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A2Y- Quick Recap - Detroit Red Wings/Toronto Maple Leafs

01/12/2023 at 9:35pm EST

A great start by the Wings and they found themselves up 2-0 early in the second period.

Toronto then scored to make it 2-1 and seemed to find their game at that point.

Detroit came out flying early in the third but could not find their 3rd goal.

Ben Chiarot with a bank shot from behind his own goal finds the empty net to make it 3-1 and Mo Seider scores on the power play to make the final 4-1.

Team stats

Detroit goals are below.



Berggren reminds me of the Bruins Krejci, quick moves on the half boards, no look passes..slick.


I posted this on Reddit, might as well ship it here:

A couple of the many Indica-aided thoughts sliding through my headpiece:

- What's with the almost literal Jekyll and Hyde nature of this team;

- The ESPN crew (I skipped intermissions) was surprisingly good tonight. I'd take them as a national broadcast over anything that was on NBC;

- Why do I want to just hang out with Mitch Marner and be like, a "big brother" or something? He seems to be a decent (albeit borderline cocky) kid, and he's got skill for months. He even told Fabbo, "Welcome back." I'd trade for that kid now;

- Do the Leaphs really miss Matthews that much? If he's that much of a catalyst compared to the rest of the high-priced talent, that's a problem;

- The Wings just seemed so much... happier... not necessarily "aloof" or anything, but just at ease, I suppose. I was paying attention (through a haze), but there wasn't anyone who, honestly, had a bad game. Everything seemed to work, passes were crisp, pucks weren't bouncing off of someone's face into the net, there weren't too many blown coverages, etc;

- This was a very enjoyable game. Feels like one of the best "quality" games I've watched in quite a while. Evenly-matched teams, nice plays all around, some late-game tension to finish... and the broadcast crew was good.

10/10, would show to people wanting to to get into hockey.

Edit: If anyone were to be jettisoned from the team between now and next season, I'd at least prefer to keep all of the players the St. Louis Blues have so kindly donated to our cause.


What a satisfying win!   I just love beating the Laughs, and maybe it was that rivalry'ness in me, but did anyone else feel like they started going down really easy on any marginal contact, I was looking for my scorecard, that was an 8! 

Very interesting that all game, but in particular late and up 1 goal, with last change/home ice, Lalonde was matching Copp/Bergy/Fabri vs. Tavares/Marner/Jarnkrok. Outside of Copp, that's not guys you consider "shut down" guys  unit. The Wings just keep giving Berggren more responsibilities and he just continues to deliver,   90% of NHLers shoot on that pass to Fabri he scored on.  On the flipside, late in the game on a 4 man rush, up 1 goal, kids got to shoot the puck, that TO pass got dicey, but it panned out, and Lalonde used them again shortly after so didn't phase the coach.  I wonder if Yzerman is pushing the coach to see what he has in that kid before the deadline. If Bergs a top 6 guy, might change what Yzerman wants in return for whatever he trades.

The broadcast guys said that Chiarot had some bad stretches and needed to be moved down the lineup and off the top pairing but was playing better of late, first, I'm not sure I agree with that, but 2nd, I have not heard anyone talking about that, coaches, media or otherwise, anyone else?


I am more impressed with Berggren with each game. I wasn't sure he was NHL ready but he's proved he is more than capable. He makes great passes, can shoot and has the hockey IQ to make the right play at the right time. I like they are giving him more responsibility to see if he can handle it. In the past the Wings have been reluctant to do that with young players. Some players thrive given more responsibility and that seems to be the case with Berggren.


He makes great passes, can shoot and has the hockey IQ to make the right play at the right time.

Yup. Spot on. It's that hockey IQ that's so impressive for a first-year guy. He knows when to hang onto the puck and when to move it. And you're right, when he does move it, it's usually to the right guy at the right time. He's just a blast to watch.

Someone else who's a blast to watch is Sunny. He's also got a high hockey IQ and seems to make smart passes. If the guy could shoot the damn puck, he'd really be dangerous.


One of the best wins of the season.

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