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A2Y- How About Tyler Bertuzzi In Boston?

03/02/2023 at 9:17am EST

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Thanks, I hate it. 


I guess good job getting a 1st round pick for him, though it's next year and will have protection. 24+ hours to try to sell off the rest of the pending UFA's. 


Curious about the return. BOS has to be a favorite now, so picks are sort of meh for me. 



This is the perfect fit for Bertuzzi's game. 

Yzerman screwed himself by waiting, in comparison to other deals, a 1st rounder that's likely to be 25 or higher is not a great return. 


Agree that he was worth more and should have been dealt after last season but in context, a 1st + 4th for a rental that's missed half the season isn't terrible. 


I'd much rather have kept him on the team than take that return.  Any day.


DETROIT – The Detroit Red Wings today acquired a first-round selection in the 2024 NHL Entry Draft and a fourth-round pick in the 2025 NHL Entry Draft from the Boston Bruins in exchange for left wing Tyler Bertuzzi. The Red Wings will retain 50 percent of Bertuzzi’s salary.
Bertuzzi, 28, has been limited to 29 games this season due to injury, recording 14 points (4-10-14) and 23 penalty minutes in 16:29 average time on ice. The 6-foot-1, 186-pound forward ranked among the team leaders during the 2021-22 campaign with 30 goals (2nd), 32 assists (5th), 62 points (2nd), 47 penalty minutes (T3rd), six power play goals (T1st), 14 power play points (3rd), one shorthanded goal (T1st), five game-winning goals (1st), 180 shots (4th) and 19:52 average time on ice (4th) in 68 games. Originally selected by the Red Wings in the second round (58th overall) of the 2013 NHL Entry Draft, Bertuzzi represented Detroit at the 2020 NHL All-Star Game and compiled 202 points (88-114-202) along with 189 penalty minutes in 305 games since 2016-17. The Sudbury, Ont., native also registered 82 points (32-50-82) and 204 penalty minutes in 137 games with the American Hockey League’s Grand Rapids Griffins from 2014-18, in addition to 39 points (23-16-39) and 68 penalty minutes in 42 postseason contests. He helped the Griffins win the 2017 Calder Cup championship and was named the recipient of the Jack A. Butterfield Trophy as the most-valuable player in the playoffs after collecting 19 points (9-10-19) and 50 penalty minutes in 19 postseason games. Prior to turning professional, Bertuzzi skated four seasons with the Ontario Hockey League's Guelph Storm, earning 172 points (71-101-172), a plus-35 rating and 325 penalty minutes over 201 games from 2011-15. Bertuzzi won an OHL title with the Storm in 2014 alongside Red Wings forwards Robby Fabbri and Pius Suter, and was named an OHL Second-Team All-Star the following year after notching 98 points (43-55-98) in 68 games in his final season of major junior hockey. On the international stage, Bertuzzi made five appearances for Team Canada at the 2019 IIHF World Championship.
The Red Wings have now accumulated 26 draft picks in the next three NHL Entry Drafts, including five first-round selections and five second-round picks.


We keep losing vets and loading up on 2023 and 2024 picks. This failed year sets the rebuild back substantially. This year with injuries (Bert, Zadina) and the Vrana situation IMO cost them a wild card spot and they still kept it close. Terrible luck, really, They took a bit of a step but not enough. 


We lost two that would have cost the team significantly in cap space and both believed they're better than they are.

Bert isn't an $8m player but he believes he is and Hronek didn't take it well being #2 to Mo. You could see it last year when he wasn't on #1 PP. Hronek is an above average O Defenseman and Bert can't play more than 60 games a year. He's injury prone because he can't control himself. Similar to Helm when he was much faster than others early on and was like a pinball, sometimes it helped and sometimes it didn't.


I agree with the premise from a cap space perspective, but disagree with how you are getting there, and I don't think attitude of believing they were better or whatever has anything to do with it. 

With Bert, he'll get UFA money next year, not from Boston but someone, but he's 28 which would make him well into his 30s when Yzer'Wings are cup competitive, and then at some point that deal drags in the out years. Wise decision to not lock him long term and get assets, unwise that Yzerman waited until the market cooled. 

With Hronek, his RFA deal will be inflated based on his offensive stats and comparable, too pricey for the offensive vs. defensive trade-off. If didn't have guys on the roster and in the pipe that could QB our Powerplay unit 1 or 2, there might've been consideration to retain him, but we have plenty of that with Seider Walman and Simon, etc. His stat justified contract was not a fit for the composure of this team.


I agree with your explanation of the cap issues.

My premise is built on Bert's current contract had issues because they disagreed on his value and then again this year it's been the same story. Not remotely close and SY isn't one to say "well you're worth $5mm but I'll low-ball you at $2" SY probably offered a fair value based on his stats and injury status (every year Bert is hurt). Similar with Hronek and my assessment was based on his play. So agree, we've come to the same conclusion albeit slightly differently. I don't think those two are fit for our current team and trajectory.


