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A2Y- Videos- The Talk After A Loss To The Florida Panthers

01/07/2023 at 9:13am EST

from Ansar Khan of Mlive,

The frustration was clear from the Detroit Red Wings following Friday’s 3-2 loss to the Florida Panthers.

Ben Chiarot and Andrew Copp looked exasperated and coach Derek Lalonde expressed it.

“This will be as frustrating, these two losses, because it’s execution in an execution area, and that’s special teams,” Lalonde said. “Our five-on-five, I’m not going to say excellent, but the last two games has been really good. All four lines creating offense, all four lines generating, competing, driving offense, zone time. This will be a frustrating game analytically looking back. The people in the front office working analytics are going to tell us we should have won this game.”

They didn’t, and also lost Wednesday against New Jersey (5-1) due to poor special teams.

The Panthers got a pair of power-play goals from Aaron Ekblad while Detroit went 0 for 5 on the man-advantage (seven shots in 7:37).

“Five-on-five we’re a pretty good team right now,” Chiarot said. “I’d say we carried the play for the most part five-on-five. And then we give one up on the PK and we’re kind of on our heels most of the game after that. That’s kind of killing us right now.”

What gnaws at Lalonde is these two games against quality teams on home ice were there for the taking.

“If we get any execution on our special teams -- I’m not going to go as far as saying this is an easy win -- but it’s a winnable hockey game,” Lalonde said. “Frustrating. Give the guys some credit, our five-on-five play was good. Unfortunately, not a whole lot to show for it.”


Below find the post game videos.


from Nate Brown of Detroit Hockey Now,

The Detroit Red Wings’ Alex Nedeljkovic couldn’t help himself when the opportunity arose. Holding a 4-2 lead over the Texas Stars, the empty net dared for a shot–and he took it. Unfortunately for Nedeljkovic, it was off....

Nedeljkovic has now stopped 59 of 62 shots in the two games with the Griffins, giving him a .952 save percentage. If he’s looking for momentum once he returns to Detroit, it’s certainly a good start.

“I think the numbers could be a little better than what they are,” Nedeljkovic said. “But I feel good about my game. Just keep rolling, and hopefully have another good showing tomorrow.”

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 wings need size and snarl in front of husso. quit watching the puck – take the man out instead.

that said, the league/ref’s need to let them play.

wings D taking away husso’s eyes is a negative.


"wings D taking away husso’s eyes is a negative."

spot on! The game before this one Ras screened Husso for a goal.


Conversely, our PP isn't screening the goalie very frequently. The guys up top need to shoot when they can't see the goalies eyes....


I am getting tired of hearing Lalonde saying analytics shows they should have won these games. You didn't coach! Should of, would of gets you No Where. Your special teams suck. Period. 


To be clear, I am not very smart to begin with, and especially in hockey, so I’ll take Lalonde’s word for it.  But with my eyes there were half a dozen times when a Panther was all alone on the far side of the net with a pass that just missed or hopped over their stick, most of them even strength, so Florida could easily also have had 5 or 6.


fabs open-iced lundell then had gudas on him as a result – SY needs to find us a new probie asap.

V needs room to move upon return.

fed up w/this retaliation for “just hockey.”


We fired Blashill AND we flipped more than 1/2 this roster over, adding actual NHL talent at every position of importance, and yet our PP and our PK continue to lose us games. Something tells me that maybe coaching wasn't the issue most made it out to be, unless of course, Yzerman picked the wrong coach. 

We have 4 really good lines, we just don't have an elite line like most other NHL teams do, which is why we are playing great ES hockey, just not finishing, and then losing the special teams game. 

Long term, I was and remained concerned this offseason spending spree was not the right move. This team needs elite of the elite talent that contenders have, we don't have it, and I don't think its sitting in our system either, but remain hopeful.   The 1 stop vets added will push us into the middle rounds, really press Yzerman's skills at the draft table, where he should execute, but in today's era of scouting that's asking a lot.  Lots of pressure for him to do something trade wise with either Larkin or Bertuzzi.  

As far as solutions today, outside of health, I think its beyond time to move Larkin off our 1st unit PP, and PK. Larkin is a great 5v5 player, even 4v4, its where his skills set him apart/provide advantage, but its not up or down a guy when patience. vision, and anticipation is at a premium. 


The team is frustrating because we're not good but not bad enough. So we'll get a number 10 to 14 pick, which isn't what we need.

The off season would have been better used doing nothing or doing much more. Instead it's a half ass approach that puts us slightly behind the middle of the pack. 


The reality is this team (without Bertuzzi, Vrana and Fabbri) is a .500 (50% of points) team. That isn't going to get them into the playoffs in the East and if it does, they won't last long.

Frankly I wasn't expecting too much more out of them, even though it is frustrating. The question becomes, what do they need to do to improve those numbers. One, it is going to be natural growth. Young players like Seider, Raymond, Ras, Veleno, Berggren, Solderblom need to grow into their roles. There will be up moments and down moments along the way. Second, more talent needs to make its way into the lineup be that Edvinsson, Kasper or others. That is still going to take more time. Finally, they need another team or two to fade. So far the most likely candidates (Boston, Pittsburgh, Washington) are NOT doing that.

Keep working at it. I do feel there are better pieces in place and better coaching to help them get there but it won't be easy. I honestly expect by the end of January, their playoff fate will be sealed. It would probably be a success to end with a .500 record and a very slight chance at Beddard.

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