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A2Y- The Building Continues

04/13/2023 at 11:47pm EDT

from Bob Duff of Detroit Hockey Now,

It’s the seventh successive season in which there’s been no trip to the post season for the Red Wings. That ties a franchise record originally set from 1970-71 through 1976-77 during what was hauntingly referred to as the Dead Wings era.

“It’s probably a frustrated fan base and we’re frustrated, too, because we showed flashes and signs of turning that corner, but our core is there,” Lalonde told Bally Sports following Thursday’s 5-0 loss to the Lightning. “We are building.”...

“A few days before the deadline we were in a playoff spot with games in hand,,” Lalonde said. “That wasprobably a little bit of an overachievement from the group. So I think that’s a credit to the guys. And obviously, it’s really tough to judge the staff, the group, with the type of lineup we were fielding towards the end.

“Some improved special teams, that’s a credit to the assistant coaches. Some improved D-zone coverage. Obviously, the offense was a little bit of an issue, something we can probably look at this summer, maybe structurally, but it’s probably a personnel thing.”



via Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press,

Losing their last five games did at least help the Detroit Red Wings' draft lottery odds.

They finish the 2022-23 season with a 35-37-10 record, in 24th place. That gives the Wings a 5% chance to pick first overall in June's draft, and 5.4% chance to pick second.

Teams can not move up more than 10 spots, so it benefited the Wings to finish among the bottom 11 teams in the standings.

They lost, 5-0, Thursday to the Tampa Bay Lightning, leaving the Wings 0-4-1 over the last week; that came after the Wings had won four of their previous five games.

"I know we went up a draft spot, so I think our management team is — once the season ends, we are looking towards next year," Wings coach Derek Lalonde said. "So I think they will be happy with what took place tonight, around the league."


I am generally not too harshly critical but this is just some booshite.  Understanding this is the mission of these broadcasters, independent journalists should be more analytical and show some spine.  These changes in team stats year over year are so small and incremental as to be meaningless, and an insult to the intelligence of the fan to try and convince us otherwise.  

25th to 24th !!!!  Yay team!!!  Trending!!!

Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 10.39.10 AM

Let’s keep in mind that the New York Rangers a few years back in February 2018 came out and basically stated they were throwing in the towel and starting over.  “ We will focus on adding young talent that combine speed, skill, and character.  That may mean we lose some familiar faces, guys we care about and respect.” 

In short, the NYR are now playing 30 points better than that year, while the Red Wings continue to lanquish in the sub .500 range.

Year  NYR  DRW

2016  101  93

2017  102  79

2018   77  73

2019   78  74

2020   79  39  -- 70 Games

2021   60  48  -- 56 Games

2022  110  74

2023  107  80

Obviously this isn’t a doctoral analysis but it doesn’t need to be.  There are reasons here and there and the Wings haven’t yet defied the draft lottery odds.  But other teams have made leaps and bounds.


I wish I could give you more upvotes.  A hearty stick tap to you, RWBill!


I think I am more PO’d at the TV crew trying to convince me of something that isn’t there than I am at the organ-I-zation itself because I can see an attempt to assemble talent, but any real success in the near future hinges on a small set of 19 or 20 year olds and that usually doesn’t pan out for all of them.


What irritates me more than anything is that this seven year slide is eerily similar to the Dead Wings era in the 70's. We're told to be patient, success will come and all will be well. The truth is no team wins the Cup without at least one superstar if not more. The Wings don't have that type of talent. It's going to be a long wait for respectability let alone a Cup chase. I've grown tired of waiting. (Sorry for the rant)


And the media are eating it up!  A great climb from 25 to 24!

It is taking on that feel of perpetual aspiration for mediocrity.

Time for someone in the media to spell it out bluntly, BallyHoo Sports ain’t fooling any of us.


I think too many here got caught in a hype/hoopla about where the Wings were really at. The UFA spending probably added to some people's thinking.

Yeah, SY pivoted mid-season and got rid of players for various reasons: age, sign-ability, injury history, peak value/limited growth potential, "reasons that can't be expanded upon", etc. He might have done it for other reasons entirely--impossible to tell--but:

This meant he reset the rebuild.

Pretty soon all those high draft picks from the "patience needed" time will be in the NHL. But without a #1 centre: it's going to be a difficult climb given the division and conference. So unless SY wins the draft lottery---cough, cough, cough Buttman will never allow it----cough, cough, cough....SY's going to have to work the phones. Some talent and draft capital is going to have to be part of it. People are going to be upset at who goes. It won't be a cast-off.

What I took from this year is that the UFA's really helped out special teams--where there was a noticeable improvement in both ends of the ice.

Don't downplay the cap room SY has, the COVID escrow owed by the NHLPA which keeps the cap down, and other teams' Cup ambitions vs reality. There very well could be players that will hit the rumor mills post playoffs.

Finally, it's about time others joined me in my mediocrity worries that happens when you don't tank.

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