BOSTON - Boston Bruins General Manager Don Sweeney announced today, March 2, that the team has acquired forward Tyler Bertuzzi from the Detroit Red Wings in exchange for a 2024 first-round draft pick (top-10 protected) and a 2025 fourth-round draft pick. Detroit will retain 50 percent of Bertuzzi's salary.

Bertuzzi, 28, has appeared in 29 games with Detroit in 2022-23, recording four goals and 10 assists for 14 points. The 6-foot-1, 197-pound forward has played 305 career NHL games, all with Detroit, totaling 88 goals and 114 assists for 202 points. The Sudbury, Ontario native was originally selected by Detroit in the second round (58th overall) of the 2013 NHL Entry Draft.


With Hronek and T-Bert the Wings move out players #2 and #3 on active games played list for the team.  (Larkin was and obviously still is the only player on the team who has been in a playoff game for this team.)

I’m very intrigued to see what gets done with these draft assets. I sincerely hope they’re not used to make draft picks. 


Yzerman should of pushed for Fabian Lysell to be part of the package. Yzerman should of gotten more if you look at the trade hauls other teams got last week. A first and a fourth? SMH 

M. Glynn

Best of luck to Bert. Hope he has a long and healthy career.

rwbillM. Glynn

Yeah, it’s hard not to like the way he plays and commits to the team.


I get the business side of seeing Hronek and Bert get traded.  But the fan/kid in me is just sad to see the Wings fold up the tent for 2022-23 early.  The run for the playoffs was fun while it lasted.  


Bertuzzi is a great fit for Boston and will likely become a fan favorite there.

Bert can't play more than 60 games a year. He's injury prone because he can't control himself

He was hit in the hand by an opponents shot that broke a bone.  Then he was hit in the other hand by a teammate’s shot.  Control himself from what?  Going to the hard areas of the ice?  That’s what everyone insists on doing and can’t find enough players to do that.

In the last four years he has played over 70 games twice and over 60 once.  WTF are you talking about?


He was hit in the hand by an opponents shot that broke a bone. Then he was hit in the other hand by a teammate’s shot. Control himself from what?

The answer to that is to not get into a fist fight during the OTT game after being told by your agent that contract negotiations have broken down. Makes it even worse that you already suffered two broken hands this season.

His style of play = what they meant about he can’t control himself. And yes that style leads to injuries and shortened careers. The Wings did what they had to—prevent an asset for being lost for nothing. 

I am sure fans miss the 2021-22 version that scored 30 goals. But he failed to prove that was an outlier and with injuries like that pro athletes’ careers can be affected in very small but significant ways where they never will be back to the way they once were (or they may return to functional 100%). 

That may be the difference between the ask the Wings got and the offer SY was comfortable going to.

In the end they got a late first for a rental (plus a 4th which is going rate) with 50% retention for the rest of the year.


You nailed it. I was going to list out the articles about the examples you gave but I appreciate you saving me some time!

He wants to play a run n gun style, have others be responsible for him and the team isn't at that level yet.


I think you're right, Bill, that Bert isn't injury prone because he can't control himself. Personally, I think he was traded because he can't control his "run-and-gun" instincts. That's not how Yzerman and Lalonde want the Wings to play. Maybe he'll find the right fit in Boston. Hopefully he won't let playing around Marchand turn him from a hard-nosed player to an a-hole player. Best of luck to him.


I think you need to see what the coach said about him and why Bert went from 16+ min per game to 12-13min


I am not happy with the return, but if Bertuzzi wanted 8 years and possibly $7+ mil, SY had no choice.

I doubt anyone will commit 7 years to Bert in the summer, but we will see. Is it possible we will sign him back in July? Probably not, but stranger things have happened. If I am not mistaken, we are down to 2 players from KH era, Larkin and Ras.


I don’t doubt it.  I did read yesterday that there is no one from the 2016 draft remaining in the organization.


Others have mentioned this recently.  Facing this schedule after dropping 3 in a row makes that a tough climb.  Competition for the playoffs have this strength of schedule rating - Washington 11, Florida 15, Pittsburgh 19.

NHL strength of sked 2 Mar 23


Not to mention how condensed the Wings schedule is, not many off days coming up either, tough road in front of us, losing Ras, and even though he was traded, I get the sense that Hronek would be missing some games. 


Yes for sure, the downside of having so many games in hand is how compressed the schedule becomes.


My only interest left in this season is to see whether the Wings put forth an honest effort or fold like a cheap suit.


There’s a guy…

…I don’t know if you’re heard about him.

But he’s expected to be the #1 draft pick and the Wings would need to sit in 11th worst place or lower to have a shot at him.


