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Red Wings-Sharks Game 5 quick take: the joy of six

Hello, San Jose. Your team had a 2-0 and 3-1 leads, out-shot the Wings 42-22, and oh look, the Red Wings defeated your Sharks 4-3 on grit, heart, will and determination.  As the announcers and Twitterverse piled it on and Johan Franzen (ankle) sat on the bench due to his sore ankle, the Wings just pushed, pushed, pushed and succeeded. Howard proved that he’s no playoff fluke, Cleary, Datsyuk, Holmstrom, Zetterberg, Bertuzzi, Kronwall—who Kronwalled and is clearly in the heads of more than a few Sharks, as is Abdelkader—did his thing, Lidstrom led, even Jonathan Ericsson found the back of the net and the Wings decided that they’d like to continue playing hockey, and so we will.

The Wings didn’t even play nearly their best game by any stretch of the imagination—the Sharks truly dominated at times—but the Wings prevailed because they wanted it more.

In the words of Mike Babcock, now it will get tighter and tighter, or as Kris Draper so succinctly put it, Game 6 is, “Where it gets interesting.”

Update: Kronwalled? Oh yes.

Not a bad goal by Cleary:


Homer, via Paul:



Shots 42-22 San Jose, breaking down as 16-7 San Jose in the 1st period, 14-9 San Jose in the 2nd period nad 12-6 San Jose in the 3rd period.

The Wings went 0-for-2 in 4:00 of PP time; the Sharks went 0-for-4 in 8:00 of PP time.

Howard stopped 39 of 42 shots; Niemi stopped 18 of 22.

The 3 stars, per Dan Rusanowsky, were Jimmy Howard, Joe Pavelski and Pavel Datsyuk.

The Wings’ goals: Kronwall (2) from Datsyuk (8) and Stuart (1);

Ericsson (1) from Zetterberg (5) and Datsyuk (9);

Cleary (2) from Kronwall (3) and Bertuzzi (4);

Holmstrom (3) from Lidstrom (4) and Datsyuk (10).

Faceoffs 30-29 San Jose (Wings won 49%);

Blocked shots 20-17 San Jose;

Missed shots 14-7 San Jose (total shot attempts 73-49 San Jose);

Hits 25-21 Detroit;

Giveaways 20-13 San Jose;

Takeaways 11-6 San Jose.

Individual stats:

Faceoffs: Zetterberg went 16-and-9 (64%); Filppula went 4-and-8 (33%); Helm went 4-and-6 (40%); Cleary went 4-and-2 (67%); Abdelkader went 1-and-1 (50%); Draper went 0-and-2 (0%); Eaves went 0-and-1; Miller went 0-and-1.

Shots: Rafalski, Zetterberg and Ericsson had 3 shots; Lidstrom, Cleary, Kronwall, Franzen and Holmstrom had 2 shots; Datsyuk, Eaves and Salei had 1.

Blocked attempts: The Sharks blocked 6 Zetterberg attempts; Rafalski had 3 attempts blocked; Draper, Helm and Franzen had 2 attempts blocked; Lidstrom, Cleary, Miller, Stuart and Kronwall had 1 attempt blocked.

Missed shots: Filppula missed the net 3 times; Helm, Bertuzzi, Kronwall and Holmstrom missed the net 1 time.

Hits: Abdelkader led the team with 5 hits; Cleary and Eaves had 3 hits; Draper, Helm, Bertuzzi, Kronwall and Franzen had 2 hits; Datsyuk, Salei, Rafalski and Ericsson had 1 hit.

Giveaways: Ericsson had an ugly 5 giveaways; Lidstrom, Abdelkader, Stuart, Helm, Bertuzzi, Filppula, Holmstrom and Howard had 1 giveaway.

Takeaways: Datsyuk had 2 takeaways; Abdelkader, Zetterberg, Filppula and Ericsson had 1 takeaway.

Blocked shots: Kronwall blocked 3 shots; Eaves, Stuart, Salei and Ericsson blocked 2; Abdelkader, Datsyuk, Salei, Zetterberg, Helm and Franzen blocked 1.

