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Red Wings-Jets quick take: Goose, Howard help Wings defeat Jets

The Detroit Red Wings attempted to snap a 7-game losing streak against the Western Conference-leading Winnipeg Jets on Tuesday.

Before the game, Ken Holland spoke with Fox Sports Detroit's John Keating, addressing the state of the team in a 15-minute interview, and he suggested that the Red Wings have to go "over .500" over the next 10-15 games to make a playoff push.

It could be argued that this game would show whether the Red Wings believe in their coach and GM, and it could be argued that this game would show whether the Red Wings believe in each other.

The Red Wings didn't answer all the hard questions over the course of a 5-1 win that was excellent despite an 0-for-5 power play, but the Wings got a great performance from Jimmy Howard (31 stops on 32 shots), Gustav Nyquist had a goal and two assists, Jonathan Ericsson got a controversial goal call to go his way (legitimately so) and the Wings were smart in terms of their attention to detail, they put in a full 60-minute effort, and they even got a little scrappy against the gigantic Jets at times.

This game will serve as something of a blueprint--power play aside--for how the Wings have to play as their home stand continues.

Both teams posted projected lineups well before game time...

The Red Wings started Darren Helm, Frans Nielsen and Luke Glendening at forward, with Jonathan Ericsson and Trevor Daley on defense and Jimmy Howard in goal.

The Wings scratched Xavier Ouellet, going with 12 forwards and 6 defensemen.

The Jets started Blacke Wheeler, Mark Scheifele and Kyle Connor at forward, Jacob Trouba and Josh Morrissey on defense and Connor Hellebuyck in goal.

The 1st period

1st period observations:

  • Nielsen drew in for the opening faceoff against Scheifele, who won the draw, and the Jets pushed the puck up to center ice, where Glendening mucked it back to the Jets' line and ground down the Jets' defense. Winnipeg had to push back to its defensive zone to re-set, and they only got up to the Wings' blueline, where Daley chipped the puck out.
  • Jacob Trouba skated in and fired a 60-foot shot on Howard for the first shot of the game, and Larkin, Mantha and Tatar took over up front, with Green and Kronwall on defense.
  • Zetterberg was on the ice at 1:25 to grab a loose puck at the Jets' line, and Zetterberg, Abdelkader and Nyquist cycled the puck to DeKeyser, who got the Wings' first shot of the night from the blueline.
  • Winnipeg dumped the puck down ice, and Detroit changed lines, with Booth, Athanasiou and Frk checking as the Jets set up, got a second shot via Tyler Myers, and Jensen and Kronwall watched the Jets chip the puck out of play.
  • 2:45 into the 1st, the Wings had cycled their lines and were slowly but surely establishing a semblance of a forecheck.
  • As has been usual for the last 10-12 games, Nielsen, Helm and Glendening looked the most tenacious as they closed on the Jets' forwards and forced the Jets to dump and change.
  • Winnipeg had 8 or 9 players on the ice some 4:45 into the 1st, but the refs did not call them for too many men;
  • Nyquist, Abdelkader and Zetterberg were able to estabish a forecheck and generate a pair of shots on Hellebuyck, but the Wings followed up with their somewhat patchwork fourth line, and they both lost the offensive zone draw and let the Jets chip and chase into the Wings' zone, where Daley and Ericsson looked overmatched, and Howard had to make a big save on Josh Morrissey's point shot.
  • 6:30 into the 1st, Mantha raced into the offensive zone and slid a shot through Hellebuyck, but Larkin wasn't quite able to skate into the rebound to jam it past Hellebuyck.

At 6:51, Trevor Daley got tagged for slashing, and the Wings headed to the PK.

