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A2Y- Videos - Wrapping Up A 4-1 Road Loss To The New York Islanders

03/04/2023 at 3:20pm EST

We here from some of the Wings after a 4-1 loss on Long Island.

First up is Dylan Larkin, below are the game highlights and coach Lalonde.


What to even say at this point. Gonna be a long, ugly trudge to the finish line. 


I attended the important victory for the Isles at the "Bank" a.k.a. - UBS Arena.   I hear Little Caesar's is quite good too from WIngs fans at the game and we discussed similarities between the old Joe and the Coli.   Not as many Red Wings fans as we are used to seeing at weekend games - as that fanbase travels well and I think the Wings are in Philly tomorrow.

I was not surprised at the result.   Isles are 4-1-1 in last six with only allowing a total of 9 goals in those games.  Goaltending is possibly the best in the league.  Isles are a lottery team without "Soroki" or "Varly"   Third periods in recent games have been good (win or lose)  last 8 games Isles outscored opponents in third periods by 13-0.    Johnny Boychuck is back working with the D and the Isles playing more of a trap type -given the long term injuries to Clutterbuck, Pageau and Bazal - a smart move.   We all talked about (in the concourse in between periods) who's going to make the playoffs.  I voted for Buffalo and the Islanders, but PIT and OTT got votes too.   Isles are 0-5 in shootouts and have scored exactly 1 goal in those shootouts....otherwise - it's a lock for the Isles to return to the playoffs.  Ever since Frans Nielsen left - it's been a disaster over the years.  

But today's game went the way I thought it would go.   Next games are Vs. BUF  @ PIT and vs. WAS - all teams we need to win against in regulation.   

Being at the games and being an older guy - I don't get to see all the times which goals were good or not - but I have to catch the replay later.  I took some pictures - but I don't know how to load them up.    The one I wanted to share was about the problem we are having with the mass transit system.  

The Long Island RailRoad (LIRR) now serves Grand Central Station - as well as Penn Station - which is a rat trap which houses a hockey team whose product I do not consume.   The team posted on the scoreboard a q code (is that what its called?) and asked the fans to scan it and it led to a complaint page.  The announcer said the team wants the fans to complain about the decision to no longer offer LIRR service from NYC to the Belmont Park station which is adjacent to the Arena.  Fans from NYC have a great ride to the game.   Fans like myself from out  east - take the main line train to ELMONT-UBS station which is approximately a 3/4 mile walk to the arena.  Now there are many stops there - but the team wants us to complain to the Governor about this decision, this is a first for me!  But we had the whole Charles Wang/Nassau County "Lighthouse" project circa 2009 or so....that the team also protested.   The funny thing is that when racing season is on - they will have the trains running to Belmont then for the degenerate gamblers - but not for hockey or concert goers.   Insane!

We all miss the Coliseum.  It was a special place - yes - a dump - but it was OUR dump!  The history and tradition of the team has followed fairly nicely to UBS - which is a GREAT arena.   I was wondering if Wings fans felt the same way about the Joe vs. the Pizza Shop ?   I went to the Joe in 2017 for the last or next to last time the Isles ever played there.  It was a slighly bigger Coliseum and it just oozed history to me.   I just looked up - 1979 was the last time a game was played at the Olympia.  I was still in college.  Would loved to have gone there.  Have been to OLD MSG (50th Street arena), Boston, TOR MLG, MTL Forum and the Stadium in CHI.  But my question is specific to the Joe.

Isles win - Ranger$ lose - a great day!   Now if TORONTO also loses - even better!  :)


Was at the Olympia as a kid in the 1960s with Leafs vs Wings. I guess during pre-game warm ups, Eddie Shack of Toronto comes out and in his crazy style winds up and takes a shot at the net. Puck flies way over the glass. Guy is sitting against the back wall behind the net about 12 rows up reading a hockey program. The puck hits the wall, just missed hitting the guy in the face. The old Olympia was a barn that gave me many great memories in the late 1960s during the original 6 era


I have not been to the LCA yet but it'll never beat the Joe for me. Those sight lines were incredible. I would sometimes get dizzy watching the game from the cheap seats. You just can't beat the old arenas. 


Bertuzzi with a nice assist for Boston today


My Wife and I loved the Joe. It was a dump, but it was our dump with winning Red Wing teams.


Was at JLA for the 1998 SCF comeback game (2?) Draper won in OT. Nothing will ever top that memory. 

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