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Failure At The News

01/05/2019 at 7:27pm EST

Don't think for a second that this is the first sign of abject, absolute decay at the Detroit News, but it's the one that will affect us the most. Smart guys saw it happening years ago and got out. I know that for a fact. The Detroit News is dead and nearly buried. The newsroom is a ghost town. Their beat writers offer nothing more than an AP report. Wojo is the only name left, only because John Niyo's name isn't known the way it should be. He's awesome.

But the blow to our collective gut is the move of Gregg Krupa from the Wings (and motor sports and a few other ditties) to...metro.

Keep in mind what this means: there will be exactly zero original thought on any sort of consistent basis from any Wing deep digger. None. Khan(!)? No. Kulfan? No. St. James? Please. No.

Interesting choice by the shrivs who call the shots. I'm assuming Ted Kulfan will stay, while Krupa goes. I'm assuming Ted Kulfan and his toe-the-line, rattle zero cages, provide less than zero analysis, style of "reporting" will be the solitary source of Wing info at the decrepit News, managed by stiffs, financed by sponsors and corporations, delivered to about 22 door steps.

Ted Kulfan stays. Gregg Krupa sent to Metro. If that's not a frigging sign of the times I don't know what is.

We've had our times with Krupa. Yes, we have.

In fact, we've had 156 times with Krupa, at least. 156. That's how many times I've used the word "redolent" in a post. The first one? August 3rd, 2010.

Some guy named Greg Krupa is apparently covering the Wings now for the News. He says Modano told the News that he is “very close.” Sounds obscene but whatever.

Krupa also wrote this sentence:

The signing would be redolent of the offseason signings of other future members of the Hall of Fame in 2001.

I have no frigging idea what “redolent” means, and I’m not looking it up. I do plan, however, to use it in all different ways for the foreseeable future. For instance, “Dude, your vocabulary rocks. Too bad only redolent tools use words nobody in their audience understands.”

I wouldn't be surprised if that was the first Red Wing article Krupa wrote for the News and we latched on to him right away. "Redolent" became a watch word and a great crutch when I had nothing else to say. Pretty funny. Here's the thing with Gregg Krupa. While the diggers were reporting as ordered, Krupa has always been a writer.

Long form, long winded, analytical, verbose, smart. He made us smarter. Shit, he made us look up "redolent", even when I said we wouldn't.

Now he'll be redolently covering metro stuff. In all honesty, I'm not even sure what the hell metro specifically is. City stuff. Civic stuff. Boring ass stuff. Stuff that is wasted on a guy like Gregg Krupa.

I just deleted a sentence. I wrote that whoever makes the decision to stash Krupa and keep Kulfan is an idiot. But, in all honesty, Kulfan's doing his job and does it well. Does he dig like we'd want? No. But those guys need access and everyone needs to make a living. He does his job.

Krupa did it better.

His last article as a Wing beat writer (or columnist...you choose), featured this line.

What eludes them for a fourth season, arguably more, is the sort of success they claim to seek while rebuilding.

That is not exactly the kind of flowery praise the Ilitch family demands from its employees. And now Gregg Krupa is covering Metro for the Detroit News.

If I were him, I'd say sayonnara sister. I'd say stick your metro re-assignment up your corporate asses and I'll take my own prodigious ass to the Athletic or MLive or write a damn book.

We've had our moments with you Greg(g). I've ripped you more than I've praised you, but that didn't and doesn't mean I don't respect the hell out of you as a journalist and a realistic voice amongst the lackeys who lap up whatever the organ-I-zation dares to drop on their plates.

Stay redolent and, maybe, we can convince an Emperor to reach out to ask for a guest column now and again here at KK.

And a final note to the Detroit News? Quite the statement you've made. Wing fans are worse off today than yesterday. But, hey, Metro's gonna kick ass.


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