  • At the first TV timeout at 6:51, Detroit was out-shooting Winnipeg 5-2 and out-attempting them 7-4; hits 7-4 Winnipeg, giveaways 3-2 Winnipeg, faceoffs 2-1 Winnipeg (33% for Detroit).
  • On the PK, Glendening and Larkin won the initial faceoff and let Jensen clear the puck all the way down the ice. Winnipeg charged up ice and set up in an umbrella formation, with Schifele, Wheeler, Connor, Byfuglien and Myers setting up.
  • The Wings were able to force the Jets out to center, and Glendening nad Larkin skated up 2-on-2, forcing Hellebuyck to make a big stop.
  • The Jets responded going the other way, and the 2nd unit worked to send the puck to Laine, and he fired a shot wide of an open net;
  • Wheeler gave the puck up to Larkin, and he circled and dropped the puck back to Green, who blasted the puck up ice. Nielsen and Helm were available and pushed the Jets back into their onw zone until the power play expired.
  • Ehlers pulled a Nyquist-like circling play before forcing the Wings to ice the puck.
  • The Nielsen line nad then Zetterberg's set up a cycle, and Kronwall whipped a shot off Brandon Tanev's stick and out into the crowd.
  • At the 2nd TV timeout at 9:31, Detroit was out-shooting Winnipeg 6-3 but attempts were 8-8; hits 7-5 Winnipeg, giveaways 4-2 Winnipeg, faceoffs 3-2 Winnipeg (40%).
  • As play resumed, Zetterberg's line surrendered a rush to the Jets' fourth line, and Mike Green got away with a stick grab...

And the Jets would be furious about that stick grab because Gustav Nyquist walked into a dead zone, chipped the puck toward the net, and the puck went off several Jets defenders' skates en route to Justin Abdelkader, who dumped the puck into an empty net.

Abdelkader scored from Nyquist and Zetterberg at 10:42.

  • Larkin, Mantha and Tatar worked the post-goal shift, and were quickly replaced by Booth, Athanasiou and Frk, and they forced the Jets to take a penalty.

Josh Morrissey sat for a couple of quick grabs on Athanasiou at 12:31, yielding a Wings power play.

As the power play began, Tyler Myers flipped the puck out of play from his own zone at 12:36, yielding 1:55 of 5-on-3 time.

  • Green, Athanasiou, Frk, Larkin and Mantha worked together on the 5-on-3, with Frk firing wide and then on Hellebuyck, with Athanasiou sending a heavy on on Hellebuyck as well, and Mantha started to shove a Jets defender.
  • The first PP unit remained on the ice as Frk found a snapped stick going his way and he fired one wide and one was blocked by Kulikov and then Little. Kulikov went off stung, and the Jets cleared.
  • Zetterberg, Nyquist, Tatar, Abdelkader and Kronwall worked the puck down low, Nyquist swiped a loose puck and Tatar missed the net.

And as the power play expired, Gustav Nyquist worked the puck to the point, Tatar fired a shot off Hellebuyck, Abdelkader was occupying the Jets' defenders in front, and Nyquist ripped a short shot top shelf.

Nyquist scored at 14:43 of the 1st, making it 2-0 Detroit from Tatar and Kronwall.

  • At the TV timeout at 15:00, Detroit out-shot WInnipeg 13-3 and out-attempted them 23-8; hits 11-5 Winnipeg, giveaways 4-2 WInnipeg, blocked shots 4-1 Winnipeg, faceoffs 7-5 Detroit (58%).
  • Winnipeg tried to push right back, and their Lowry-Laine line cycled, but the Wings won a deep defensive zone faceof and pushed their way into the offensive zone, forcing Winnipeg into an uncalled icing before icing the puck themselves.
  • The Wings were just doing a good job of forcing the Jets' defenders to flub their outlet passes by forechecking hard in a 1-2-and-2, and Detroit was working very hard to counter-attack as well.
  • Athanasiou was unable to race past Ben Chariot as he got "pinned" to the boards;
  • Winnipeg really picked up their games some 17:30 into the 1st, stepping down on the gas pedal as its counterattack sped up considerably, but the Wings were still aggravating the Jets as they tried to skate up ice.
  • Mantha swiped a puck from the Jets and charged up ice, sent a shot in on Hellebuyck, and off a keep-in by DeKeyser, Tatar nearly scored as the puck bounced off Hellebuyck and fell into Tatar's feet.
  • As the first period wound down, Mantha, Larkin and DeKeyser worked the puck to Nyquist for a long bullet shot that Hellebuyck had to grab, and the Zetterberg line mucked and ground as the period ended.

