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A2Y- Are You Confident With Hellberg As The Backup And Vrana's First Game With The Blues

03/11/2023 at 9:49am EST

from Bob Duff of Detroit Hockey Now,

In Hellberg’s case, for the most part he is delivering the goods. Over 12 appearances he’s showing a 4-6-1 record with a 3.01 GAA and .899 save percentage. Those might not be Vezina Trophy numbers but considering the circumstances, they’re not terrible, either.

Hellberg A Road Warrior For Red Wings

The home crowd seldom gets a chance to see Hellberg in action unless things are going south for Detroit. Traditionally, backup goalies do the majority of their work on the road. Hellberg’s last seven appearances have all come in away games.

Veteran netminders seem more suited to the backup role. Hellberg is 31 and Detroit are among five NHL teams that have employed him.

“Maybe a little experience, understanding your role,” Lalonde suggested. “It’s tough to get rhythm but it’s the reality of it.”

Even though he’s lost his last two starts are surrendered 10 goals in the process, Lalonde is more than satisfied with what the team is getting from Hellberg.

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from Kevin Allen of Detroit Hockey Now,

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch offered a look at Vrana’s fresh start in St. Louis. Detroit fans know the Vrana back story.

Here what the Blues told the Post-Dispatch about Vrana:

“You can tell he’s got a good touch and he’s a great guy,” Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington said. “Got to know him a little bit in Arizona, hoping just to continue to build that. But he’s got the touch, he’s got great offensive touch and you can tell he cares.

“He’s excited to be here. You can see the excitement after he scored that goal. That’s what we want to be a part of, so it’s good.”

Coach Craig Berube said this: “For me, it’s about using his speed all the time. He has to skate and become a worker, and let his skill take over. That’s the thing I’m going to try to drive into him is work, work, work and skate and work. Let your skill take over and then just about puck battles, win your puck battles, little things like that. That’s all going to make you a better player.”



From what I remember from the blur of suck, Hellberg stood up well against an irresistible onslaught as long as one could expect before the main hatchway gave in.  Goalies can cover up a team’s shortcomings for the short term but eventually 'water seeks it own level', as my Dad used to say.  He also used to say a bunch of other rural Michigan wisdom, like ‘when the days begin to lengthen, the cold begins to strengthen’.  Anyone who’s lived through Michigan Januarys and Februarys can testify to that.

Of course he also said, “woman who dance with invisible man not know what she up against”, and “ man who court woman on mountainside not on level “.


Red Wings feel weird facing Tyler Bertuzzi this weekend


If they aren’t prepared they’re going to feel something else when he pins them and outmuscles them for the puck.

Joe Veleno said  "Boston seems to kind of suit him.”

Yeah I said that when he was traded, the team and fans expect a kind of snarl and effort if you wear that uniform.  I think he’ll fit right in.


liken V’s situation to wings/SY’s Probie experience, and once again, now that he served his sentence, and got religion, they cut him loose, to the benefit of the Blues.

curious to see how he fares w/Berube, who’ll drive him a lot harder than Newsy.


Beating addiction, if that is what his situation was, is not like getting religion.  He played two games for Newsy in October and three in February, I’d think it’s a little difficult to determine how he coached him.


!pm puck drop, calling the game for ESPN+/ABC is Sean McDonough, Ray Ferraro and Kristen Shilton.


I was at the game in NY and saw Helberg live. I thought he is a better goaltender from what I saw on TV. Helberg problem he immediately goes down on his knees every single time and just hopes the puck hits him. The puck does hit him a lot because he is so big, but I do not think he is a very good goalie.


Hellberg played very well at the UBS Arena when I saw him a couple of weeks ago.  I am watching the game now vs. Boston and he is looking good today (so far)  Is Nedejikovic on Robidas Island?   I thought he was injured and that was why we were seeing Hellberg.   

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