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A2Y- How Did Simon Edvinsson Do?

03/18/2023 at 6:31pm EDT

from Ansar Khan of Mlive,

“I thought he did good,” coach Derek Lalonde said. “He was on for the rush goal against (the fifth goal, by Mikko Rantanen). I’ll have to see how he handled it. But for the most part you didn’t see the egregious turnover. He was physical, he had some chances following the rush.

“For a first game, against a team like that, I thought he did really well. It gets me excited, optimistic, going forward.”

Edvinsson (6-6, 215) logged 15:14. He had one shot on goal, one hit and a minus-1 rating paired mostly with Robert Hagg.

“It was good. I felt comfortable,” Edvinsson said. “Of course, there’s small things I need to do in the system to really feel everything is smooth. I think it felt better, especially in the third. Of course, I’ve got to build on that, keep developing.”...

“We lost a top-four huge-minute guy in Chiarot, so we were going to play (Edvinsson) to win,” Lalonde said. “We were going to trust him in certain situations. We did want to keep him away from their top line, but we were comfortable playing him throughout.”

Edvinsson, the No. 6 overall selection in the 2021 draft, said there were no surprises.

“I kind of know what to expect and what people expect from me,” he said. “I just need to keep developing from here. I felt a lot better this game than I did in the preseason. We need to develop as a team, and I need to develop as a player here. I just want to go from here and keep getting better.”

Dylan Larkin liked what he saw from Edvinsson.

“You obviously see his size, his skating ability,” Larkin said. “If we’re going to take a step as a team, (he) and a lot of the younger players are getting a big opportunity in the last 14-15 games.”


Below watch Larkin, Edvinsson and Lalonde after a 5-1 loss to the Avs.


from Ted Kulfan of the Detroit News,

"I was nervous at the beginning," said Edvinsson, whose nerves settled down quickly. "Awesome to go out there and play the game. (But) it was good. I felt comfortable. There were small things that you could do in the (Wings') system to go (more) smoothly but it felt better, especially in the third (period)."

Being recalled Friday, Edvinsson's family in Sweden didn't get much advance time and didn't fly in for the game. But that didn't dampen his excitement, and the Wings were equally thrilled to see their 2021 first-round (sixth overall) draft pick make his NHL debut.

"He was good," coach Derek Lalonde said. "I'd have to look back closer, he was on the ice on a rush against goal and I want to see how he handled it, but for the most part, you didn't see the egregious turnover and he was physical. He had some (offensive) chances. For the first game, against a team like that, he did real well.

"It gets me excited and optimistic, if you will, going forward."...

The Wings have only won two of their last 11 games, but Lalonde hasn't noticed any slippage in compete level. But it is a concern going into the final four weeks of the season.

"When you are doing some quality things and not getting results, it can be deflating," Lalonde said. "Sometimes the reality of where we are down the stretch, against a lineup like that (Colorado's Saturday), it'll be our job and as a group, not to let up."


Royal Grand Exalted PooBah

Edvinsson looked ok for a first game. Zadina on the other hand I have finally decided i am done thinking he will get it together in detroit and should be traded. 


Ed looked reasonably good. That tripping penalty was sloppy but he wasn’t out of place. Easier minutes and all that, of course. He played 15:34. Not bad. 


from Max Bultman of The Athletic,

But Lalonde’s comment was telling as to what he was most pleased with: the lack of any major mistakes. There were a couple harmless missed passes and a tripping penalty behind the net that was more circumstance than desperation. But Edvinsson largely managed his game, which was the main thing that the coach had wanted to see coming in....

There is also the ever-present question of whether to burn the first year of Edvinsson’s ELC by playing him 10 or more games this season. Detroit could “slide” the first year of Edvinsson’s entry-level contract to next season by limiting him to nine or fewer games, or it could opt to burn the year, getting to his next contract sooner. Conventional wisdom typically leads to the former, but burning the year does have the advantage of getting to the second contract sooner, which at times can lead to more value for the team. There are pros and cons to both approaches.

Regardless, in the immediate future, the Red Wings will be most interested in how Edvinsson fares game to game.

They waited deep into the season before giving him the call-up, and there’s still plenty more for him to prove.

But in his first opportunity, he looked like he belonged.

more ($)


They definitely want to keep him at 9 or fewer games. That’s just a no brainer.

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