The 1st period in summary: The Red Wings played focused, intense and intelligent hockey in the first period, out-shooting Winnipeg 16-3 and generating momentum from both their PK and PP, getting smart goals by Abdelkader and Nyquist at the front of the Jets' net...and the Wings drove Winnipeg nuts all period via tenacious checking. The Wings played the kind of game they have to play to win--right in the opposition's faces all night long.

Statistically, Detroit out-shot Winnipeg 16-3 and out-attempted Winnipeg 28-11; Detroit was out-hit 15-7; giveaways were 4-4, takeaways 0-0 (possession changes 4-4); blocked shots 4-3 Winnipeg; faceoffs 11-9 Detroit (55%), led by Larkin at 5-and-1 (83%).

Individually, Abdelkader, Green, Mantha and DeKeyser had 2 shots apiece; Frk had 1 shot among 5 attempts; Larkin had 2 hits; Booth, Green, Ericsson and Howard had giveaways; Glendening, Zetterberg and DeKeyser blocked shots; Larkin was 5-and-1 on faceoffs, Glendening 3-and-0; Abdelkader, Nyquist, Zetterberg and Kronwall were +2; Larkin played 7:21, Ericsson 7:09, Green 7:07, Daley 6:40, Mantha 6:18, DeKeyser 6:12.

FSD had the scoring chances at 7-2 Detroit on the Wings' 16-3 shot advantage.

The 2nd period began with both teams at even strength.

2nd period observations:

  • Nielsen drew in for the opening faceoff and lost it but was able to clear the puck to center ice for Helm, who was picked by Trouba, and the Jets chipped and chased, but Detroit managed to clear the puck and skate into the Jets' zone offside at 28 seconds of the 2nd period.
  • Tatar, Larkin and Mantha took to the ice with DeKeyser and Jensen, and the Wings won a faceoff at the offensive zone blueline, watched the Jets ice the puck and get away with it, and Larkin and Kronwall worked a puck up ice to get a shot on Hellebuyck.
  • Zetterberg's line surrendered the first rush against, but Ehlers' pinch was stifled by Nyquist, Zetterberg negated an icing, and Nyquist found Abdelkader, who was felled by his own shot as it was blocked and he fell over. The pair continued to cycle the puck, but were unable to sustain the cycle, and the Jets cleared the puck down ice.
  • The Wings' fourth line took to the ice and Frk, Booth and Athanasiou saw a short shift before Nielsen's line poured over the boards to check the Wheeler line. 3:40 into the 1st, all four lines and 3 defensive pairs had hit the ice.
  • Athanasiou of all people trailed play and was able to block a pass that would have gone into the Wings' net had a Jets player touched the puck.
  • Larkin's line got a deep faceoff via a Jets icing call, and the Wings eventually got a penalty to go their way...

As Tyler Myers got called for hooking at 3:56.

  • The Jets cleared the initial deep zone faceoff's puck and the Wings slowly worked their way up ice, with Zetterberg grinding his way into the Jets' zone after Kronwall passed up ice, and Zetterberg got the puck across to Tatar, worked the umbrella with Kronwall, and fired a shot wide of the net.
  • With 1:10 remaining in the PP, Zetterberg ground his way up ice again, found Tatar and Mantha, cycled to Nyquist, and Nyquist and Zetterberg found Mantha, he found Green in the slot, and Green chipped the puck off a Jets stick into the crowd.
  • The Larkin unit worked the 2nd portion of the power play, and Green found Frk for a big booming slap shot that Hellebuyck stopped...

And Dylan Larkin "can openered" Andrew Copp, yielding a tripping penalty at 5:35 of the 2nd.

The Wings and Jets would play 4 on 4 for 21 seconds, and then Winnipeg would have a power play.

  • The Jets won their deep offensive zone faceoff in the Wings' zone, but had to regroup at center ice, and Little and MOrrissey were stifled as the Wings cleared the zone.

Justin Abdelkader then hacked Nikolaj Ehlers at 6:03, giving the Jets 1:33 of a 5-on-3.

  • Glendening, Daley and Ericsson set up on the PK against Laine and company, and Laine scored.

Patirk Laine scored his 50th goal off a pass from Blake Wheeler, and Howard was unable to stop the slapper.


Laine scored at 6:25 from Wheeler and Byfuglien.

