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TSN’s McKenzie: Red Wings re-sign Ericsson

Updated 8x at 10:39 PM: The Red Wings have re-signed Jonathan Ericsson, per TSN’s Bob McKenzie, but his asking price was a bit steep:

DET agrees to terms with Jonathan Ericsson. Numbers not confirmed but believed to be three years at around $9.75M total.

Update: Per the Sporting News’s Craig Custance:

Jonathan Ericsson deal not quite done but close.

Update #2: Here’s TSN’s report:

The Detroit Red Wings have agreed to terms with defenceman Jonathan Ericsson. Terms of the deal were not disclosed but it is believed to be a 3-year deal at around $9.75 million.

Ericsson, who was eligible to become an unrestricted free agent on Friday, earned $900,000 last season.

Update #3: MLive’s Ansar Khan confirms:

The Detroit Red Wings have signed defenseman Jonathan Ericsson to a three-year contract that averages $3.25 million a season, a source told Booth Newspapers.

This is much higher than the Red Wings’ recent offer of slightly more than $2 million per season. But as quality free-agent defensemen were getting re-signed by their own teams, the market was thinning, increasing Ericsson’s value.

The 6-foot-4, 220-pound Ericsson earned $1.25 million in 2010-11, his second full NHL season.

Red Wings general manager Ken Holland couldn’t be reached for comment, but he said earlier in the day that he was making progress with Ericsson and right wing Patrick Eaves, who were scheduled to become unrestricted free agents at noon on Friday.

Update #4: The Macomb Daily’s Chuck Pleiness also confirms:

A source has confirmed that defenseman Jonathan Ericsson has reached a deal to remain with the Wings.

The deal is three years for $9.75 million.

More details to follow.

Update #5: The Detroit News’s Ted Kulfan confirms on Twitter:

Jonathan Ericsson back with the Wings. Eaves is getting closer, too.

Update #5: The Free Press’s Helene St. James also confirms:

The Red Wings locked up defenseman Jonathan Ericsson today with a three-year extension worth $9.75 million. The deal closed a little under 16 hours before Ericsson, 27, would have hit the market as an unrestricted free agency at noon Friday.

General manager Ken Holland told the Free Press over the weekend the sides were closed, and all that remained was to sort out a few details. Holland is also close to re-signing forward Patrick Eaves, while Drew Miller appears determined to test the market.

They also have Jakub Kindl under contract, and are prepared to give Brendan Smith, their first-rounder from the ‘07 draft, every chance to make the team.

Ericsson provides good size at 6-foot-4 and 220 pounds, though the Wings repeatedly push him to be more physical. He rebounded from a subpar 2009-10 with a very steady season that saw him reach a career-high 15 points and finish plus-8. He was an able penalty killer, and showed signs he can help out the power play on the back end if needed.

Ericsson’s $3.25 million salary cap hit (the same as what he’ll make each season) is more than Niklas Kronwall’s, but Kronwall is due a considerable raise when his contract expires next summer. The Wings have Ericsson penciled in as the No. 5 defensman for 2011-12, but he’s looked good when playing with Nicklas Lidstrom in the past, and this signing gives the Wings some breathing room as they approach free agency on Friday.

Update #6: More from Kulfan via Twitter, and he is, regrettably, right:

That’s a lot of money for Ericsson but given the climate in the NHL this week (and for sure tomorrow) the cap number ($3.25M) is about right
Not saying that Ericsson earning $3.25M is right. That puts him past Kronwall (until after next season).

Update #7: Here’s Kulfan’s report:

The Red Wings kept one player in the fold. Defenseman Jonathan Ericsson has re-signed with the Red Wings on a 3-year contract. Financial terms weren’t immediately confirmed, but it’s expected the total will be just under $10 million.

Ericsson, 27, earned $900,000 last season.

Ericsson played in 74 games last season, scoring 15 points (three goals, 12 assists). He was plus-8, with 87 penalty minutes. Ericsson had three points (one goal, two assists) in 11 playoff games.

