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George picked a good day to deal with a computer issue with his new laptop so you have me with this recap.

I am going to make like Mike Babcock during his first period timeout and say nothing.

That's it, I have nothing to say about this game but on the other hand you may have a lot to talk about, so the floor is yours.

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Or read the rants at the end of the LB

Posted by CaptainDennisPolonich from The Land of Fake Boobs and Real Nuts on 03/09/13 at 04:54 PM ET

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These are not your father’s Red Wings!
It is sad for me to remember the offensive brilliance of the Wings and see them struggle so.
Datsyuk & Zetterberg have been turned into grinders, of necessity to help the mediocre defense.
Kronwall for the Norris Trophy?  He will never, ever be that good.
Oh, wouldn’t you love to see Brett Hull out there one-timing those feeds from Hank & Pasha?


Posted by w2j2 on 03/09/13 at 04:57 PM ET


More proof the Wings need to do something about their offense?

Posted by teldar on 03/09/13 at 05:39 PM ET

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there wasn’t a single player who impressed me over this whole game.

cleary and abdelkader: useless, ineffective, undisciplined again. abdelkader’s dive is NOT what this team is about. utter garbage. i’d make him take a bus back to detroit for that play.

goaltending: not a lot of this game was the monster’s fault, but he was out of position way too often for my liking. could’ve been 5-0.

defense: guess we’ll see white back in for…quincey? their gaps were way too big on D the whole game, their d-zone puck management obviously….utter garbage. this loss is on the D.

forwards: terrible second passes, also gave the D no targets for their first passes as they flew the zone too soon too often. CBJ did a good job of clogging the neutral zone after they got a nice lead, but we failed to adapt. add that to how terrible their passing decisions in the CBJ zone were, and there’s no way anyone’s scoring. how many blind passes do you care to make toward your own net, forwards? i lost count. again, utter garbage.

special shout out to franzen for, again, sleepwalking through most of this game. i said it in the LB and i’ll say it again: i don’t care about his cap hit or his potential or that he was almost, one season, a 30-goal scorer, or his size. that this organization allows him to play hard for about 30% of a season, then maybe decide to contribute in the playoffs (if he can even get it going), sends an absolutely awful message to the rest of this team and the guys in the minors. if they’re not going to move him, at least scratch him and see if that wakes him up. say what you will about the general lack of depth scoring and the fact that guys like cleary are usually ineffective—at least they look like they’re trying. to bab’s credit he at least played only 15 mins or so. utter garbage.

note i didn’t bring up the coaching, but these line combinations and lineup decisions are more and more suspect.

this game was, you guessed it, pretty sweet to watch.

Posted by Chet from twitter: thegansen on 03/09/13 at 05:45 PM ET

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God-awful.  An embarrassing effort against the BJ—AGAIN.

Posted by Jeff OKWingnut from Quest for 12 on 03/09/13 at 05:48 PM ET

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i stand corrected, he was once almost a 35-goal scorer.

the real question is how we get kris letang. discuss.

Posted by Chet from twitter: thegansen on 03/09/13 at 05:49 PM ET


guess we’ll see white back in for…quincey?

Two things.  If you think that White is going to work his way back into the lineup after one loss then you haven’t been paying attention to the shit show that has been the second line for the past ten games or so.  And if you think Quincey’s going to sit, yeah right.  If there are changes tomorrow on defense I would bet money it’s Huskins in for Kindl.

Posted by Garth on 03/09/13 at 05:52 PM ET

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it seems unfair to punish kindl, who’s been generally pretty decent over the past 10 or so. quincey looked like a sack of trash for most of this game. maybe i’m overemphasizing just how embarrassing it was for that puck to go in after he couldn’t handle an admittedly awkward dish from smith, but good lord. quincey’s an NHL veteran, isn’t he? how does that play happen?

Posted by Chet from twitter: thegansen on 03/09/13 at 05:56 PM ET

Chet's avatar

and garth, i’ve certainly seen the 2nd line not do much of anything in recent memory, but this loss was on the defense, not them. it’s not reasonable to expect them to put up four goals, after all. what’s the connection to white?

Posted by Chet from twitter: thegansen on 03/09/13 at 05:59 PM ET


I’m not saying it’s fair, I’m saying that’s what Babcock will do, if the rest of the year is anything to go on.

And I also think it’s unfair to bench Quincey because a bouncing puck goes off the back of his skate.

It certainly wasn’t as bad as Kronwall’s gaffe behind the net.

Posted by Garth on 03/09/13 at 06:03 PM ET


what’s the connection to white?

The connection is that Babcock’s being a stubborn ass who refuses to acknowledge that the second line simply isn’t working, so I doubt that, after basically publicly committing to the six D that have played the last few games, he’s going to bench anyone in favour of White for one games.

Posted by Garth on 03/09/13 at 06:05 PM ET

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a fair point indeed. now how do we get letang? tough since realignment I’d suspect.

Posted by Chet from twitter: thegansen on 03/09/13 at 06:37 PM ET

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I don’t want Letang. He seems to me like a guy that will turn out very, very average once you take away his Cindy and Malkin.

Posted by Figaro from Los Alamos, NM on 03/09/13 at 11:17 PM ET

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DET PP 26th.  DET PK 25th.  DET Goals/Game 18th.  DET Win % Leading after 1st period 29th.  CLB Pt. % 26th.  Last year DET was 7th in Goals/Game.