  • Howard stopped Laine and Scheifele on the post-goal shift, and Helm''s wide shot resulted in a Jets rush which culminated in a lot of side-to-side passing by the Jets and a good block by Glendening.
  • Larkin swiped a Laine pass as well and Glendening got a good shot off on Hellebuyck as he was hit by Byfuglien.
  • The Wings killed the penalty.
  • At the TV timeout at 8:09, Detroit was out-shooting Winnipeg 5-3 in the 2nd and 21-6 overall; attempts were 38-16; hits 20-10 Winnipeg; giveaways 5-4 Winnipeg; faceoffs 18-13 Winnipeg (42%).
  • As play resumed, Zetterberg, Nyquist and Abdelkader got a short cycle going in the Jets' zone, they got bumped pretty heavily by the Jets' defense, Trouba included, and Winnipeg chipped and changed.

Jimmy Howard made a spectacular save on Kulikov and was called for tripping at 9:39 of the 2nd period, giving the Jets a tremendous PP opportunity.

  • Larkin, Glendening, Daley and Ericsson worked the PK unit, and Larkin got hacked, Daley tripped a Jet, etc., but a bad penalty --> no penalties called on either team during the PK.
  • Winnipeg worked very hard to cycle the puck on an umbrella formation, but Athanasiou and Nielsen worked with Jensen and DeKeyser to clear the puck as a Wing was high-sticked by a Jet sans call.
  • Nielsen was the player who was high-sticked by Armia.
  • The Wings killed the penalty.
  • Glendening worked with Abdelkader and Nyquist, who served the penalty, to clear the puck, and Zetterberg joined the fray, Winnipeg cycled and Armia got a fantastic chance on Howard, who made another big stop.
  • Detroit struggled to generate any momentum some 13:30 into the 2nd period, and the Wings let Winnipeg saunter into their zone...

Where the Wings retrieved the puck, and Frans Nielsen, bloody mouth included, got kneed by Josh Morrissey, who was given a 2-minute penalty at 13:50...

During the ensuing scrum, Larkin was giving some glove-on punches to Jets players, and Wheeler and Daley dropped 'em, but Daley was on his knees, so neither player chose to engage.

  • Zetterberg, Nyquist, Abdelkader, Tatar and Kronwall worked together on the PP, winning the opening deep offensive zone faceoff and cycling the puck fairly well, though they had to re-set at center a couple of times.

Tyler Myers got tagged again for delay of game at 14:46, yielding 1:05 of a 5-on-3.

  • Athanasiou, Larkin, Mantha, Green and Frk worked the puck to Frk, and Frk fired it right into Hellebuyck.
  • The Wings lost a faceoff, Athanasiou was tripped, and Green held the puck in, working with Larkin, and Abdelkader worked as the net-front man without success.
  • Abdelkader got hacked off the puck at the offensive zone blueline and then ran over by Lowry, and the Jets killed the 5-on-3.
  • With 40 seconds left in the PP, Zetterberg and Abdelkader tried to work a give-and-go, but they were unsuccessful.
  • Mantha, Tatar, Zetterberg, Kronwall and Nyquist were unable to generate a goal as the power play expired.
  • Detroit was 0-for-5 with 5 shots on the power play.
  • With under 3 minutes remaining in the 2nd period--2:31, to be exact--Detroit was out-shooting Winnipeg 9-8 in the 2nd and 25-11 overall; attempts were 48-25 Detroit; hits 24-16 Winnipeg, giveaways 7-5 Winnipeg, takeaways 1-0 Detroit, blocked shots 8-6 Winnipeg, faceoffs 20-17 Winnipeg (46%).
  • As play resumed, Mantha made a masterful pass through the Jets' slot...and it rolled all the way down the ice. Worse, Detroit iced the puck as they attempted to bring it back up into the Jets' zone.
  • So on the icing faceoff, Larkin broke his stick, Nielsen replaced him, and Nielsen nearly set up Athanasiou for a breakaway that was broken up by the Jets' defense.
  • Howard made a massive stop on Trouba in the final minute, and Detroit spent its final half-minute in the Jets' zone, trying to cycle the puck.

The 2nd period in summary: The Red Wings were unable to score on their 5-on-3's, the Jets scored on 1 of their 3 2nd period power plays, and Howard was highly underrated as both teams played sloppy hockey.

