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A2Y- Three Games Left

04/10/2023 at 6:30pm EDT

Good evening and welcome to all. With just three games left in this season there’s not much to say. No playoffs for the Wings was kind of a forgone conclusion when the season started, then, we were teased by the Wings before the trade deadline. Then the losing just snowballed, and, the hammer came down. Players were dealt for draft picks, some of which will be used by Mr. Yzerman to hopefully acquire some much needed talent, both veteran and drafted alike.

I’m hoping tonight is not the last game for Mickey this season. Mickey Redmond is the best of the best, and, my personal favorite. Ozzie is right up there too, he’s no Mickey, but enjoyable as well IMHO.

It’s the Stars vs the Wings. The puck is set to drop around 7:00 PM and will be broadcast on Bally Sports Detroit and WXYT-FM | 97.1(The Ticket). Also available on NHLPP/ESPN+ and BSSWX.

It’s a Live Blog!


Evenin’ Bitches, all two of you.

Thanks for the set up all year, Kate, and Paul of course.

Here’s hoping Paul’s eye treatment is effective.  Losing vision is one of my fears, and the high pressure I had a couple of years ago seems to have been resolved, at least for a few years, by the SLT selective laser bursts to the ducts in my eyes to assist draining of intraocular fluid.

Not a bad looking Wing PP initially but then nothing.

Then sumbitch, a pretty soft deflection right in front of the net slips through, not a good goal to give up. 


Merde. Edvisson learning on the job. Shake it oof. 


Pull him! I had to say it…..

Lets Go Red Wings!!!!!


They seem to have an unwritten rule that they have to give up 3 goals, but he looks off tonight.


Holy Crap, seems like that should have been stopped too.  Husso may not have his eyes tonight.


JFC, there it is, the goalie pull after the magic 3 first period goals.


Hoo boy, I’m checking out of this one. Yikes. 


This high powered Red Wing offense is never out of a game !   :)


Someone pull a Tanya Harding on Hirose and bring up Carter Mazur for two games on an emergency call up.


Dinner and this game are hard to swallow tonight. Dare we say the next 3 foals are huge?


Silly NHL, Bruins didn't beat any regular season win records, they have 52 regulation wins.


Perfect shot. By them unfortunately. 


It’s going to be one of those nights. Again…..


WTH.  Another milestone goal and 1000 points. Congrats Pavs 


The last two games against likely playoff teams the Wings have been outscored 10-1.  So far. 


Islanders getting drubbed by the Caps right now 3-0, a loss opens the door for Pittsburgh to pass them for the WC as they play two of the worst teams in the league this week.


Well I need a brace of good strong hot black tea.


0-6 Embarrassing.😳 I went to 6 games this season and they lost them all including tonight. Five blowouts including tonight’s game.


In all fairness we can’t hang the Gamewrecker moniker on you because the team is just not very good.  But losing all six at home, that takes some work!


Benn with the Justin Applicator impression!


What a great night, the highlight is a cup of tea with a pair of Biscoff (airline) cookies.


Was busy working around the house and missed the first half of this debacle. Then it took me 10 minutes to get signed in and get to the comments. (don't know why) So I'm stopping in to say Hola and Later as it's obvious the Wings weren't ready for the game. I'ma choosing to watch re-runs of Big Bang Theory instead.


Hi cal, I was tempted to pick up ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ but I figure there’s only 7 periods left in the season so I can tough it out.  Although Kaley Cuoco is not on Mayor of Kingstown.


If the Wings aren't playing hard why should I care. And yeah, Kaley Cuoco is a good reason to watch BBT.


Pens must be salivating, both teams ahead of them by 1 point are losing with 1 period remaining.


It may be better for Crybaby to make the playoffs and get destroyed by Boston. That way Bettman can't jump Crybaby over the Red Wings for draft positioning.

Royal Grand Exalted PooBah

Does Uncle Fester know that sending the team to beat the shit out of Benn would be considered a WIN for tonight?

Royal Grand Exalted PooBah

Weed helps reduce eye pressure. Just saying.

Royal Grand Exalted PooBah

Drink bitches... it helps


A Quaker sighting. Thanks for coming by.😉


Florida is getting at least one point tonight and will hold off the Pens for at least one more game, but the NYI are in jeopardy with the Pens having two games remaining.


Well, brutal.  Until tomorrow night, reprobates.


Horrible game to have on a fan appreciation last home game. What’s done is though. 

Until tomorrow, gnite 19. 

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