The problem is either coaching or personnel (or a combination of both).  Helm would undoubtedly improve the PK but there is only so much which can be attributed to a single player (not named Crosby, Giroux, etc.).  We all remember that Samuelsson at the point on the PP paid little dividends.  He’s always hurt, enigmatic and its unfair to rely on a player with such a reputation as an excuse.  The “rebuilt committee” of defenseman is pretty much healthy now but the recent drop in GA is more a product of the way the Wings have changed their style of play.  It’s fairly obvious when they are scoring at a clip of 1 or 2 goals a game.

The Wings have enough talent up front even with injuries.  Rookies like Tatar have made important contributions and Brunner has been a sensation.  Yet Babcock has the likes of Dan-Do-Nothing playing on a scoring line.  That line has been dead since its inception earlier in the season.  Abdelkader has 1 goal (an empty netter), Cleary has 5 goals in 25 games despite averaging 17 minutes (PP, EV, PK), and Datsyuk hot start has frozen solid.  The Wings are spending about 21M of the cap on D and last year was not dramatically different at appx. 23M (w/ Lidstrom and Stuart).  Yet, the production from the D has dropped significantly.  There is also the fact that Wings only chance at playing decent defense is to abandon offense entirely (dump-chase, throw it deep all day).  The PK, PP, and offense have been pathetic and Babs has made no visible changes to turn things around.  While the Wings have managed to scrap wins at about a 50/50 clip, a team is unlikely to get far in the playoffs let alone get their with those numbers.  The NHL is about specialty teams today.

Things are tight but by no means merit jumping ship.  The games are boring for the most part.  Change has to happen.  Enough of the dead line.  Send Cleary at the deadline if possible.  Get something for Q or amnesty him at seasons end.  He’s not a complete disaster in the mold of Komisarek but not worth the 3.75 price tag.  Q is not defensively sound enough or given enough offensively to merit his keep.  Franzen is officially a turd floating in the toilet.  Get something for him at the deadline or amnesty.  Brunner has made him more than expendable.  Tatar is Hudler with speed, not Brunner.  And I like Tats a lot more.  Filppula has to be moved.  He puts up empty numbers, never shows when it counts and the Wings can’t afford his price tag this offseason (not to mention he’s not worth it).  Plan B for the D completely because it has to be covered up through scheme changes.  Get draft picks, as many as you can Kenny.  Not players, draft picks.  Bring up Gus and play him w/ Hank/Brunner.  Put Tats w/ Pav and Bert when he returns.

Babs and Holland have their heads in their A’s.  They need them out soon.

Posted by statelouis26 from Detroit, MI on 03/09/13 at 11:41 PM ET

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Also…Why doesn’t Babs play our bazillion bottom 6 forwards on the PK and save Pav/Hank for offensive minutes?  We know they are defensively proficient.  After all, can the PK get any worse anyway?

Posted by statelouis26 from Detroit, MI on 03/09/13 at 11:44 PM ET

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special shout out to franzen for, again, sleepwalking through most of this game.

“Sleepskating” would be a more accurate term, Chet, but I 100% agree with your premise. There were two instances in the second period where the puck was passed to him as they moved out of the defensive zone. On one, he simply watched it go by him without making any effort to get it. On the other, he watched it go right between his legs, again without making any effort to control the puck. Franzen is the biggest waste of space on the ice. I’d put Tootoo on Z’s line before I’d put that POS out there again.

Datsyuk & Zetterberg have been turned into grinders, of necessity to help the mediocre defense.

I have to disagee w2j2. They, along with Brunner, have been turned into “grinders” because their linemates are useless. Pavel is now taking weird chances and even weirder shots because he’s playing with one guy who should be on the 4th line and one guy who should be home playing with his kids. And Z and Brunner are playing with Mary Freaking Poppins.

And as far as Kronwall is concerned, well, the only way he’s going to get close to the Norris Trophy this year is if the winner invites him over to his house. That’s not to say that he won’t win it someday. But that day is at least two or three years away.

Posted by OlderThanChelios from Grand Rapids, MI on 03/09/13 at 11:48 PM ET

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I posted this in a different post-

Every season we see this same ebb and flow from the Wings. We think they’re finally pulling it together then they go lay an egg. I have a feeling this is typical for the foreseeable future. Nothing surprises me anymore with these guys. I don’t get too high nor do I get too low.

Yesterday I mentioned trading Fil, White, and a prospect for Bobby Ryan. It would give the Sucks a…more defensively sound winger to replace Ryan, some D-help and obviously a possible Wng-killer in the future for a 30+ goal scorer for Datysuk’s wing. Someone pointed out, correctly perhaps, that we’d be trading for another Franzen. And this is a problem how? It’s a legitimate winger for Datsyuk. It lets Babs leave Z and Brunner (and Franzen I guess) ‘s line alone…

BUT…the Wngs are still without a top-2 D man that they desperately need.

Posted by mrfluffy from Long Beach on 03/09/13 at 06:27 PM ET

Far fetched and I doubt the *ucks would let Ryan go in any trade…

Posted by mrfluffy from A wide spot on I-90 in Montana on 03/10/13 at 12:53 AM ET

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