Statistically, Detroit and Winnipeg tied with 9 shots apiece in the 2nd period. Detroit out-shot Winnipeg 25-12 over the course of 2 periods, but Detroit was 0-for-5 on 6:40 of PP time; Winnipeg was 1-for-4 in 6:07.

Shot attempts were 49-28 Detroit; hits 25-16 Winnipeg; giveaways 7-5 Winnipeg, takeaways 1-0 Detroit (possession changes 8-5 Detroit); blocked shots 9-6 Winnipeg, faceoffs 23-17 Winnipeg (43% for Detroit).

Individually, Abdelkader, Green and Frk led the Wings with 3 shots apiece; Jensen, Mantha, Glendening, Kronwall, DeKeyser, Athanasiou and Daley had 2 shots apiece; Zetterberg led the Wings with 3 hits; Abdelkader, Frk, Helm, Kronwall and Larkin had 2 hits; Booth, Green, Zetterberg, Ericsson and Howard had giveaways; Zetterberg had the team's lone takeaway; DeKeyser blocked 2 shots, Green, Zetterberg, Glendening and Kronwall 1; Larkin was 6-and-3 (67%) on faceoffs, Glendening 4-and-3 (57%), Nielsen 1-and-6 (14%); Detroit remained at +10, and in terms of ice time, Green played 14:30; DeKeyser 13:21; Kronwall 13:00, Abdelkader 13:00, Nyquist 13:00, Zetterberg 12:54, Daley 11:30.

FSD had the scoring chances at 9-8 Detroit on the Wings' 25-12 shot advantage.

The 3rd period began with both teams at even strength.

3rd period observations:

  • Nielsen, Helm and Glendening started the period with Daley and Ericsson, and the Jets ground the puck out down low in Detroit's zone, but Nielsen was better and worked the puck into the Jets' zone, fired a shot attempt off a Jets player, and came back to check as the Wings changed lines some 40 seconds into the period.
  • Byfuglien was on the loose and Lowry was checking Wings defenders as Byfgulien CLOCKED Helm at the Wings' line...
  • And Helm responded by clocking Tanev.

So Helm went to the penalty box at 1:15 for interference.

  • Glendening, Larkin, Ericsson and Daley started the PK, and the Wings were able to win the opening faceoff, push the Jets out of their zone and clear the puck down ice.
  • Abdelkader, Nielsen, Daley and Ericcson worked the 2nd shift, and the Wings made some good blocks.
  • Larkin lost a draw to Scheifele and Byfuglien blasted a heavy shot into Howard;
  • Then the Jets set up and Howard was able to stop Laine's first one-timer. Glendening cleared the puck instead.
  • Jensen and DeKeyser worked the final shift of the PK with Nielsen and Abdelkader, and Detroit killed the penalty.
  • As the PK expired, DeKeyser blocked a Wheeler shot.
  • Athanasiou, Tatar and Mantha played a shift together after Larkin worked on the PK, and Green made a terrible pass that the Jets nearly scored on, lest Howard's big stop...
  • Frk got a shift with Nyquist and Zetterberg...

And Ericsson sent a heavy shot into the net as Nyquist got steered into Hellebuyck by Morrissey, and the puck went off Morrissey--high--into the net.

The referees gathered at center ice, with Wheeler and Zetterberg in attendance, and the Red Wings and Jets waited for the refs to consult with Toronto.

The referees called it a good goal as it was challenged for a high stick...

But the Jets challenged for goaltender interference.


The goal counted, making it 3-1. It was scored at 4:55, Ericsson from Jensen and Nyquist.

  • The Red Wings found the Jets to be a physical, ornery team after the goal was scored, with the Jets rather grumpy for obvious reasons...and they were smart, stealing pucks from Tatar, Larkin, Nyquist, Green and DeKeyser, setting up in the Wings' zone and finding their shots blocked.
  • Howard made a MASSIVE stop on Tanev, who was fed by Byfuglien, and Frk, Booth and Athanasiou joined the fray.
  • Athanasiou is wearing Bauer gloves and a Bauer stick now, after starting the season with a TRUE stick and CCM gloves;
  • Howard made a big stop on Andrew Copp as well, and Tyler Myers missed the net on the rebound;

Darren Helm stole the puck off a Jets player's stick and he raced in and fired a flickering shot over Byfuglien's glove to make it 4-1 at 7:25 of the 3rd period.

