Abel to Yzerman

Abel to Yzerman

A2Y- The Boston Bruins May Have Interest In Dylan Larkin

02/01/2023 at 12:12pm EST

from Jimmy Murphy of Boston Hockey Now,

One NHL source though confirmed that the Detroit Red Wings were also in on the Horvat NHL trade sweepstakes at one point, but opted out earlier than the Bruins and the other mystery teams because they weren’t allowed to speak to Horvat and his agent Patrick Morris about an extension.

Could the Red Wings’ interest in Horvat pave the way for the Bruins and other NHL teams to make a push for Detroit Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin?

The 26-year-old, 6-foot-1, 198-pound center is in the final season of a five-year contract that carried a $6.1M AAV and has a no-trade clause that kicked in this season. After scoring 31 goals and finishing with 69 points in 71 games last season, Larkin has 15 goals and 28 assists in 47 games this season. His best season came in 2018-19 when he had 32 goals and 41 assists in 76 games.

“By all accounts, it doesn’t look good for Dylan Larkin staying in Detroit,” the source said of the negotiations between Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman and the pending unrestricted free agent. “That’s why they’re exploring other options there.”

According to Larkin’s agent Pat Brisson though, things don’t seem as dire between the Red Wings and his client.

“I’m not alarmed at all,” Brisson told hall of fame puck scribe and Detroit Hockey Now Red Wings reporter Kevin Allen last Thursday. “We are talking more the last few weeks.”

That hasn’t quelled the NHL trade speculation around Larkin though, and on Tuesday an NHL pro scout opined to BHN that he thinks Larkin could make tons of sense for the Bruins if they feel like there’s a strong chance Bruins captain Patrice Bergeron and fellow center David Krejci are in their last hurrah.



Here's a look at:  Boston Prospects

Frankly if we're moving Larkin, and getting an Yzerman level return, that should weaken whomever he trades with in a few years, and if that's a team in our conference so be it.


Larkin is likely seeking a deal around ~$8mm which is why it's taking so long and he's just not remotely worth that. 

He's a 2C on his best days.


On a legit Cup contender he's still easily a really good 2C. On THIS team for the foreseeable future he is absolutely a 1C. If he's gone who replaces him? Teams don't move their best centers and do we have future #1 in our system? You wanna wait 4-5 years to find out?


That's my biggest hangup on trading him over a $1m/yr overpay. There isn't a 1C on this roster or in the system. Kasper is the only one that could have that potential and he's 18 years old. What free agent 1C is hitting the market this year or which one could be traded for (and for how much)? 

yeah "he's a 2C and isn't worth $9m a year"...so try to swing for a miracle FA signing or pay through the nose for someone else's 1C?  Or trade larkin, bert and anything else that isn't nailed down and restart the rebuild?  


That's the problem retro..., numerous reports over the last 6 months is Larkin turned down  8 years, at $8M per.


I keep reading he wants $9-9.5MM. 


Yep MC, reports are he wants Matt Barzal money, just over $72M over 8 years.


I didn't see that and if that's the case, we can trade him and Bert in a package and get better players.

Larkin has reached his ceiling and we don't need another Copp who is basically another Frans Nielsen. 


Just out of curiosity, what does that Bert and Larkin package deal for 'better players' look like in your head? What additional assets have to go with them, and what team is taking on TWO expiring contracts and sending back a top line center and winger that are better than Larkin and Bertuzzi? 


Larkin is not worth 9 mil. I keep reading he wants what Barzal received but he is not as good as Barzal. They both have 43 points right now but if you look at the possession metrics Barzal is dominant. 

As soon as Larkin changed agents I knew it would come down to this. He is a home town guy but he wants the money more.


I'd gladly give him $8x8 and I'm hopeful that deal gets done. If he remains adamant that he wants more you absolutely have to consider your options via the trade market.


I guess I will never understand this. If I am a player and want to stay with the team and my agent says I can get you 8x8 tomorrow or I can still try for 8x9, my natural reaction will be try, but if not, 8x8 is fine. I will never get to the point to be traded because of this. If Larkin is willing to become UFA to get that extra mil, then he does not want to be here imo.


Pastrnak for Larkin and a 2024 1st?


It would be nice to trade Larkin for anything and then sign him as an UFA, but I know this never happens.


B's going all in, and they should, they would want to add Larkin without removing anything from their roster.


Problem is they'd have to send back some roster player(s) to stay under the cap. They've got $33k free now with up to $2.3m in LTIR to use. With the combination of NTC/NMC's and pending UFA's (and my general hatred of the broons) I'm having trouble putting together a package that boston would be willing and able to send back and that would actually make sense for detroit   


*thought the most detroit could retain was 25%. If they did 50% Boston would only have ~$800k to shed to remain compliant


the source said of the negotiations between Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman and the pending unrestricted free agent.

In an Yzerman org, I don't trust any "source".  Word doesn't get out unless Yzerman wants it to.


Wings traded up to select Cossa before the Wild could grab him.

Then the Wild selected...


Joe Smith of The Athletic ($) did a feature on Wallstedt today....

