I was cooking. I cook now, for my family. They wanted stir fry, so I cooked them stir fry. I absolutely hate stir fry

I also hate the Blues.

Actually, I hate Blues fans.

Is "hate" too strong a term? Did I offend you?

Well, it kind of is because I have a very good friend who happens to be a Blues fan and I used "happened to be" because I never know if "who's" or "whose" is correct, I think "whose" is possessive.

Anyway, he's a Blues and I don't hate him.

But I hate the rest of them.

Blues fans are assholes.

But they're cup-less assholes, so they're clowns, butts of jokes, bitter, little, angsty, butt hurt, Blues fans.

Philadelphia fired Ron Hextall. They probably fired him because the last time he was in a Stanely Cup final he got lit up.

He got lit up by the team led by Steve Yzerman. Rumors are out there that Steve Yzerman is being considered as their next GM.

That's not going to happen because he's already our GM.

It's also not going to happen because he's not going to a team whose/who's ass he kicked. Steve Yzerman leads teams who kick ass, not who expose their asses to kicking.

Not gonna happen.

Jimmy Howard, I read today on Facebook, is rumored to be a trade target of the team the asshole fans like. That's not gonna happen.

Why? Because the Blues are in a mode we know well, the "we're not rebuilding but we really are" mode.

They suck and they don't need a pretty good mid-30's (I don't know his age) goalie with a high cap hit, even though our senile interim GM would probably pick up half his salary.

It's a Live Blog, you bitches.

Hate the Blues. Drink your beers.


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