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Red Wings-Jets quick take: dumb hockey against a determined team spoils heroic Howard’s effort

I'm angry. The Red Wings had to come into this game knowing that they were tired--4 games in 6 nights, their second slate of 3 in 4--and they had to come into this game knowing that the Jets were going to be furious coming off a 5-1 loss to Chicago on Saturday.

Instead of attacking the puck, however, Jordin Tootoo and Chris Thorburn engaged in what was nothing less than the epitome of a staged fight, and the Wings' brains went out the window. With Adam Almquist over his head physically and the team's defense very visibly tired, and Kyle Quincey as error-prone as usual, the Wings' players somehow decided that they would chase the puck all night long, and they absolutely left their goaltender out to dry as a result.

The Jets earned their 4-2 victory, but it is an utter shame that the skaters in front of Jimmy Howard couldn't give a goaltender who stopped 42 shots some *#$%@& run support.

The turnover bakery at center ice reopened. The Wings couldn't deal with what was truly and honestly horrific ice given that the MTS Centre should have an at least passable surface for players to play on. The forwards missed their checks on the game-deciding goals, and the Wings were utterly mercilessly attacked...

And over-penalized for utterly stupid shit, just dumb stuff that the Jets got away with all night long. Winnipeg could hook and hold and slash and grab all they damn wanted, but they took all of 2 penalties to six against Detroit (including a bench minor), and what little gas the Wings had was burned killing those penalties.

The Wings were out-shot 14-9 in the 1st, finding themselves trading rushes where a 3-on-4 would result in rebounds of what are surprisingly fast side boards near the bluelines, yielding 3-on-2's or 2-on-1's the other way thanks to dumb pinches, forwards cheating or the Wings plain old getting out-skated, out-hustled, out-worked and out-detailed, and outsmarted, which is something you rarely see any team do to the Wings.

Dumb may have summarized how the Wings played more than anything else, and I really wonder whether winning so easily in Edmonton allowed the Wings to underestimate the tenacity with which the Jets were going to play.

As such, yes, the Wings end up with six of eight on the road, and 9-5-and-2 is not a terrible record with home games against Dallas on Thursday, Tampa on Saturday, the Jets again next Tuesday and the Capitals next Friday...

But this loss stings, and it should.

The first goal came thanks to a poor pinch and fall by Kyle Quincey, yielding a Brian Little breakaway that Howard could not stop despite stopping 13 other 1st period shots, yielding the following with exactly 1 minute left in the 1st:

The Red Wings did rally in the second period--and what they did to rally should've stood the test of Howard's netminding.

Seven minutes into the second, Pavel Datsyuk shoveled a Jets dump-in up to Henrik Zetterberg, he roared up the left wing, and with Todd Bertuzzi going to the net, Z shoveled the puck on net. It went off Grant Clitsome's skate and in at 7:09...

And this should've been enough. With the Wings shorthanded, Stephen Weiss, who had a helluva game, won a faceoff to Niklas Kronwall, he passed the puck to Danny DeKeyser, and DeKeyser scored his first goal, a shorty, with 9:55 left in the 2nd:

But the Wings let the Jets out-skate them, and they continued to both turn the puck over in the neutral zone and--worse--CHEAT offensively, yielding an inordinate number of 3-on-2's against.

Michal Frolik tied things at 2 with 2:56 left in the 2nd, thanks to a Darren Helm turnover, Kyle Quincey more or less standing around as Mark Scheifele shoveled him the puck, beating a sliding Howard to the right post...

And it got worse in the 3rd. Brian Lashoff went for a check down low instead of the puck, Adam Almquist got crossed up and Joakim Andersson missed his check, and as such, Howard had no chance here, with the Jets going ahead for good at 4:27:

Six minutes later, Andrew Ladd put the game away. Again, a Wings player goes for a check--this time Tomas Tatar--off a Jakub Kindl turnover, and Almquist finds himself searching for a rebound and instead screeing Howard as Ladd jammed the puck past him at 10:57:

When a goalie stops 43 shots, his team should ensure that he wins the game. Instead, the Wings gave up 47 shots to 28, when they did get a late power play, they did nothing with it, and what I can only call the most immature fans north of Nashville booed Howard, booed Datsyuk and booed Alfredsson along the way to a win that was perhaps as inevitable for them as the loss was for Detroit.