A bunch of teams showed interest, but Wallstedt had had the most interaction with Detroit. He estimated he had about 10 conversations, including a handful with GM Steve Yzerman, who talked to Wallstedt’s parents, too. So when the Red Wings traded up to No. 15 to make their second pick of the first round, Wallstedt was ready.

“I thought they’d take me for sure,” he said.

Instead, the Red Wings selected another goalie: Sebastian Cossa, from the WHL.

“That was tough on me,” he said.


I thought the Red Wings would take Wallstedt. I was surprised. It reminded  me when Ken Holland chose Zadina over Quinn Hughes.


We still have time for Cossa to turn it around.

Jesper could be the next Rick DiPietro for all we know.


In Yzerman I trust, and I'm no draft guru/expert, not something I invest it, but the hype around this guy as a generational talent, was so overwhelming for Yzerman to buck and select a different player at the same position was nuts to me. 

More problematic is that I don't think Cossa will be able to overcome this draft comparison in this organization and could become a mental stigma with him or the fanbase, it is with me. 


“Could the Red Wings’ interest in Horvat pave the way for the Bruins and other NHL teams to make a push for Detroit Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin?”

I guess I need to see some more connective tissue here. The Wings having interest in Horvat means therefore that Larkin is up for grabs?  Are these two thoughts even connected?  I see what he’s (the author) getting at… I guess, but I feel like I’m retconning this for him.  Feels like clickbait. 


I believe so, why would Yzerman be interested in Horvat if Larkin is in the long term plans, after signing Copp and drafting Kasper, and depth beyond.   I think Yzerman was hoping to get Horvat and signed, and then turn around and deal Larkin, i.e. if he has to pay 1 of them, Horvat was the better choice as a #1 C. 

Question now is, would he trade Larkin without having a backstop 1 C to fill? Should be interesting. 


Had it actually happened sure.  But it didn’t, which I guess is part of my problem with the article. 

It’s equally possible the Wings could have leaked that for leverage, or it was due diligence.  


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – The Detroit Red Wings and goaltender Jussi Olkinuora on Wednesday agreed to terminate his NHL contract. Olkinuora will return to Europe to continue his professional career.

Olkinuora appeared in 15 games for the Grand Rapids Griffins this campaign, making his debut on Oct. 14 against San Diego. The 32-year-old posted a 6-8-0 record with one shutout to go with a 3.75 goals against average and a 0.868 save percentage. Throughout parts of five AHL seasons, Olkinuora amassed a 13-14-2 ledger with two shutouts, a 3.79 GAA and a 0.874 save percentage. In 2021-22, the Helsinki, Finland, native won an Olympic gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics and later was named MVP of the World Championship en route to collecting another gold medal. At the 2022 World Championship, Olkinuora posted an 8-0-0 record with a 1.11 GAA and a 0.948 save percentage.


Well the Fins are notoriously stingy as a team, so that helps.


I guess the shots come at him a heck of a lot slower in Europe than on this side of the pond, by comparison. 


If Larkin stays and signs, the Wings rebuild continues. If he goes, without the Wings getting adequate compensation, we could be looking at a new 'Dead Wings' era. For better or worse Larkin is the heart and soul of this Wings team.


Disagree. The young core and prospects are there.

Larkin is a #2 centre on a contender. He’s an UFA to be so as long as you get rental rates after maxing out your best offer: you’ve done your job.

The Wings did well in the drafts during this rebuild (certainly not great—but well —esp if you ignore KH’s performance). Never being able to acquire that #1 centre is the difference between failing and succeeding in a rebuild.

But the worst thing a GM can do is see something that isn’t succeeding and double down on the flawed investment—looking at you Dum(b)as(s) and the Leafs.


I’m torn - Larkin isn’t a 9M player. But I don’t want to lose him because it sets the rebuild back a few years…. Again. 

Also afraid if Larkin gets 9M, then Seider and Raymond will be even more by comparison.

More worried about what the bar being set at 9M means for Seider and Raymond more than just giving Larkin 9M. 


I’d hope they could find a deal if it’s a matter of $500k one way or the other AAV over 8 years. Larkin should understand he’s got no guarantees if he moves and flames out in the playoffs, doesn’t fit with his new team and needs to test the market, that kind of thing. If you’re him, would you rather make $8.25m per in DET or $8.75m per with CBJ or someone on one less year? After agent fees and taxes it’s not that much money and the extra year is huge when he’s 35. I’m sure his reps have gamed this all out for him and I still expect something to get done. I know the league is a lot different now too, but remember Yzerman won his first cup at 32. Does anyone involved in this remind Larkin of that? 

I have heard here and there (After the Whistle pod if memory serves) that players these days know winning a Cup is such a huge long shot the way the league/cap is and just want their money. Who are any of us to judge that?

That said — and I mean this — timing wise he and Bert leaving wouldn’t bother me very much. This team is still a ways away from contending. Moving them might be for the best long term. 


I wold love to see Larkin get out of Hockeytown and cut his own path.  As much as I despise the BrewUnss, it would give him an instant platform.  Maybe block out those years of Bullshit with Blashill! Maybeee....


If Larkin wanted to go to Boston and try to win a Cup and just see what it’s like elsewhere, I wouldn’t blame him one bit. Doubtful he’d ever be back, but never say never. 

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