Penalty minutes: Lidstrom, Abdelkader, Datsyuk, Stuart and Franzen were tagged with minor penalties.

Plus-minus: Rafalski, Draper, Helm, Filppula and Franzen finished at -1; Abdelkader, Cleary, Salei and Kronwall finished at +1; Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Holmstrom finished at +2.

Points: Datsyuk had 3 assists; Kronwall had a goal and an assist for 2 points; Cleary, Ericsson and Holmstrom had goals; Lidstrom, Zetterberg and Bertuzzi had assists.

Ice time: Kronwall led the team with 24:52; Stuart played 23:08; Zetterberg played 23:00;

Datsyuk played 21:41; Lidstrom played 21:38; Rafalski played 17:57;

Cleary played 17:51; Salei played 17:15; Helm played 15:48;

Ericsson played 15:30; Filppula played 15:28; Bertuzzi played 13:54;

Eaves played 13:11; Holmstrom played 12:09; Abdelkader played 10:27;

Miller played 9:30; Franzen played 9:19; Draper played 7:27.

Update at 11:29 PM: Yes, as Greg “Puck Daddy” Wyshynski points out, Joe Thornton may have embellished a call after pitchforking and then can-opener-ing Johan Franzen. I was upset that he hurt Franzen. The rest of it…whatever.

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Jeff  OKWingnut's avatar

The Wings had the hearts of lions tonight, George.  They could have easily packed it in after Couture’s goal.

May be the most impressive win I have seen from DET in years, most impressive.

Posted by Jeff OKWingnut from Quest for 12 on 05/09/11 at 12:48 AM ET

Michiru Kaioh's avatar

Wow, that was incredible. Datsyuk stole the game right off of Patrick Marleau’s stick…what an incredible play, and that’s why he’s the best player in the world. He cannot be stopped.

Posted by Michiru Kaioh on 05/09/11 at 12:51 AM ET

joedaiceman's avatar

3rd period was won simply by rat bastard determination. This one will stay with me a long time.

Posted by joedaiceman on 05/09/11 at 01:16 AM ET


One of the best games I’ve seen from Kronwall, but I guess he would have to bump either Datsyuk or the obligatory home team player to earn one of the 3 stars.

Posted by herschel c. wollmack on 05/09/11 at 01:22 AM ET

Chet's avatar

history sometimes takes 7 games.

history will be made.



Posted by Chet from twitter: thegansen on 05/09/11 at 01:24 AM ET

George Malik's avatar

Frankly, my line from here on out is this:


Posted by George Malik from South Lyon, MI on 05/09/11 at 01:40 AM ET

hockeychic's avatar

Frankly, my line from here on out is this:



Posted by hockeychic from Denver, CO on 05/09/11 at 01:46 AM ET


After watching Game 2 in the Shark Tank and seeing how loud and stupid that place gets, I’m so proud of the Red Wings tonight for sticking it to them at home.


Posted by DaYoop from SF, CA on 05/09/11 at 01:47 AM ET

PaulinMiamiBeach's avatar

“bludgeoned over the line by Dan Cleary”

hell yes.

and the game itself was bludgeoned into the win column by the Red Wings.  this is their gutsiest win of the season, and make no mistake…they went back to the locker room feeling like comrades.  games like these bring a team together.

confidence is the key to the Wings’ play this season.  there is no way they don’t have bucketloads of it right now.

side note: why does the announcer in that third replay sound like Jessie Ventura?

Posted by PaulinMiamiBeach on 05/09/11 at 02:00 AM ET

PaulinMiamiBeach's avatar

George…saw your tweet about Franzen.  I disagree completely.  he can’t contribute.  he should not play.  continuing to aggravate the ankle does nobody any good - not him, not the team.

Posted by PaulinMiamiBeach on 05/09/11 at 02:06 AM ET

PaulinMiamiBeach's avatar

more on that last comment, George…

there’s a difference between “he can go” and “he says he can go.”  that’s what I don’t like about Babcock’s comment.  at some point a coach has to look at a player and say “no you can’t.”

