Abel to Yzerman

Abel to Yzerman

KK/A2Y- Slow Progress

10/21/2022 at 7:43pm EDT

One step forward, a half step back. We are still tweaking the biggest issue of the system upgrade, caching.

Which means comments posted may be slow to appear, same thing with actual blog posts. A few of you have reported a comment not posting and you had to refresh the page and post again. Refresh is the key to see the latest content.

The stability of the site has improved with the server upgrade on Monday.

I am going to try and enjoy the game tonight but as always. KK/A2Y is my baby and I want it perfect, or close to it.


Hey Paul

It's all good. Remember your health comes first

These bumps will not be remembered. I am just happy we have this forum with so many good people. This ain't nothin. Everyday is a new day and i looked forward to popping in no matter what.

Happy Friday Bitches! As my wife always says.


Thanks dd, plan id to take it easy this weekend regarding the caching, then back at it on Monday.


As a business owner, I have to catch myself a lot of times looking at

something and thinking, "That needs to be two inches to the right."

The value of someone else doing the lifting for you is worth things being

those two inches off for a while sometimes, and learning to accept that is hard as hell.  (haha and editing just added double-spaces)

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