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Red Wings-Islanders quick take: DeKeyser delivers late as Wings win a squeaker

The Detroit Red Wings hoped to dent the streaking New York Islanders' momentum on Friday, with the Islanders coming into Friday's game on a 5-0-and-1 streak.

The Red Wings may or may not have earned all their breaks, but they defeated the Islanders 5-4 thanks to a "pinball shot" by Danny DeKeyser and thanks to a heavy-battling effort by the Red Wings for a full 60 minutes, even though they were on their "back foot" for much of the 3rd period.

The 1st period began with Tomas Tatar, Frans Nielsen and Dylan Larkin starting opposite Andrew Ladd, Alan Quine and Jason Chimera;

Xavier Ouellet and Jonathan Ericsson started on defense against Nick Leddy and Johnny Boychuk;

And Petr Mrazek started in goal opposite Thomas Greiss.

Nielsen won the opening draw to Ericsson and Ouellet, and Tatar jammed the puck into the Isladners' zone, getting the game's first shot off in traffic. The Wings held the puck in and Ericsson fired the puck wide of the net, so he and Ouellet re-set at center and Nielsen dumped the puck in on Greiss;

Nielsen and Larkin ground the puck out along the boards, but the Isles got the puck out of trouble and Leddy found Seidenberg for a shot that was blocked in front of Mrazek. Tavares continued cycling the puck and the Islanders weren't able to keep the puck in, so they re-set at center and iced the puck.

Zetterberg, Mantha and Nyquist took to the ice and won the faceoff to a pinching Jensen, but the Wings coughed the puck up and Jensen had to carry the puck back, drop it to Kronwall, and Kronwall dumped the puck in as Nyquist, Zetterberg and Mantha worked the cycle along the right wing boards. Mantha fired a wide shot, as did Zetterberg, and Green chipped the puck wide of an Islander to keep it in momentarily.

The Isles charged up and got a shot off on Mrazek before the Wings cleared the zone, and Athanasiou, Vanek and Helm weren't able to hold the puck in, so they hustled down ice to help Green and DeKeyser chip the puck up ice. Athanasiou carried the puck up the right wing alone as the Wings changed 3 minutes into the 1st, and the Isles took over control of the puck.

Boychuk blasted a puck into the Wings' zone and Abdelkader, Glendening and Sheahan cleared the zone, re-set at center, and worked the puck back to their blueline. Ouellet and Ericsson coughed up the puck but got some help from Sheahan and chipped the puck down on Greiss, who held on for a deep zone faceoff.

Detroit won the faceoff, but Green coughed up the puck and the Isles roared up ice on a 3-on-2, and Josh Bailey chipped the puck into the back of the net to give the Islanders the lead.

Bailey scored the 1-0 goal @ 3:43.

Green coughed the puck up and DeKeyser didn't stop the pass from Lee to Bailey, but Mrazek looked lost in the crease as well.

The Wings won the draw on the bump-up shift and Larkin blazed into the Islanders' zone, reversed it to Nyquist, and Nyquist plain old missed the net, so the Islanders roared up the other way, with Bailey, Lee and Tavares cycling. They worked the puck back to Hickey and Bailey jammed it around, Pelech worked the puck to Tavares, and Zetterberg couldn't clear, so Pelech fired a puck into traffic and out.

The Wings lost the deep defensive zone faceoff and Pelech fired another hard shot toward the net, and it banged off the back boards to Hickey, who fired another hard shot wide of the net.

The Wings went the other way and Helm narrowly avoided Casey Cizikas' attempt to separate Helm's body from its legs.

Detroit won its faceoff at the Isles' line and pushed it back into the Islanders' zone, but New York cleared and iced the puck almost immediately.

Zetterberg, Mantha and Nyquist were unable to win the deep offensive zone faceoff, so Zetterberg came back to help chip the puck to the line, the Islanders retained possession, and Mrazek had to stop a big thumper off the pads before an Islander fired the rebound wide.

After the first TV timeout, 5:17 into the 1st, the wings won the defensive zone draw and pushed the puck out through center ice, and Kronwall and Glendening tipped the puck down in on Greiss, but the Islanders worked the puck out of the defensive zone nad into Detroit's end of center ice fairly quickly, with Boychuk dumping and the Islanders chasing.

