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Here’s one you don’t hear too often

Good job NHL. Good job Colin Campbell.

Well done.

Matt Cooke deserved what he got, and I’m glad you doled it out. I hope you read him the riot act in the meeting this afternoon - but I guess we’ll never know. I’d like to think Geoff Molson and the Canadiens played a part in this by going public with their concerns. Regardless, it’s just good news.

A sidenote: does anyone else find it odd that media people constantly refer to NHL Senior Vice President Colin Campbell as “Colie?” To me, it removes some, if not all, of the objectivity meant to exist in news reporting. It seems far too jocular. Would Peter Mansbridge ever refer to Prime Minister Harper as “Steve?” Would Peter Gammons ever write an article referencing Joe Torre as “JT?” or Bud Selig as “Budsie?” I don’t understand where this folsky attitude comes from in 2011. It really, really, really takes away from the integrity of journalists. I wouldn’t even call it arcane - it’s simply juvenile. How are we to take those who cover hockey seriously when they reference the NHL’s braintrust in such a way? Yet another reason so many treat the NHL as a ‘B’ league.

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well yeah Now you do Something about P.K. Soupcan

Posted by Evilpens on 03/22/11 at 12:28 AM ET


Again, great post.  You wrote about something that I’ve been carrying around for awhile.  I really don’t want people to get me wrong, I have a ton of respect and admiration for the work that most hockey media do (especially hockey insiders).  But let’s really examine how those insiders become insiders.

Yes, I’m talking about the Dregers and McKenzies of this world.  I used to believe whatever they told us and never doubted their intentions without a even a second of thought.  But something happened not too long ago that really opened my eyes.

Clearly these insiders have connections in the league office that feeds them the ‘inside news’ and allows for them to break it.  TUC talks about how they all call him Collie.  Well it’s not a secret anymore, they’re obviously all friends.  I’d like to point out that the “e-mail controversy” wasn’t broken by a main-stream media type… I wonder why?  It was leaked by a blogger/lawyer peering over documents available to anyone to look at.  You would think top-notch journalists would poke around and look for anything if available, no?

Instead, when those damning emails came out.  To a man, every single one of those hockey insiders defended Mr. Campbell and talked about his resolute integrity.  I’m sorry, but we’re not idiots, there is no integrity when you read those emails and have the ability to do basic math.  1+1 = 2

It has become clear to me that these NHL sympathizers are also muddled when it comes to doing their job properly.  Just look at lack of real criticism of those officials when it came to the Chara decision, to the Hornqvist comical fine and to the pathetic 2gm suspensions doled out to Marchand and Heatley (for plays very similar to Cooke’s).  Yes I know he’s a repeat offender.

And then again, to a man, they all came out and spoke of how the league had taken a stand and sent a CLEAR message to the NHL with the suspension to Cooke.  Really?  Who did they really send a message to?  To the 1% of absolute moronic psychos that play in the NHL that continue to do these despicable acts over and over (yes, I’m looking at you Gillies and Cooke, ex-NHLer Chris Simon and whichever 1 or 2 other NHL player may fit under that classification - maybe Avery?).

That’s who the message was sent to.  Most NHLers won’t fear today’s decision nor think that it’ll affect them.

You want to send a message to the players, it should’ve been done earlier.

That being said, let’s see what happens going forward… but I fear, you’ve all been had by the NHL in a perfect storm against the perfect villain.

Posted by Tareq on 03/22/11 at 02:25 AM ET


To follow-up on Tareq’s point. I said this previously that Cooke’s suspension should not be the league making another grandstanding statement, they need to set a precedent. Suspending the likes of Gillies, Godard,  Simon or even Cooke does very little compared to the slaps on the wrists for Heatley and Marchand (just the latest examples).

Cooke’s suspension was just a culmination of multiple slaps on the wrist that had no affect. Now that some of the obvious targets have been given suspensions it is time for the NHL to truly crack down and not perform just lip service. I would say the NHL is finally getting it right, but one suspension isn’t a trend. Gillies received 19 games so far this season and it had no affect on Cooke choosing to attempt to injure again since the precedent had been set. The NHL has finally moved the bar on Cooke, but leaves it comically low for everyone else that it has not labelled a goon or a cancer.

Posted by hockey1919 from mid-atlantic on 03/22/11 at 11:25 AM ET


I refer to Campbell as Colie in mockery of media people who refer to him as Colie.

Posted by steviesteve on 03/22/11 at 01:25 PM ET


Great post. Hopefully the Cooke suspension marks a change in the NHL’s “soft suspension” policy.

Posted by Briney on 03/23/11 at 11:08 AM ET

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