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Abel to Yzerman

Jimmah, Mantha, Green and Ovie

01/04/2019 at 5:45pm EST

As I redolently perused the emperor's samplings from this afternoon, a few items caught my eye and I'll grace you with my views on each of them right now, if you care to continue past the page break. See 19 of you in a matter of seconds.

I won't link to the posts because, as my teenager says, I'm lazy (insert shoulder shrug emoji just for her).

Elliott Friedman says Jimmy Howard's trade possibilities are "interesting."

I agree: for a first rounder, goodbye. Anything less than that, keep him.

Anthony Mantha returns tonight. His defensive prowess should be enough to help us hold our inevitable 3-goal lead.

The Detroit Red Wings are 1-78 with Mike Green out of the lineup. That's a fact. I looked it up.

Alex Ovechkin will be suspended one game for not participating in a dwarf's circle jerk. That reminds me of a place in Manila called the Hobbit House. A story for another time. Google it, if you dare. Good for Ovechkin and good for the Caps who will probably find a way to pay him double whatever his salary says he'd be paid for that game.

As some of you may remember, I play Madden online (MCPO2011 for you PS4 users). Many times I'll rise early in the morning and play a game to start my day. Not many American middle aged men are playing Madden at 0500, so inevitably I'll find myself going head-to-head, grappling with adolescents from Indonesia or California or Belgium or some other foreign country like those three.

Many of those children defeat me. I can handle that. But it's the fashion, the manner in which they beat me. Many of them swear at me and call me bad names like "douche bag", or "you old fu*k", or "you fat American piece of sh*t". They seem to do that when I have a lead, and it makes me angry and excitable. I lose focus. I want to defeat them so bad, to pay them back for their insolence, that I lose focus. And then they beat me. I take a lead, get rattled, and I lose my lead and my self confidence. I get bad visions, like Shooter in Hoosiers. I get bad visions and my lead goes away.

I think you know why I told you all that.

It's truly remarkable how you feel when the Wings get ahead. You know, as I do, what's going to happen. No matter the size of the lead, no matter the point in the game. They are going to lose. It's fascinating.

And it's our life right now. We'll be fine. All will be well.

Drink up. It's Friday and it's a Live Blog, bitches.


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