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LeBron Could Use PR Lessons From Crosby

It was no more than five minutes after I’d pinched myself, for admitting that I actually enjoyed watching an NBA playoff series, when the most talented player and supposed representative of the sport opened his mouth and put my newfound positive feelings about the league on ice.

For those of you that try to avoid the NBA like a Matt Cooke elbow to the head, and how could I blame you, here is the gem from LeBron James after his deer-in-the-headlights performance that ensured an NBA Championship for the Dallas Mavericks:

reporter: Does it bother you that so many people are happy to see you fail?

LeBron: Absolutely not. Because at the end of the day, all the people that was rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today. They have the same personal problems they had today. I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want to do with me and my family and be happy with that. They can get a few days or a few months or whatever the case may be on being happy about not only myself, but the Miami Heat not accomplishing their goal, but they have to get back to the real world at some point.

My first thought while listening to this condescending dribble was about Sidney Crosby.  How would the poster boy for the NHL have answered this question?

Hey, maybe he feels the same way as James but just isn’t dumb enough to say it.  Sid The Kid does have a Finals loss of his own on the record, and for all I know maybe at the time he was actually asked that question.  Forgive my lack of journalistic due diligence, but I’m just going to assume that Crosby didn’t tell his haters to go back to their pathetic lives.

It’s this kind of stuff that turns people off the NBA.  LeBron can spend the summer hanging out with his entourage and counting his lucky stars for not being one of the poor, hard life everyday people.  Crosby, meanwhile, just might play street hockey with a few of them.

Yes, it’s true that we want athletes to cut out the clichés and tell us how they honestly feel.  If Roberto Luongo really thinks that Tim Thomas is foolish for spending too much time out of the paint, personally I think it’s refreshing that he comes out in the media and says it.  Let’s not portray our hockey heroes as choirboys who are above a little dose of occasional trash talking.

But slam dunking your fans the way James did takes it to a really bad place.  And don’t tell me his comments were just a response to his critics.  Try telling me with a straight face that the


Frozen One thinks that his haters are the only Average Joe NBA fans that had their generic lives and personal problems to wake up to today.

Sure, there are things about Crosby that irk me.  When a great player has a Stanley Cup ring and your team doesn’t, it’s easy to find flaws.  But at least he represents the NHL with some semblance of class and professionalism. 

As the face of the league and the sport, last night was proof that you can certainly do much worse.

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The question was about LeBron’s detractors, and his point was against his detractors.

And he has a legitimate point. Loathe LeBron all you want for The Decision. You can’t blame him for joining the Heat - it was well within his right to do so but you can certainly knock him for the manner he went about it. Wouldn’t you want to leave an arena in December to 80 degree weather? I sure would.

But he has a point, even if it is flawed. He’s telling that people who obsess over his failures should probably get over it. There are bigger fish to fry in life.

LeBron too has to come to terms with his own demons and the fact that his plan did NOT work out perfectly.

Does he have a massive ego? No question. Is he a douche? Yep. He’s no Sidney Crosby, but he’s also DEFINITELY NOT a Kobe Bryant, an Antonio Cromartie OR a Donte Stallworth.

Posted by Chris on 06/13/11 at 05:56 PM ET

Luongo-is-my-hero's avatar

it just goes to show that he wasn’t raised up properly and his parent’s didn’t teach him any good values or how to respect others.  The fact that he can say shit like that and think it is alright shows that he has always gotten his way, and that he thinks he is all that matters in the world.  What a piece of shit, i hope he get’s JFK’d/

Posted by Luongo-is-my-hero on 06/13/11 at 06:11 PM ET

Flashtastick56's avatar

The f*cking ego…

It was things like that - and him and Wade making fun of that big, German fella being sick - that had my ass planted firmly on the couch rooting for the Mavericks to close it out last night.  So…I guess I should thank “King” James for my couple of months of happiness before I go on with my dull, unsatisfying, problem-filled, not-Lebron-James life.

And, not only is Lebron a punk…he’s a coward, too.  Ran down to Miami with his tail between his legs to play for Dwayne’s team instead of winning on his own.  In my eyes, the dude should never…ever be compared to guys like Jordan.  Because Jordan didn’t bail on Chicago in his mid-20s to go play with Magic in LA or Bird in Boston or Isiah in Detroit.  He did it on his own.

I’m surprised he didn’t play the race card and say all the criticism he’s taken this year was because he’s black…like he did earlier in the season.



Man, I feel so bad ranting about basketball on KK…but you opened up the floodgates!  Haha.

Posted by Flashtastick56 from Meriden, CT on 06/13/11 at 06:23 PM ET


I haven’t watched an NBA game in ??? 15 years?  but I caught the clip of the final few seconds on tsn.ca last night and was amazed at what was going on. 

My impressions: The arena was practically silent.  No Dallas fans made the trip?  The players barely celebrated on the court.  Many from both teams ran off immediately.  The announcers talked more about the Heat than the Mavs.  This may be my hockey bias/inferiority complex but give me the Stanley Cup final over that any day.  Admittedly this is all from a short clip but wow.

Posted by loojay on 06/13/11 at 07:00 PM ET


What a piece of shit, i hope he get’s JFK’d/
Posted by Luongo-is-my-hero on 06/13/11 at 04:11 PM ET

Wow. I admit I enjoyed watching “the chosen one” go down last night, but, that is a little harsh, don’t you think ?

Posted by mc keeper on 06/13/11 at 07:13 PM ET

@DaveDavisHockey's avatar

“Man, I feel so bad ranting about basketball on KK…but you opened up the floodgates!  Haha.”

I know… =>

This was one of those “Why the NHL is better than the NBA” moments, even though I’m sure most of you didn’t need me to tell you.

Posted by @DaveDavisHockey from Buffalo, NY on 06/13/11 at 07:25 PM ET


LeBron’s no Crosby. He’s more like Dan Ellis.

Posted by steviesteve on 06/13/11 at 07:55 PM ET

Lindas1st's avatar

He’s (James) sure making it easy to root against him.

Posted by Lindas1st from New England on 06/13/11 at 08:39 PM ET

cainer4wingsglory's avatar

The players barely celebrated on the court.  Many from both teams ran off immediately.

I was thinking the same thing. Dirk was one of the guys who just ran off the court immediately to the locker room. WTF was that about? I don’t want to speculate or anything, but I just thought it was strange as hell. A very subdued on court celebration for sure. I didn’t expect much from the fans with it being Miami, but the players seemed pretty chill. Now I’ve read reports about the crazy partying afterwards, but overall very odd IMO….

Posted by cainer4wingsglory on 06/13/11 at 09:36 PM ET


Forget Crosby, LeBron could use PR lessons from Charlie Sheen.

Posted by PuckSage on 06/18/11 at 09:24 AM ET

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