The Wings were out-skated, out-hustled, out-worked and worst, out-smarted. I don't care about the 3-in-4-4-in-6 spiel, nor the fact that the Jets were coming off a devastating home loss while the Wings were coming off an "easy win," nor do I care whether this was "coming." This loss is still inexcusable.



Shots 47-28 Winnipeg overall. Winnipeg out-shot Detroit 14-9 in the 1st, 17-10 in the 2nd and 16-9 in the 3rd.

The Jets went 0-for-6 in 10:27 of PP time; the Wings went 0-for-3 in 4:27.

Jimmy Howard stopped 43 of 47 shots; Al Montoya stopped 26 of 28.

The 3 stars were picked by the Jets, and they picked Bryan Little, Michal Frolik and Mark Scheifele.

The Wings' goals: Zetterberg (8) from Datsyuk (10) and Quincey (3);

DeKeyser (1) from Kronwall (9) and Weiss (1) shorthanded.

Faceoffs 36-29 Winnipeg (Detroit won 45%);

Blocked shots 21-13 Detroit;

Missed shots 9-8 Detroit (total attempts a stunning 76-50 Winnipeg, with the Wings firing 28 shots on Montoya and another 22 wide/blocked);

Hits 22-18 Winnipeg;

Giveaways 14-11 Winnipeg;

Takeaways 13-3 Winnipeg.

Individual stats:

Faceoffs: Datsyuk went a disturbing 6-and-13 (32%); Weiss went 9-and-9 (50%); Andersson went 8-and-8 (50%); Helm went 5-and-5 (50%); Zetterberg won his only draw; Abdelkader lost his only draw.

Shots: Datsyuk led the Wings with 5 shots; Kindl, Tatar, Zetterberg and Weiss had 3; Abdelkader and Alfredsson had 2; Miller, Tootoo, Lashoff, Helm, Kronwall, DeKeyser and Cleary had 1 shot.

Blocked attempts: Quincey fired 3 shots into Jets players; Alfredsson and Helm had 2 attempts blocked; Kindl, Lashoff, Zetterberg, Almquist, Kronwall and DeKeyser had 1 attempt blocked.

Missed shots: Datsyuk missed the net 2 times; Kindl, Andersson, Tatar, Tootoo, Zetterberg, Cleary and Weiss missed the net 1 time.

Hits: Abdelkader led the Wings with 4 hits; Helm had 3; Alfredsson and Tootoo had 2; Datsyuk, Tatar, Lashoff, Quincey, Bertuzzi, DeKeyser and Cleary had 1.

Giveaways: Quincey had 3 giveaways; Kindl and Datsyuk had 2; Alfredsson, Lashoff, DeKeyser and Howard had 1.

Takeaways: Andersson, Miller and Lashoff had 1 takeaway.

Blocked opponent shots: Lashoff blocked 4 shots; Quincey and DeKeyser blocked 3; Datsyuk, Miller and Kronwall blocked 2; Kindl, Andersson, Tatar, Bertuzzi and Weiss blocked 1.

Penalty minutes: Kindl, Datsyuk, Lashoff, Kronwall and DeKeyser were tagged for minor penalties, and the bench took a minor for too many men; Tootoo took a major.

Plus-minus: the Wings finished at -11. Kindl was -3; Andersson, Tatar and Almquist were -2; Abdelkader, Alfredsson, Miller, Tootoo, Lashoff, Quincey, Helm and Cleary were -1; Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Bertuzzi were +1; Kronwall somehow finished at +2.

Points: Zetterberg and DeKeyser scored goals; Datsyuk, Quincey, Kronwall and Weiss had assists.

Ice time: Kronwall led the team with 23:33 played; DeKeyser played 22:17; Quincey played 21:31;

Kindl played 20:06; Datsyuk played 18:56; Zetterberg played 18:39;

Weiss played 17:05; Cleary played 16:26; Andersson played 16:24;

Alfredsson played 16:18; Almquist played 15:51; Bertuzzi played 15:31;

Lashoff played 15:30; Tatar played 13:17; Miller played 13:02;

Abdelkader played 12:01; Helm played 7:46; Tootoo played 5:38.

Update: In the Twitter department:

Via RedWingsFeed, here's a full slate of game highlights:

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Babcock said they were trying to go on a run. If you want to pur together a run, you need to be able to get over fatigue. It would’ve been easier if they had turned on their brains.

