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A2Y- A New Season For Filip Zadina

01/23/2023 at 7:29pm EST

from Kevin Allen of Detroit Hockey Now,

Detroit Red Wings coach Derek Lalonde expects to have Filip Zadina back in the lineup before the team has its eight-day break.

“We’d be hopeful he would get in one of these next three games,” Lalonde said....

The Red Wings will have to make room for Zadina on the roster, and defenseman Robert Hagg seems like the most likely cut. The Red Wings would have to waive him.

Defenseman Ben Chiarot didn’t practice Monday, but Lalonde said it was a personal day. He will play against the Sharks.

Meanwhile, Tyler Bertuzzi (lower body) didn’t practice Monday, which means he isn’t likely to play Tuesday against the San Jose Sharks. He didn’t play the third period against Vegas, and missed Saturday’s game against Philadelphia.

“Came here this morning expecting him to practice,” Lalonde said. “He needed another day, so I would not
expect him tomorrow.”


from Ted Kulfan of the Detroit News,

So, Zadina and his girlfriend got a puppy, a terrier named Jack. That's been a fun distraction from not being on the ice. He also changed the curve on his stick.

Pretty simple reason for that.

"Nine games without a goal, so....," said Zadina, talking about the only nine games he's played this season. "I'm excited to shoot the puck again."

When Zadina (lower-body injury) does return soon, and judging by the way Zadina and coach Derek Lalonde were talking Monday it could be any day this week before the All-Star break begins this weekend, it'll be like the start of a new season.

Or, at least that's the way Zadina is treating it.

"I would say so," Zadina said after Monday's practice. "I played the preseason and I believe I did pretty well, and a little step back my first nine games when it didn't go well (no points). I don't think I was on the ice (when) we scored or gave up a goal, but I don't know what was happening, and all of a sudden I got this (injury) and I've been just working on myself to get back as soon as possible.

"It's a fresh start for me and that'll be my first game of the season when I get the chance to play."...

The expectations for Zadina going forward will be the same as they've been, Lalonde said, for the rest of the roster.

"I want to hold him accountable like the rest of the guys," Lalonde said. "We're playing well defensively, very well, we're not giving our opponents much space and ice, and we'd ask the same of him. Be connected with our group, with what we're trying to do right now. We're flowing four lines, we're playing well defensively, and we're getting looks.

"We're just asking him to join the party, if you will, with the way we've been playing."...

"You love the potential and the fact he scored at lower levels, obviously he has not in the (169) games here (25 goals), but he can skate, and a little of it is confidence," Lalonde said. "If he was a shoot-first mentality guy, it would help his overall game. When he's skating, he has some offensive confidence. He's a guy who can push some offense. Statistically it hasn't been there yet, but you see flashes of it."

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Question for the masses, What are your expectations of Zadina when he returns?

Unless he picked up some grit and realizes he needs to get to the dirty zones to be successful, I have my doubts.

I have noticed his forechecking was improving and he has matured a bit, but I still have some serious reservations about his future with the Wings.

M. Glynn

Agreed Paul. He's really only played one full(ish) NHL season. In my opinion, I don't know if we've seen a large enough sample size. He definitely improved last year, but this was the year to make a big jump and prove himself.

Did he get stronger in the offseason? Maybe just a bout of bad luck, but I'd have to see him put up at least 40 points in a normal season and work harder defensively to be sure he's a part of the big picture.

Hoping Kasper can make a similar impact as Raymond soon.


By the 24-25 season he will be playing in Europe. 


Unless he weans himself of being a perimeter player, he won't be long in the NHL.


What is Lalonde talking about? Quotes like this drive me bananas. This team is bottom 1/3 in scoring and goals against per game. What’s his idea of a party?

Zadina was drafted in 2018. He’s 23. He’s a bust at 6th. Get used to it. Holland’s last mistake.


Yep. No points at all in the first 9 games before his injury. I expect nothing much in his return. Bust.


Also he’s signed for two more years after this one. He could still be a useful NHL player, but those teams that passed on him saw something the Wings didn’t in 2018. Def. feels like he’s playing his way out of town. 


…or really, does management just say to themselves “he is what he is, we can’t lament a pick we didn’t even make, maybe he’s our cost controlled third line winger if he can get it together a bit.” Not unreasonable but as many say maybe the problem is this team has way too many third line wingers.


I certainly don't see Zadina becoming a top 6 forward here, however, I'm not sure he's done in the NHL. Why can't he go around being Gus Nyquist on teams rebuilding, get a spot on Arizona or Chicagos of the NHL on 1-2 year deals?   

He is the same age as Veleno after all, he was just put up here early because the team was terrible and he was a high pick, and then kept here based on some initial success. This might end up being a poor development case by the Wings of bringing someone in too early like the fans clamor for on everyone. 

The kid can transport the puck very well, and he gets himself into the right spots to earn opportunities, unlike some of our past failures like Frk, he actually hits the net, unfortunately its usually the goalies crest, not a corner or hole.  Because he's never failed/struggled offensively at other levels, he presses to create and gets himself in trouble, and  isn't a developed defensive guy to fill other roles. 

What happens to Zadina depends on what Yzerman can should and is able to do in March and this summer.   Yzerman should be a significant seller, Zadina is either part of those packages which gives him another shot, or we move some of what is above him that he gets that shot here. If Yzerman does nothing, Zadina will do nothing.

Royal Grand Exalted PooBah

I had hoped that Zadina’s problems scoring in the NHL were due to a mental block fostered along by Blashill. When Lalonde took over I thought Zadina might break through. I still think that is possible and now that he has switched his stick blade up maybe that can still happen. Zadina has all the tools and at worst he becomes more of a utility player like Glendening but better in that can skate the puck up the ice and shoot. 


They have to give the 23 year old a shot. Hopefully he took time to watch game tape and sit down with the playbook.

I do wonder who they will release to make room for Zadina. 

This is concerning:

“Came here this morning expecting him to practice,” Lalonde said. “He needed another day, so I would not
expect him tomorrow.”


Sheesh, we could have drafted Quinn Hughes at #6 that 2018 draft year, but no,  Hughes went to the Canucks at the #7 slot.I'm out of hope for Zadina even with the new coach Lalonde at the helm.  Just a disappointing #6 pick.Quinn. Hughes.  Could have had him.

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