The Wings regrouped and Sheahan found Abdelkader for a hard one-timer that Greiss expertly stopped;

The Wings regrouped at center and Ericsson found Larkin, who roared into the Isles' zone but was blocked by De Haan; Tatar helped on the cycle but the Islanders re-took the puck, and De Haan fired the puck into the Wings' zone, where Ericsson played it around the boards and Helm charged out from center, chipping and chasing.

New York took over and skated through center ice, with the Isles checking Detroit hard and checking them physically, and Clutterbuck found Kulemin for a shot on Mrazek that was luckily fired wide; Kulemin and Cizikas cycled and Pelech chipped the puck in on Mrazek;

When the Islanders regrouped at center, Ladd charged in and fired a heavy shot on Mrazek;

New York then dumped and changed, and Jensen found Nyquist streaking at center, via a Mantha pass, and Nyquist roared into the Islanders' zone but fired the puck right into Greiss from the slot.

Nielsen drew in for the deep offensive zone draw and lost it, but the Wings did their best to grind on the Islanders and forced New York to ice the puck with 9:25 gone in the 1st.

Larkin, Nielsen and Tatar drew in and Nielsen won the draw to Jensen, Larkin worked the puck into the slot, and the Isles swiped it, skated down in on Mrazek, and Mrazek stopped Beauvillier on the wing.

Glendening drew in for the defensive zone faceoff and won it to Ouellet and Ericsson, and they worked the puck around to Sheahan, but Detroit surrendered possession, re-set, and had to dump the puck in on Greiss to start a forecheck. Abdelkader mashed the puck back to Ericsson, and Ericsson's shot was tipped by Glendening past Greiss.

Glendening made it 1-1 @ 10:07 of the 1st. Ericsson and Abdelkader had assists.

Detroit lost the center ice draw and the Wings worked the puck out to center, and Mantha chipped a long shot in on Greiss, yielding the second TV timeout.

Zetterberg, Mantha and Nyquist lost the faceoff after the TV timeout and DeKeyser and Green head-manned the puck, with Green pinching to help Nyquist and Zetterberg;

Lee and the Islanders went the other way, and Mrazek had to stop a smart shot from Lee;

Nyquist chipped and changed off Greiss, and Vanek and Athanasiou bumbled a stolen puck, so Quine wnt the other way and backhanded a shot wide of Mrazek, cycling it to the point, and Andrew Ladd leaned into a shot that went through Petr Mrazek at 11:35 to make it 2-1 for the Islanders.

Ladd scored to make it 2-1 New York @ 11:35 of the 1st.

On the bump-up shift, Dylan Larkin hooked an Islander and Nielsen grabbed another, so Nielsen headed to the box for holding at 11:55.

The Islanders won the draw and worked the puck in an umbrella formation, with Tavares firing a shot on Mrazek, but Ericsson was cross-checked, and Strome headed to the box.

Strome sat at 12:14, yielding a 4-on-4 for 1:41.

Zetterberg and Mantha drew in with Green and DeKeyser, winning the draw and cycling to Green, who found Zetterberg for a fine chance on Greiss that was stopped;

Bocyhuk and Leddy found Nelson and Mrazek had to make one stop and then two as the Islanders worked the "four corners."

The Wings won their deep zone faceoff and New York pressed back into the Wings' zone, with Jensen and Kronwall helping Nyquist and Sheahan work the puck up ice, but Jensen went offside pinching...

Helm, Larkin, Ericsson and Ouellet set up on the 4-on-4, with Helm and Larkin pinching, forcing DeKeyser to skate back hard on a 1-on-1 situation in which the Isles got a shot off, but Mrazek made a strong stop and the Wings set up on the PP, with Nielsen sprung and Green firing a hard shot wide...

And the Isles got a breakaway because of Green's pinch, and Clutterbuck fired the puck high and wide of Mrazek as Abdelkader was tagged for goaltender interference.

Abdelkader sat at 14:22 of the 1st.

Tavares drew in vs. Glendening and the Wings won the deep zone draw, clearing the puck down the ice with relative ease.