The thing that infuriates me is watching 60 minutes of it…what sort of game plan involves a refusal to look at where you are sending the puck?

I’m angry because I sat around for 3 hours in slight discomfort in a restaurant out of town to watch that game.

Posted by CrimsonPhoenix on 11/05/13 at 12:07 AM ET

Chet's avatar

almquist made some good breakout passes but, defensively, looked like a lost puppy. see you next year (maybe), bud.

Posted by Chet from twitter: thegansen on 11/05/13 at 12:26 AM ET

Hippy Dave's avatar

I’m going on record as saying that was one of the most fun games I’ve watched all year.

Posted by Hippy Dave from Portland by way of Detroit on 11/05/13 at 03:08 AM ET


Howard was decent, but again he’s a 5+ mil a year goalie now.  He has to do better in games when the team lets down in front of him.  That’s his job as a highly compensated goaltender in the NHL.  Whining about how the team didn’t do enough for him is silly.  He had a lead at the halfway point in the game.  7 minutes later he didn’t.

As of today Howard’s a sub .500 goalie (5 wins, 7 total losses), he’s 19th in the NHL in GAA, and he’s 18th in sv%.

Seriously, yes or no, if Detroit goes into this year with Mrazek and Gustavsson and has a 7+ mil blueliner on the ice instead of Quincey… they’re a better team.  Obviously yes, right?

This is the reality of the NHL.  Paying a lot for a goalie doesn’t remotely guarantee you’re going to get exceptional goaltending relative to the rest of the league.

Right now Detroit’s got 5.3 tied up in a so far barely above league average goalie, 3.75 in an average dman, and another 3 mil in a forward they’re refusing to play so they can start another forward they paid 1.9 mil for who was never going to earn a decent role on the team anyway.

Yeah, there are going to be some hiccups this year.

Posted by HockeyinHD on 11/05/13 at 06:48 AM ET

Hootinani's avatar

Howard was decent, but again he’s a 5+ mil a year goalie now.  He has to do better in games when the team lets down in front of him.  That’s his job as a highly compensated goaltender in the NHL.  Whining about how the team didn’t do enough for him is silly.  He had a lead at the halfway point in the game.  7 minutes later he didn’t.

He made 43 saves, some of them herculean in effort

you’re an idiot

Posted by Hootinani from the parade following Babs out of town on 11/05/13 at 09:13 AM ET

redxblack's avatar

A goalie can’t do it alone. A goalie isn’t paid to do it alone. Howard is earning what his level of talent commands. He played a fine game and only really gave up one bad goal. His team left him hanging.

Posted by redxblack from Akron Ohio on 11/05/13 at 09:20 AM ET


you’re an idiot

Quoted for truth.

Posted by Garth on 11/05/13 at 09:53 AM ET


Why is it, according to George, that all the Canadian teams have had bad ice on this trip?  I haven’t seen a single player or coach mention that.

Posted by jkm2011 on 11/05/13 at 09:54 AM ET

Red Winger's avatar

Ken Daniels and Chris Osgood both mentioned how bad the ice was in Winnipeg last night. It was easy to see how bad it was, with some players looking like they were just learning to skate. Big Buf looked like Bambi on a frozen pond at times.

But that bad ice did not determine the winner last night in Winnipeg. Both teams had it working against them.

Posted by Red Winger from Sault Ste Marie, MI on 11/05/13 at 04:21 PM ET


if Detroit goes into this year….and has a 7+ mil blueliner on the ice…they’re a better team. Obviously yes, right? obviously? That doesn’t seem to be an absolute conclusion. If it were every team would be trying to do this brilliant plan then every $7 million defenseman would be making more than $7 million due to demand. So Detroit wouldn’t have enough money to do what you are proposing…..unless Sammy’s contract never happened. Why does this always come back to Sammy.

It is absolutely pathetic how you continue to support Sammy. You have a huge man-crush on him for no other reason than to annoy and…be pathetic. Each time you bring up some crazy, illogical reason for Sammy being the greatest Wing forward since Yzerman you are quickly and decisively shown how lacking you reason actually is.

At least the rest of us can know that you are getting the attention you desperately need. The gods are passified.

Posted by howeandhowe from Seattle on 11/06/13 at 12:02 PM ET

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