Helm scored at 7:25 of the 3rd, making it 4-1, unassisted.

  • The Jets worked their way into the Wings' zone on the post-goal shift, but Mantha, Larkin and Tatar did a good job of generating their own chances, and if Mantha hadn't been picked off by Kulikov, he and Tatar would have connected for goal #5.
  • Wheeler walked around the Wings' team and afforded Tyler Myers a tipped shot on Howard, who made a big stop;
  • At 9:24, Detroit was out-shot 8-3 in the 3rd period, but had out-shot Winnipeeg 28-20 overall; attempts were 56-42 Detroit, hits 30-22 Winnipeg, giveaways 9-8 Winnipeg, takeaways 4-0 Detroit, blocked shots 11-8 Winnipeg, faceoffs 27-21 Winnipeg (44%).
  • As play resumed, Nyquist, Kronwall (pinching), Zetterberg and Abdelkader did a great job of cycling in the offensive zone, generating good pressure.
  • Winnipeg got a good couple of rushes going...

But Andreas Athanasiou was able to charge up ice off a blocked Jets shot, and he decided to feed David Booth instead of Martin Frk--both accompanied Athanasiou on his 3-on-1 rush--and Booth scored the 5-1 goal.

Booth scored from Athanasiou and Frk (who blocked the shot) at 10:40, making it 5-1.

  • Athanasiou, Frk and Booth played the post-goal shift, and they won a faceoff, pushed the puck deep, and forced the Jets offside.
  • Winnipeg did not give up, however, with Morrissey ripping a heavy shot off Howard's blocker (which Howard gloved).

As Matthew Perreault wrapped the puck around the goal, Luke Glendening and Jonathan Ericsson made big stick blocks on an open net, but Ericsson took a penalty at 11:53 for cross-checking Perreault.

  • Winnipeg set up on the PP with Byfuglien, Wheeler, Laine, Scheifele and Perreault, and Glendening, Larkin, DeKeyser and Daley worked together on the PK. Howard made a big booming leg save and the Wings cleared the puck.
  • Nielsen and Helm were able to work the puck back to Kronwall and Jensen, and they chipped the puck down ice. Winnipeg set up with 45 seconds remaining in the power play, and Joel Armia was leveled by Kronwall.
  • Nielsen got high-sticked in the face again, no penalty...
  • Detroit killed the penalty, but Howard had to make some big stops.
  • Jensen did a lovely job of establishing body position and stick position on Chiarot, not once, but twice, but the Jets kept cycling the puck...

And Jensen got checked onto his belly by Armia, yielding an interference minor to the Jets forward at 15:31.

  • Winnipeg won the opening faceoff and cleared the puck down ice, so the Zetterberg unit worked its way through center ice, Zetterberg ground the puck out down low, and Kronwall prevented the Jets' clear from going all the way down ice.
  • He flubbed up the old Datsyuk-style drop pass, however, so the Wings sauntered into the zone some 55 seconds into the PP, and they didn't sustain possession.
  • Kronwall, who now has to wear his visor, went off...
  • Larkin, Athanasiou, Mantha, Frk and Green worked together on the 2nd unit, and the Wings went offside. Their power play was terrible.
  • With under 3 minutes remaining in the 3rd period, Winnipeg continued to press offensively, and Detroit had to battle hard against Wheeler, Byfuglien and company.
  • The final minute of play progressed with Little Caesars Arena even emptier than it was during most of the game, and Detroit didn't let off the pedal, with Tatar and Jensen finding Booth for a shot that JUST went wide of Hellebuyck off Booth's tip.

The 3rd period in summary: The Red Wings weren't perfect, surrendering a significant amount of shots over the course of the final two periods, but the Red Wings stuck with it in terms of defense and details, and they got a little physical at times, too, which was good to see.


Here's the Game Summary...

And the Event Summary

The final shot attemps were 61-54 Detroit.

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ilovehomers's avatar

Great game, great win, great response.

