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Gary’s Gonna LOVE This

Thanks to Ken Campbell at The Hockey News for pointing this gem out.

You know the flagship network here in the states?  Versus?  Are you wondering what game they’re airing on New Year’s Eve?  Of course you are.  Let me help.

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Ted’s Changed His Tune

Wow. It’s an all skate today.  The old stand-bys are coming out of the woodwork to give us so much to work with.  I’m truly thankful.  Earlier today we had the Diggers editing (or just deleting) blog posts to hide their shortcomings, now we have our boy Ted jumping into the fray.

Hey…remember this?

The Red Wings seem vulnerable, the Predators won’t go away without a fight, and St. Louis and Chicago are both much-improved. Even Columbus, with its talented goaltender Pascal Leclaire, seems poised to make a move. Stay tuned … the balance in this division could shift immeasurably.

Sure you do.  That’s Teddy Montgomery of USA Today fame on 15 October. 


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Outside The Lifelines

It’s always a little dangerous to stray into areas external to The Dynasty.  Wing talk is easy. We know it.  Very secure and warm in the comfort of that level of conversation.  But, sometimes, the staffers here at A2Y like to get a little nuts and branch out a bit.

But not quite yet.  First?  This little ditty.  If the playoffs started today, we’d be looking at a Detroit/Dive first rounder.  Didn’t we just leave this daydream?  Weren’t the Wings just competing for a President’s Trophy while the dinky-doo Dives were fighting for the 8 spot?  I guess it’s normal now.  Oh well. Nice little run. Looks like Ryan Smyth chose real well.

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Editing After The Facts Change

Updated 0530:  I’ve added a comment from Matt Saler, pointing out that Khan(!) isn’t the only culprit here.  As is usually the case, the Wing Deep Digger incompetence is a group activity.  See the bottom of this post for more.


Of all the Wings it couldn’t have been, Nick Lidstrom was the only one singled out yesterday by Deep Digger Captain Ansar Khan(!).  Remember this?

“We’ll see who’s eligible and who’s not,’’ said Babcock, who wouldn’t reveal the injured player but said it’s not Nicklas Lidstrom.

Now? Well, now it gets interesting.

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You Want Incentive? I Got Incentive

Updated 2002: We’ll stop the contest submissions after the first period.

Updated 2001:  Well, this ought to make for an entertaining liveblog.  The idiot sisters, Weber and Crisp.  Outstanding.

Oh, the Gay will be rockin’ tonite.  Late word out of Nashville is that there will be a total of six separate families in attendance, all making up the anticipated 13,000 Bubba fans. 

Us? Well, we’re gonna Live Blog.  And here’s why you should partake.  Whoever comes closest to guessing the shot total (both teams) wins a $25 gift certificate to Ice Jerseys.  Tie breaker?  Number of total minor penalties.  Additional tie breaker?  Total number of teeth in the stands.

K?  Live blog can start at any time, although I have to go replenish.  I’ll be back at 1955.  One entry per person, etc, etc.

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Live Blog Tonite? You Can Bet Your Possum Dinners There’s a Live Blog Tonite

I gotta tell you, and I have told the thousands of you (okay…two)  who’ve emailed me since the last live blog, they’ve become a little stale. The live blogs, that is.  Oh, we’re gonna keep doing ‘em. Yes we are.  But, I’m open to suggestions as to how we should spice them up.

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Any Wagers?

So…Uncle Mike was gonna leave big brother Cheli home, but now someone’s hurt so everyone’s together for the Hoedown at the Gay.  Who’s hurt?  Nobody’s sayin’.  Or, in the case of our Diggers, nobody’s askin’.


But a minor injury to an undisclosed player forced the team to bring Chelios on the trip. Babcock said after the morning skate that he wouldn’t know who’d be out on defense until just before the game.

“We’ll see who’s eligible and who’s not,’’ said Babcock, who wouldn’t reveal the injured player but said it’s not Nicklas Lidstrom.

It isn’t Meech or Brett Lebda, either, as they both skated during the optional practice.


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Oh Bubbaaaaa….Thought We’d, You Know, Drop In For a Spell

It’s been a pleasant six games since the Wings last saw an opponent from Hockey’s Toughest Division.  Six games, six victories, three straight blowouts (yes, last night was a blowout), a goal differential of 26-10, a shot gap of 219-123.  Six games that immediately followed a tough loss to Columbus, which followed an irritating loss to Bubba. 

What we’re talking about is a six-game stretch the Wings hopefully used to remind themselves that dozing through a hockey game is not a recipe for success, even against the Central.

Especially against the Central.

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Ho Hum….Datsyuk’s Goal Is Play of the Night

I’m too lazy to look it up, but this is at least the 19th time this year a Datsyuk goal has been the NHL Play of the Night.  Oh, alright. 19 may be pushing it. But it’s been at least twice.

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We’ll Give It A Go

What the heck.  How ‘bout a live blog?  We’ll start it here and even invite the Canes bloggers to join in.  And for you Cane fans shafted out of TV coverage tonite, here’s a gift...courtesy of Matt Saler, a Wing fan.

To help you pass the time until the puck drops?  Here’s Bruce MacLeod.

The Montreal beat writer couldn’t resist.

“It must be nice to cover a team that wins so often,” he said. “All we have here are controversies. Every now and then controversy is fun, but when it’s every day you hate it.”

This is coming from a writer in the most hockey crazy city in the world.

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