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A2Y- Quick Recap - Detroit/Edmonton

02/07/2023 at 10:15pm EST

The first five minutes, Edmonton dominated the game, then Detroit controlled the rest of the period.

After 20 minutes, Detroit was up 1-0.

The Oilers scored twice in 36 seconds to take a 2-1 lead early in period 2 then added another goal. With nine seconds left in the period, Detroit scored to make it 3-2 heading to the third period.

The third period was a chippy one with no scoring until the Oilers added a power play goal with less than five minutes to play to take a 4-2 lead.

An empty net goal by the Oilers made it 5-2 and that's how the game endeded.

Team Stats

Detroit goals are below along with two post-whistle scrums.

Ken Kal version.

A chippy 3rd period.



I was at the game, but left when it was 2-4. The Red Wings should have had a penalty shot in the third period . Frustrating.


Yeah I’m no ref, or pharmacist, but the explanation on ESPN was that b/c he was able to get off a shot that it wasn’t worthy of a penalty shot.  It wasn’t much of a shot, but there it is.


Talk about frustrating...  These Wings seem to be able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with the best of the Detroit sports teams.  At the end of the first the Wings should have been up 3-0.  They had two chances to put a puck sitting in the crease into an empty net and whiffed on both chances.  They also had two hit goal posts in that period.  They just aren't taking advantage of their opportunities.  They had better stats in the 2nd but ended up behind 3-1 until the last 20 seconds of the period when the Wings made it 3-2.  Then we just couldn't do much in the 3rd period.

Our power-play managed one (1) high-danger chance and nine (9) scoring chances in 5 tries.  Two scoring chances per power-play isn't bad but only one (1) high-danger chance?  Villi gave up two goals on six (6) high danger chances and one goal on two (2) medium-danger chances. Our PK allowed one goal on 1 HDCA and 4 MDCA.  We gave up 23 scoring chances and eleven (11) high-danger scoring chances.  Our expected goals for at 5on5 was 1.75 vs 1.58 and for all situations it was 2.72 vs 2.62.  And we lost 5-2.  We give up a couple of goals we shouldn't, plus a short-handed goal, and fail to get a couple we should and voila`, we'd win 4-2.

I know we have new coaches and schemes but we need to take advantage of our opportunities like the other teams take advantage of our mistakes.

I'd really like the Red Wings writers to give us the breakdowns and missed opportunities that lead to us losing and winning.  None of these writers give us anything.  It's as though they don't really know hockey.  These breakdowns and missed opportunities are rarely one player's fault.  Are they all positioned poorly?  Are they unable to read the plays developing?  Are they closing their eyes when they try to pass or clear?  Are they not in positions to support each other?  What are they doing well?  What are they doing poorly?  It's been mentioned that Raymond is struggling with his 200ft game; why?  What would show this?

I hope the Wings' new structure and personnel will coalesce into some solid performances along with wins.  I don't know if it is tougher to watch them just get beaten or to watch them play well and still lose frequently.

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