5 on 3 could use some work.

Solid win for Howie.

Looking forward to how this can be spun negatively.

Posted by ilovehomers on 12/05/17 at 10:25 PM ET

calquake's avatar

This game will serve as something of a blueprint—power play aside—for how the Wings have to play as their home stand continues.

Only if they want to climb back into the playoff picture.

Posted by calquake from a.k.a. Uniquake, workin' on my manifesto on 12/05/17 at 10:39 PM ET


I’ll answer that bell Homer. I can’t believe someone typed playoff push with a straight face. Any team in the league can do that for one night, especially after being embarrassed for two nights in a row.

Posted by Iamhaljordan on 12/05/17 at 10:40 PM ET

PierreC's avatar

Great first period then we lost the puck, we rarely found it back in the last 40 minutes.

The hockey God thought the Wings deserve a win after their miserable games against the Habs. We fought hard but let’s not go nuts about this one. Mantha was floating again, at time totally lost. Again we started every PP with NY-Z-Abby and it didn’t work again.  Could they start with Larks line sometimes, just to give him a candy, some extra motivation, cause Larkin too didnt have a strong game.

What kind of strategy was it on our 5 on 3 ?? Feeding Frk whose is trying to shoot the puck through the goalie, that   will never work when its obvious like this. Maybe 5 on 4 but not 5 ON 3 ..come on.

DK is not 100%. That leg still bothers him cause he is slow as hell.

Howard was good.

Posted by PierreC from Montreal, Canada on 12/05/17 at 10:55 PM ET

ilovehomers's avatar

Yeah, please don’t mistake this for long term optimism.

But that was a fun game to watch. And if these guys are going to play, I at least want to be entertained. It was a good win. One good win.

And I sat through all of it.

I dont take joy out of wasting my time watching 2 periods of abysmal hockey.

Posted by ilovehomers on 12/05/17 at 11:06 PM ET


Keep Blashill, Green and extend KH!
Great win! Negative remark - do they even practice 5 on 3?

Posted by VPalmer on 12/05/17 at 11:19 PM ET

calquake's avatar

I can’t believe someone typed playoff push with a straight face.

Are you replying to George? Because your reply followed mine and that’s not what I said. Sorry if I misunderstand.

Posted by calquake from a.k.a. Uniquake, workin' on my manifesto on 12/05/17 at 11:23 PM ET


Great first period, regression to their norm in the second, and a few lucky breaks in the third. It’s not that they didn’t have chances but you can see that this team’s confidence is very fragile. Had the Jets tied it up, the outcome would very likely have be a loss.

They didn’t play too badly in the third but still coughed up the puck too much. Luckily, the hockey gods were good to them tonight.

Dressing 6 D was a positive although Kronwall is the one who should have sat out or been used less often…...no PP time. DDk didn’t look great either.

Posted by NewfieWing on 12/05/17 at 11:34 PM ET


Nice win. But the method is clearly not sustainable. It also probably furthers Kenny’s delusions that he has a playoff roster led by a great young coach…

Posted by fatsavage on 12/05/17 at 11:54 PM ET


Well once again we established that the personnel are capable and begs the question of why this level of play doesn’t show up on a consistent basis.

Also Frk better hit the net or he will get Pulkinen’d

Posted by Ventr on 12/06/17 at 01:01 AM ET


Posted by Ventr on 12/06/17 at 01:01 AM ET
I agree, Frk’s accuracy seems to be questionable, that’s the difference between successful and mediocre in every sport. That’s one of the reasons they won, Jets couldn’t take their time to score tried to make things happen and couldn’t.

Posted by stateofmifan on 12/06/17 at 05:36 AM ET


Negative remark - do they even practice 5 on 3?
Posted by VPalmer on 12/05/17 at 11:19 PM ET

Consider who they are practicing against.

Posted by Steve1306 on 12/06/17 at 08:02 AM ET


Negative remark - do they even practice 5 on 3?

Posted by VPalmer on 12/05/17 at 11:19 PM ET

anyone go to practices? Maybe you can help us out with this answer….

Consider who they are practicing against.

giggle. giggle. giggle.

Posted by howeandhowe from Seattle on 12/06/17 at 02:45 PM ET

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