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Habs fans: Pierre McGuire for GM? A solid argument by Mitch Melnick

Mitch Menlick, known to Montrealers as a longtime radio personality and host of the daily afternoon drive show on TSN 990, has a very good blog. I have linked to it before, and I will again. But this is the most controversial blog post I’ve seen him write, and I urge you to read it:

Bring Pierre Home

So, Pierre McGuire as GM of the Montreal Canadiens? I’ve touted him as a potential candidate many times before, and I continue to believe he’d be a great GM. I think Melnick is bang on here. McGuire would be a great GM as he stands by his comments, he’s accessible so fans would love him, and the quotes over the years prove that his assessments of players are generally right on the money. Are you sick of the ghostly appearances by Montreal management, and the lack of clarity around, well, just about everything? I am.

There’s a change coming. There has to be. This team is a mess. Pierre McGuire for General Manager? You decide.

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Down River Dan's avatar

The Habs hiring that dufus would only make the situation in Montreal worse, but God Bless em if they do, cause I know I’m tired of his act on TV. Does Edzo speak French?? I say make it a package deal and do all hockey fans a favor. smile

Posted by Down River Dan on 02/01/12 at 07:33 PM ET

CRoy's avatar

God please let this happen! I can’t stand to watch another awkward locker room interview with Pierre eye screwing the players… just creepy..

Posted by CRoy from Plymouth MI on 02/01/12 at 10:17 PM ET


Hiring McGuire is a very high risk/high reward move. It could work out wonderfully, but it should be noted that there is a very mixed record for people taking over as GM who do not have previous front office experience. McGuire hasn’t been directly involved in the NHL for almost a decade now. There is a difference between talking about hockey on TV and actually getting things done when in a position of power. Don’t believe me? Ask Barry Melrose.

Posted by BlackXinu on 02/02/12 at 07:27 AM ET


Anyone curious why the TSN pundits are not pumping McGuire’s tires? Anyone wondering why he is commentating instead of coaching or managing? Why is he ideal for Montreal when no one else has wanted him? Get a grip people. McGuire is a media mouth, and should not be anywhere near the Habs GM position.

Posted by Casey on 02/02/12 at 05:25 PM ET

Hootinani's avatar

French Canadiens are priceless.  Its your xenophobic adherence to all that is French that has turned the once proud Canadian team into the laughingstock of the league.  And now you want to hire a man who hasn’t uttered one intelligent sentence in his entire pro-hokcey and pro-broadcasting career, simplty because his name is Pierre.

And lets be honest, if his name was Pete McGuire, like a good Jersey boy should be named, this wouldn’t even be a topic of discussion.

But hey, if bringing about the complete downfall and destruction of a mighty Canadian franchise is the price I have to pay to never hear his ridiculous voice or non-sensical terminology on the air again,  its a price I’m happy to pay.

Posted by Hootinani from the parade following Babs out of town on 02/02/12 at 05:33 PM ET


Whoever thinks this is solid evidence of McGuire as a possible GM is ..well… on the glue??
As it has been discussed at plenty of places…. (a lil place on SBNation…eyesontheprize) there are plenty of other options to Jerry..erm I mean Pierre. (For the record..Habs seem to be having difficulty with those whose names include Pierre - Gautier, Max La-Pierre)

Brisebois (in TB) and Nill (From Det) seem to be more sound options.

Posted by Woolie from Halifax on 02/02/12 at 06:04 PM ET


That would actually be the best idea. The Habs would such for the years to come and I wouldn’t have to listen to that douchebag anymore.

Posted by Gerry Cheevers from New York on 02/02/12 at 06:39 PM ET


So long as I don’t EVER have to hear him talk, can he really do any worse than Gauthier?

Posted by riiiiiight from Alberta on 02/02/12 at 07:40 PM ET


A few of these comments are somewhat inappropriate, so I won’t address them. However, a few great comments. I would add a couple of things:

1) Julien Brisebois as a candidate for GM - seems unlikely. While I have no doubt he’s qualified, he’s very much a Gainey/Gauthier guy, and if there’s a change, I suspect they start fresh.

2) McGuire being a pundit: He gets paid very, very well. And, as is on the record, he has been offered multiple jobs in recent years but for different reasons he turned them down. Who knows if he’d leave his current job for a Habs GM position. I think he would, as he’s from Montreal, but no one knows.

3) TSN not “endorsing” McGuire for the job: I suspect the TSN personalities realize there is a conflict here. I interpret the lack of discussion as an effort to remain professional. Many other media outlets have mentioned him as a serious possibility, and Darren Dreger actually did mention him just the other day.

Is he a lock? Absolutely not. Should he be considered? Absolutely yes.

Posted by The Upper Canadien from Toronto on 02/02/12 at 07:46 PM ET


Pierre’s from Montreal only in the sense that Christina Aguilera’s from Mexico. In other words, that’s just how they market themselves. Pierre’s a Jersey guy and Aguilera’s a Pittsburgher.

I agree with others that this would be a high reward move that could backfire pretty horribly. Gainey, though, has done made some pretty high=profile long-term mistakes, so, there’s nothing to lose by giving Pierre a try.

Posted by larry from pitt on 02/02/12 at 07:58 PM ET


One more thing. I’m a Penguin fan. I would flip my crap if Lemieux hired Reggie McGuire (yes, that’s “Pierres” birthname) as the GM, because the Penguins have a pretty good thing going without introducing some weirdo knowitall creep into the mix.

But if I was a Jackets fan? Hey, I’d be fine if they try anything at this point.

Posted by larry from pitt on 02/02/12 at 08:04 PM ET


We call Pierre McGuire ” Walking Eagle” so full of S#$t he can’t fly. What a mistake that would be. I suspect there is lot more to managing a team then knowing stats

Posted by john from British Columbia on 02/02/12 at 08:53 PM ET


no one knows what kind of gm anyone will be cripes look how every thought Gainey would be God
and look how brutal he was -maguire would be better thanthat

Posted by toto on 02/02/12 at 10:09 PM ET


Pierre McGuire has a lot of knowledge but that doesn’t mean he has the wisdom to be a General Manager. Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is officially in the category of a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to cut it up and serve it in a fruit salad.

Posted by Ziglveit B sctoonik from Toronto, Ontario on 02/03/12 at 01:30 AM ET


As noted, his real name is Regis not Pierre McGuire and he’s not from Montreal.  He is an ignorant, @ss-licking goofball with no hockey knowledge whatsoever.  So yeah, perfect as Habs GM and would mean we don’t have to hear him.

Posted by wrong road from tampa on 02/03/12 at 02:30 AM ET

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