Helm and Glendening worked the PK up front and Ericsson and Ouellet worked the point, but the Isles set up in Detroit's zone 30 seconds into the PP and used an "umbrella" formation.

The Wings were able to chip and change, and Tavares carried the puck back into Detroit's zone, dropped the puck to Leddy, and the D-man fired the puck wide. Boychuk and Leddy worked D-to-D and as Nielsen broke a stick, the Isles worked a 5-on-3.

Mrazek stopped a point shot and DeKeyser cleared the puck, affording Nielsen a change, and Detroit had 30 seconds remaining in the PK.

New York regrouped and set up in their own zone, and when they chipped the puck into Detroit's end, Ouellet fired the puck back down ice, negating the power play.

The Isles charged back into the Wings' zone and Nelson played the puck to De Haan, but Green made a wise check, and he helped Nyquist, Helm and Abdelkader grind the puck out against heavy and physical pressure from the Isles' defense, with Kronwall yielding a mini-Kronwall hit that was called as interference at 17:08.

With Zetterberg having gone to the locker room due to an accidental Abdelkader hit, the Wings headed to the PK, and Mrazek made two big stops on Tavares and then Strome.

Off the following faceoff, the Wings cleared the puck to Helm, and Helm charged up shorthanded, but was met stride-for-stride by Nick Leddy, who ensured that Helm could do no more than slide the puck toward a ready-for-the-shot Greiss.

The Islanders won the deep defensive zone faceoff that followed and worked the puck up ice, setting up on the PP. Abdelkader, Glendening, Ericsson and Ouellet watched the Isles work the umbrella, and Tavares slashed Abdelkader in the back of the leg, but nothing was called.

The Wings lost the ensuing defensive zone faceoff but Mrazek stopped a De Haan blast;

Mrazek made another big stop on Boychuk, and Detroit cleared the zone;

With 1:10 left in the 1st and 18 left in the PK, the Islanders set up, skated into Detroit's zone, and DeKeyser ground the puck out in the corner, Helm rejoined the fray, and Jensen carried the puck up the right wing side, pushing it deep and affording the Wings a forecheck.

Zetterberg was crashing and banging, forcing the Islanders to ice the puck, and Detroit got a late chance to generate some offense with 21 seconds remaining in the 1st.

Zetterberg won the draw to Nyquist, he cycled to Zetterberg, and the Islanders coughed the puck up to Mantha, Nyquist found Zetterberg, his shot was stopped and the first period ended with Kronwall playing the puck at the Wings' blueline.

  • The 1st period in summary: The Red Wings played a pretty solid first period, but they surrendered the game's first goal and then a goal just after Glendening tied the game. The first goal was of the "iffy" variety and the second goal was just a good blast through traffic--and that "traffic" afforded Henrik Zetterberg a visit to the locker room because Justin Abdelkader's biggest hit in the 1st period was friendly fire. Disjointed!

Detroit was out-shot 15-8 in the 1st period; Detroit was out-attempted 25-13; Detroit was out-drawn 13-12 (48%).

The 2nd period began with the Wings winning the opening faceoff but going offside 6 seconds in as Nielsen, Larkin and Tatar skated into the zone before the puck.

The Wings lost the blueline faceoff that ensued, but they were able to clear their defensive zone;

The Isles cane back in and Ladd fired a shot of Mrazek;

New York re-set at center and skated into the Wings' end, where Tavares battled Ericsson and Sheahan and the Wings simply dumped and changed;

1:10 into the 2nd, Mrazek stopped a Lee shot and Green and DeKeyser played the puck up and dumped it in on Greiss, taking an offensive zone faceoff that the team won back to Kronwall, and Nyquist, Zetterberg and Mantha were unable to hold the puck in, so Pellech got a wonderful scoring chance on an Isles rush, but Mrazek made a stout stop;

The Wings battled the puck out of their own zone and through the middle of the ice, where Jensen found Nyquist, Zetterberg received the rebound of a wide shot and afforded the Wings a chip-and-change scenario;

Athanasiou was sprung on a 2-on-1 with Vanek, but Kulemin came back to stifle the 2-on-1, and when the Wings regrouped at center, the Isles picked them off and cycled the puck into the Wings' end, forcing Ouellet to make a strong defensive play.