Posted by PaulinMiamiBeach on 05/09/11 at 02:07 AM ET

Chet's avatar

we’ll see tues i guess.

Posted by Chet from twitter: thegansen on 05/09/11 at 02:23 AM ET

stonehands-78's avatar

Posted by PaulinMiamiBeach on 05/09/11 at 12:07 AM ET

I have no doubt what Babs says in public, in front of a mic, is vastly different then his conversations in private, behind closed doors with his team and his players.

While he is very good at ‘sound bites’, the organ-I-zation has him in the position of Head Coach for a reason. And I’m certain the players know that reason: a proven track record of success.

He’s the Coach. They’re the players. Together they are a team.

Posted by stonehands-78 from the beginning ... a WingsFan, on 05/09/11 at 02:31 AM ET

perfection's avatar

PaulinMiamiBeach, i totally agree with you. Franzen, even when he was playing has been pretty ineffective. meanwhile you have a healthy, hungry, and probably angry, Modano and Hudler. i know that the gamble rests on Franzen’s shot and his past playoff sucess. he has a way of roofing shots when it matters most. so, i get the logic. he may not do anything all game and he may hardly be able to skate, but if he fires in a game winner when it matters most, then it’s worth it. that’s the theory. but he’s just too ineffective. and if he is reagrivating to the point that he’s taken out for the entire last period, leaving us short, it’s time time replace him. i mean it’s not like we’re throwing Emmerton in there or something. we’re talking about Hudler who’s played every game so far and Modano who played great in the game he played in and is surely hungrier than anyone to be out there with his impending retirement. i think Franzen needs a break and the team would be better with someone healthy in his place right now. if we do indeed pull off the comeback, we sure will be able to use him in the next couple series. but he needs to heal first.

Posted by perfection from LaLaLand on 05/09/11 at 02:43 AM ET

MsRedWingFan's avatar

Frankly, my line from here on out is this:


Posted by George Malik from South Lyon, MI on 05/08/11 at 11:40 PM ET

Amen ... George ....  Amen !!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL

Posted by MsRedWingFan from West Michgian on 05/09/11 at 02:43 AM ET

hockeychic's avatar

The Wings just willed themselves to that win.  Kronwall was amazing.  Jimmy was amazing and then in the third, the whole team just came together.  Wow. 

Still trying to wind down so I can sleep.

Posted by hockeychic from Denver, CO on 05/09/11 at 02:53 AM ET

sloaner's avatar

I am simply incredibly proud of this team. I haven’t seen will and determination earn a win like that in a while. I was bitching about changes that needed to be made and I think tweaks could help but no matter what happens this week, I think Howard and the guys deserve another shot. And I have a hard team seeing Lidstrom leave a team that can gut a win out like that.

Posted by sloaner from Los Angeles, CA on 05/09/11 at 05:15 AM ET

Beatrain's avatar

That game was unreal. History can fuch itself indeed. My mom is out from Detroit visiting so I took her with me to the game. There were only 19 Wings fans in the barn tonite and damn did it feel good to be one of them. Nothing feels better than watching that comeback surrounded by ignorant, arrogant Sharts “fans”.
I still can’t believe it.

Posted by Beatrain on 05/09/11 at 05:37 AM ET

Chris in A^2's avatar

Your team had a 2-0 and 3-1 leads, out-shot the Wings 42-22, and oh look, the Red Wings defeated your Sharks 4-3 on grit, heart, will and determination.


Posted by Chris in A^2 from Nyquist Puck Control on 05/09/11 at 06:10 AM ET

scotts0's avatar

Don’t jinx it.

Posted by scotts0 from New York on 05/09/11 at 05:59 PM ET

Wings_Fan_In_KC's avatar

History can go f*ck itself!

+19 GM

Posted by Wings_Fan_In_KC from ...somewhere southwest of The Motor City... on 05/10/11 at 01:35 AM ET

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