The signing leaves forwards Patrick Eaves and Drew Miller available. It appears the Wings are somewhat closer to an agreement with Eaves at this point.

The Wings are also negotiating with unrestricted free agent forward Jaromir Jagr.

Update #8: Per the Macomb Daily’s Chuck Pleiness:

As the free agency deadline fast approaches, the Wings have locked up one player and seem to be getting closer to a deal with another of their three unrestricted free agents. Defenseman Jonathan Ericsson agreed to a deal late Thursday night, a source told The Macomb Daily. The deal is for three years and $9.7 million.

Wings general manager Ken Holland, who could not be reached for comment on the Ericsson signing, said Thursday they were making progress on Ericsson and with forward Patrick Eaves, but that nothing had been finalized.

“We’re still talking and I think we’re making progress,” Holland said. “But once you get to noon (today) it’s wide open for anyone to sign them.”

Detroit’s original offer to Ericsson, who made $1.25 million last year, was just over $2 million a season. His price tag rose as unrestricted free agent defensemen were taken off the market.


Holland added that Wings coach Mike Babcock is continuing to talk to assistant coaching candidates. He hopes to make a decision early next week.

“We’ve narrowed it down to a few guys,” Holland said.

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to much, to long

Posted by trevor from computer on 06/30/11 at 11:32 PM ET

yzer19man's avatar

If those numbers are correct, ARE YOU SERIOUS??? There is no way on this green earth he is worth that much…not happy

Posted by yzer19man on 06/30/11 at 11:32 PM ET


Jesus F’ing Christ.

Posted by godblender on 06/30/11 at 11:34 PM ET

Puppies and Hookers's avatar

Is this bizarro Ken Holland?  Big rig paid more than Kronner?  Wow… big surprise

Posted by Puppies and Hookers from La la land on 06/30/11 at 11:38 PM ET


I don’t buy it. That’s almost Stuart/Kronwall money. Bob must have meant an upside down “9”.

Posted by Zach on 06/30/11 at 11:39 PM ET


Stuart: $3.75 Million, Kronwall $3.5 million last year. If true, is Holland panicking at all with the defensemen pool dwindling to give $3.25 million, or is this the unfortunate “going rate” because of the other free agent signings (of course, I’d much rather have Erhoff for $4 million and take my chances on 10 years).

Posted by Bugsy on 06/30/11 at 11:45 PM ET


Kronner gets 3M right? s**** I would be soooo mad (not the word I would use) to see a kid like that make more money than me…really Kenny???Dear dear..this is not good..

Posted by Meg on 06/30/11 at 11:47 PM ET

Michiru Kaioh's avatar

Wow, this is just plain ridiculous. Please just be a bad dream. Please, it has to be. We have the best front office, who in their right mind could possibly believe that this guy is worth a 3.25 mil cap hit? This just can’t be true.

Posted by Michiru Kaioh on 06/30/11 at 11:48 PM ET


If E is worth 3.25, then Wiz better be asking Columbus for at least 6mil per for around 15 seasons!

Posted by godblender on 06/30/11 at 11:49 PM ET

Puppies and Hookers's avatar

Tick tock must have been uncomfortable having so much cap space…

Posted by Puppies and Hookers from La la land on 06/30/11 at 11:49 PM ET

calquake's avatar

Unfortunately this may well be the price of doing business in today’s NHL.  The NHL Network said Philly may have been looking at Big E if he hit the market.  Play him with Lidstrom and make him earn every penny of it.  I’m not happy but there isn’t a lot out there to replace him with.  And before you throw out names wait to see what the free agent D-men sign for and then commence with with the gnashing of teeth.

Posted by calquake from Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst on 06/30/11 at 11:49 PM ET

RedMenace's avatar

I… uh…

... what the f….

... sign and trade to Florida?

