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05/19/2021 at 11:56am EDT

Oh dear.

SY may be a great GM (or not), his free pass for me is expired.
From here on - results baby, own your wins, own your suck!

That's one of us, just moments ago. Laying down the law, letting Steve Yzerman know he is...on...the...clock. Leeway...gone. Benefit of the doubt? None. He'd better perform or the pitch forks will be out and the Twitter GM contingent will be out (from behind their keyboards) in full frigging force, brother.

Why? Because Steve Yzerman, the best GM in hockey, decided keeping Jeff Blashill for the intermediate, or even short, term is the best move for this organ-I-zation.

It reminds me of Yzerman's first mistake as GM, and this was a big one. Holy cow did he bone this one up.

Detroit Red Wings shocks everyone and picks big German defenseman Moritz Seider. Absolutely no one saw that coming. His name never came up in any rumors that I heard. BIG SWING for Stevie Y.

That's Chris Peters on 21 June 2019.

The reaction back then from one of our more consistently (and very recent) outspoken Yzerman doubters here on A2Y?

Yzerman better know wtf he is doing.

Well? Does he? Did he? Ummm.

Seider, as you know, was named SHL defenseman of the year yesterday.

Before that?

In the lead-up to the 2019 NHL Entry Draft, there were whispers that Moritz Seider was going much higher than where most public rankings placed him.

It wasn't too surprising that a team picked Seider in the top-10, but it was shocking that the Detroit Red Wings selected him with the No. 6-overall pick. At least, it was to anyone who missed this report from EliteProspects Rinkside Editor-in-Chief J.D. Burke.

I thought there were eight superior players available, at least, including two defencemen.

I was wrong. So very wrong.

That's Mitch Brown, director of North American Scouting for Elite Prospects. Do I need to tell you who wasn't so very wrong?

That would be so very Steve Yzerman.

The internet is a quirky spot, the perfect place for professional debaters and contrarians, advocates of Lucifer and, frankly, the jackasses we've known all our lives who like to take different points of view just to argue.

Steve Yzerman, for reasons beyond our comprehension because we don't have the hockey minds or experience he does, decided that extending Jeff Blashill is the right move.

100 percent correct. Absolutely and without hesitation, I will say that. Do I understand it? No. But I'm a dumbass fan. Steve Yzerman is the best GM in hockey. I question nothing he puts his mitts on.

He is deliberate until he doesn't need to be. He is aggressive when the situation calls for it. He is the most patient, yet hungry, sports figure we've seen in Detroit...ever.

If he says Jeff Blashill is the right coach for this team, right now? Then he is. And he is because Steve Yzerman says so.

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