Well, goodbye you lovable gap-toothed Tasmanian devil.  You were my favorite but now you’re gonna be hated #2 behind Marchand.  Hope whatever you get in free agency was worth it.

Paul - any idea what happens to the protected pick if it falls inside the top 10?  Not too familiar with those rules.



I think it's Boston's 2025 1st unprotected. I don't think there's any way it gets to that point, tho.


Cap space plus UFA’s and RFA’s is step one.

Step two: injuries can always happen and sabotage a season. (fingers crossed)


I agree for sure, however I think it's very likely that Boston will fall back some next season. They have a lot of pieces set to become UFAs and not a lot of cap space to work with. Something in the 18-23 range would be great.


I was happy with the moves yesterday but this one is a bit of a bummer. Good for Yzerman to get what he could but Bert will be missed!

I bet Yzerman isn't done. Perron next maybe? He's been stagnant on the pp lately and taking lots of penalties. Maybe time to give him a shot with a contender.


Not expecting anything big, but something should happen in the next 24 hours. As it stands now, Seider and Lindstrom are the only RH Dmen on the roster and browsing capfriendly shows wyatt newpower, seth barton, and steven kampfer as the GR options. Gotta think that gets shored up for the last stretch. 


Not surprised about the trade. Bert was my Wife's favorite player. A great chance for a Cup win with Boston this year.


On one hand: I hope Bert goes out and gets a Cup. The Cup. I mean, he could easily go out and get a sippy cup.

On the other hand: Fuck Boston. Like, really hard. In a very uncomfortable place.


I only recently started commenting here again after about a decade hiatus, but man, either I've changed or the rest of the 19 have changed. How are so many of you looking at this trade and trashing it?

First, show me any trustworthy reporting that indicates Bertuzzi was likely to re-sign with the Wings. He's not Larkin, he doesn't have the personal connection to the state and the team.

Second, even if he wanted to remain a Wing long-term, the cap is a reality even if we don't like it. If the Wings are good again in a year or two, it will mean that they have to give big raises to at least four of Mo, Raymond, Raz, Berggren, Edvinsson, Kasper. We saw the TV ratings, we've seen the news about Bally. I wouldn't be terribly optimistic that the cap is going to go up very much these next few seasons, and even if it does, extending four+ young players is costly.

(Relatedly, Raz and Berggren have proven they are full-time NHLers. Soderblom also had his high points and will compete for a spot in the NHL again in next year's camp. We sure as shit hope Kasper is going to give us something to be excited about. And by the way, if they don't trade him, Vrana is still one of the most efficient per-60 minute scoring threats in the NHL. In other words, the Wings have a lot of guys competing for top-4 winger spots.)

Third, are we all noticing that the 1st round pick is a 2024, not a 2023? Boston is still going to have a lot of good players in '23-'24, but they are going to be under a cap crunch. They are going to have to let their heart-and-soul up front go (Bergeron, and to a less extent Krejci), or even if they keep those guys on at low AAVs, they're going to have to dump a couple of really good players to manage their salary structure. In other words, a 2023 1st is the 32nd pick, while a 2024 1st is probably a pick in the mid-20s.

Fourth, even if that 2024 1st is 32nd overall, Tyler Bertuzzi was a 2nd round pick!

Fifth, forgetting where Bertuzzi was picked and looking at what he actually produces, we've all really been hanging our hopes on what he did last season moreso than looking at the full picture. He's already 28. He never had an elite AHL season. His best comp among current players as of the end of '21-'22 is Andrew Mangiapane. Think of it this way -- would you trade a 1st and a 4th for Andrew Mangiapane? Would you trade those things for Tyler Bertuzzi?!?!?

Sixth, look who you already have that provides the same production. Robby Fabbri -- believe it or not -- is a year younger than Bert and produces almost identical per 82 games numbers. Hell, Pius Suter is a year younger and gives 75% of Bert's scoring in less ice time while being used for a majority of defensive zone starts (unlike Bert, who has benefitted from majority offensive zone starts). I mean, Bertuzzi is a better all-around player than Kubalik, but for the sake of the point, Kubalik is about the same age as Bert and they have shockingly similar scoring numbers.

Last but not least, do we trust anyone more than Steve Yzerman to know what it means to be dedicated to your team, to push hard, and to find ways to win? I think not. And putting aside the politics of it or whatever, was it a team-first/win-first decision when Bertuzzi wouldn't get his jab so he could play in Canada? If there's one thing we know about Stevie Y. it's that he'll go as far as to play with zero cartilage in his knees for entire seasons if it'll help his club. I think we can infer more than a few things about what that means he expects of the so-called best players on his team, his leaders. Again, whether you think the COVID vaccine is good, bad, ugly, or something else, it seems pretty obvious what Yzerman expects from his guys.

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