Posted by RedMenace from A Tormented Hellscape on 06/30/11 at 11:50 PM ET

w2j2's avatar

Guys, Holland has to work with the market as it is.  Dmen are crazy expensive this year, and there is nothing he can do about it.  Imagine what he will have to pay a top 2 free agent.

Posted by w2j2 on 06/30/11 at 11:51 PM ET

Wingfan191's avatar

Just terrible

Posted by Wingfan191 from Bothell, WA (originally from Troy, MI) on 06/30/11 at 11:51 PM ET

Neznarf's avatar

so we could have lost a late round draft pick and signed Christian Erhoff for $750,000 more?

Not happy.  Ericsson better be in the gym as we speak.

Posted by Neznarf on 06/30/11 at 11:51 PM ET

Neznarf's avatar

ps those talking about kronner, cap hit is 3mil he made 3.5 this past year.


Posted by Neznarf on 06/30/11 at 11:53 PM ET

Michiru Kaioh's avatar

Yeah, Ehrhoff is a much, much better player who knows his own skill set and utilizes it appropriately…we can’t even blame this on the market when someone of his caliber is signed at a cap hit of only 750k higher…urgh, this is so bad. Please let it be false…Dx

Or at least, somehow, let his play improve to where he actually earns it…

Posted by Michiru Kaioh on 06/30/11 at 11:54 PM ET


I refuse to believe this report.  KH should be fired tomorrow if true.  Mike I. should be PO’d.

Posted by jkm2011 on 06/30/11 at 11:55 PM ET

Chris in A^2's avatar

E52 making more than Kronwall?

Posted by Chris in A^2 from Nyquist Puck Control on 06/30/11 at 11:55 PM ET

EDJ's avatar

E would have made 4+ outside as a big, stay at home dman who looked better than he was because he played with the Red Wings. Besides that, management sees a lot more upside in E than we do, part of it being that he’s a defenseman who was converted from center, so they’re giving him more time. Finally, Kronwall is nearing the end of a deal that was given at a similar age to E’s when there was much less cap space around the league.

Posted by EDJ on 06/30/11 at 11:58 PM ET

TeamDub's avatar

Garbage. The hell?

Posted by TeamDub from The gratch. on 06/30/11 at 11:59 PM ET

cowboycoffee's avatar

i was worried this would happen

Posted by cowboycoffee from San Francisco, CA on 07/01/11 at 12:00 AM ET

Zaze's avatar

E is SO lucky he was UFA this year and not next.

Posted by Zaze on 07/01/11 at 12:00 AM ET

scotts0's avatar

Meh.  Don’t know what to think of this…but it’s probably not good.

Posted by scotts0 from New York on 07/01/11 at 12:02 AM ET

PDXWing's avatar

Hell yeah. Great signing. He’s about to put all the pieces together. This will be a steal of a contract by the end of its term. It’s clear he has the talent to be a top four guy and he’s just entering his 3rd full season, so his overall game is still developing. I am curious to see what the cap hit will be, as opposed to the total contract worth. The hit could end up around the low 2 mil. if it is back loaded, right?

Posted by PDXWing on 07/01/11 at 12:03 AM ET


Let’s just hope that he plays to the level next year that KH thinks he can.

Posted by RyanVM on 07/01/11 at 12:04 AM ET

Down River Dan's avatar

I’m sure Kenny didn’t want to pay that much, but with the amount of teams which have money burning holes in their pockets, he would have had to match much larger $$$ when Ericsson hit the open market.

So Holland’s option is to pony up the dough, or let him walk and find a replacement on the open market.

My guess is Holland doesn’t think the D-men available on the market starting tomorrow, offer the upside potential and size that Ericsson offers long term.

Ericsson is still only 27, and yes he makes some gaffes from time to time, but remember back to how well he played in the playoffs several years ago.

How about we judge this re-signing at the end of next year, not this July?

Posted by Down River Dan on 07/01/11 at 12:04 AM ET


I remember Larry Murphy was doing a chat during one of the Wings games this year.  He typed that the Wings see Big E as a No. 2 guy down the road.

Posted by loojay on 07/01/11 at 12:05 AM ET


I don’t care that E would have received even more money from some other club…that’s no excuse for this bullsh*t signing. If we were going to overpay for a d-man anyway, why not spend the money on someone who has shown they can contribute at the NHL level? As for the “well, he’s only recently been converted into a defenceman” reasoning…maybe THAT is why he sucks as one. On top of this we still may be paying for Jagr’s services. I really can’t believe this..

Posted by godblender on 07/01/11 at 12:06 AM ET

Wingfan191's avatar

Christian Erhoff is only 750K more… sigh.

Posted by Wingfan191 from Bothell, WA (originally from Troy, MI) on 07/01/11 at 12:08 AM ET

Chris in A^2's avatar

Bringing Smith, Emmerton and Mursak up, signing Eaves at 2 million and a backup goalie for 1 million (both high values)  gives us 9.2 millionto play around with in Free Agency for one player.  There’s still room for something huge to happen, even with Ericsson paid this much.

Posted by Chris in A^2 from Nyquist Puck Control on 07/01/11 at 12:08 AM ET

Gumby's avatar

The only upside I see to this signing is that he’ll have a different defense coach in the coming season.  That could make a big difference.

Posted by Gumby from the city with more ruins than Rome on 07/01/11 at 12:09 AM ET


As frustrating as it may seem, this contract may well be the product of the current market(both supply and costs) of Dmen.  Looking forward towards tomorrow, it seems Jovo on a 1 or 2 year deal will be their next move.  Perhaps this will allow them to target someone more elite next year.  Or, if a trade is viable for a better dman, Big E can be dangled to sweeten the pot.

Posted by Crow on 07/01/11 at 12:13 AM ET

RorSchach's avatar

If Big Rig doesn’t have one hell of a first half, his ass should be traded at the deadline. This is horrible. I read somewhere that they want Big E to be in the top 4. Man.. That’s horrible if true. :(

Posted by RorSchach from Datsberg on 07/01/11 at 12:16 AM ET

duhduhduh's avatar

crazy comes full circle

Posted by duhduhduh on 07/01/11 at 12:16 AM ET

Guilherme's avatar

Remember when craaazy people said Holland should step down and make room for Yzerman?

I hate them 10% less right now.

Posted by Guilherme from Brazsil on 07/01/11 at 12:17 AM ET


Tick-Tock doesn’t overpay.
- A Bunch of People Who Are Rethinking Their Opinions

If this is true, this is a JOKE.

More than Kronwall’s cap hit.  Almost Stuart’s cap hit.

gives us 9.2 millionto play around with in Free Agency for one player.

So they overpay for another decent defenseman and say goodbye to Babcock’s hoped-for top-six forward.


Posted by Garth on 07/01/11 at 12:22 AM ET

Slumpy's avatar

WTF???? He had 15 pts last season and 13 the season before! Kenny you drunk?
Paying him more than Kronwall season salary! When Kronwall contract is up after next season he’ll say I’m worth twice as much as Ericsson so pay me 6.5M per season.
There are plenty of defenseman UFA available to try to sign that are way better than Ericsson.
6’ 4” 200+ but plays like he’s 5 ’ 9” 160.
Guess tomorrow we should expect Eaves and Miller resigned and then Kenny will be done for the summer.
Over 3M per season for this guy, wow. I thought Kopecky got overpaid by Tallon but, wow. Looks like all these GM’s are drinking from the same trough filled with dumb juice.

Posted by Slumpy from Under My Wheels on 07/01/11 at 12:23 AM ET


As frustrating as it may seem, this contract may well be the product of the current market

Are you kidding?  The current market isn’t paying way the f*ck too much for bottom-pairing defensemen.

I’m guessing they sign Cam Barker for $8.2M.

Posted by Garth on 07/01/11 at 12:25 AM ET


Ericsson, 27, earned $900,000 last season.

No he didn’t.

Posted by Garth on 07/01/11 at 12:26 AM ET

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