Detroit pushed the puck to center and Ouellet found helm, who skated in around Seidenberg and dropped the puck back to Vanek, who was too well-covered.

The Isles chipped and chased, with De Haan finding Chimera, and the Wings were able to clear the puck, but only barely as Nielsen, Larkin and Tatar struggled to check Boychuk, who blasted a long shot in on Mrazek. Mrazek blockered it away and Detroit changed;

4 minutes into the 2nd, the Isles regrouped at their own line and set up. Hickey found Leddy skating up the wing, and he fired a heavy shot on Mrazek;

On the ensuing rush, Sheahan found Glendening, but Glendening was stopped by Greiss;

Hickey chipped and the Islanders chased, but the Wings were able to fire the puck down the ice, Zetterberg mashed and ground, and when the Islanders re-set and skated into Detroit's zone, Mrazek helped the Wings clear and Nyquist dumped the puck in on Greiss, got the rebound, and jammed the puck deep for Helm, who spun and shot the puck off an Islander's stick. Mantha joined the fray, as did Jensen, and as the Islanders dumped the puck in from center, the Wings changed.

Mrazek made a strong stop and Athanasiou, Larkin and Nielsen hopped over the boards, pushing the puck up into the Isles' zone, and Green helped the Wings hold the puck in, work it into the slot, and Greiss made a helluva stop on Nielsen and a better stop on Tatar.

Seven minutes into the 2nd, Detroit was being out-shot 6-3 in the period and 21-11 on the night.

Detroit dumped and chased off the blown faceoff deep in the Isles zone and the Islanders in fact charged into the Wings' zone, with Boychuk's shot stopped and Nielsen clearing the zone. New York regrouped at center and skated into Detroit's zone, with Tavares cycling and the Wings clearing the zone again, and changing.

Detroit got tagged for a bad penalty as Dylan Larkin went off the ice, earning a holding penalty for a free-hand grab at 8:00.

The Islanders piled into Mrazek off the opening faceoff, and Ouellet and Ericsson helped Mrazek manage the puck;

Glendening and Helm raced up ice on the ensuing faceoff, but Leddy steered Helm wide, and Ouellet could only keep the puck in for so long;

The Isles took over and worked the puck back to the point in umbrella formation, but Glendening was able to poke the puck away, and the Wings' defense changed.

Jensen was unable to clear, but Kronwall found Abdelkader, he worked with Nielsen, and Nielsen's shot was blocked into the crowd by Bailey.

Sheahan drew in for an offensive zone faceoff and he and Athanasiou lost the draw but kept the pressure in on the Isles' puck-carriers, affording Kronwall and Jensen an easy clear of the Isles' dump-in.

New York re-set at center as the power play expired, and Kronwall could not clear the zone himself, but Abdelkader helped the puck along, and he roared into the Isles' zone and blasted a slapper off Greiss' shoulder.

Ladd fired the puck back into Detroit's zone as the Islanders threatened, but Zetterberg, Mantha and Nyquist got the puck to DeKeyser, the Green, and Green fired a shot wide of the net, Mantha helped at the point, fired a shot wide, and Nyquist mucked and ground the puck to Zetterberg, who walked in and was stopped by Greiss.

The Wings continued pushing and Zetterberg got another shot off on Greiss, he cycled with Green, then Nyquist, then Kronwall, and back to Nyquist down low; Mantha found Green, Nyquist tipped his shot into Hickey, Nyquist held the puck in for Mantha, and Zetterberg was unable to finish. The Isles cleared the puck in desperation at 11:45 of the 2nd.

The Islanders won the deep faceoff but Jensen held the puck in, and Vane, Tatar and Helm cycled down low, with Tatar finding Helm for the tying goal on a lateral pass in front.

Helm made it 2-2 @ 12:04 from Tatar.

Detroit lost the faceoff on the bump-up shift and Mrazek had to make a big stop on Beauvillier; Kronwall and Sheahan ground the puck around the corner boards, and the Isles pushed it to the point, firing the puck wide; Seidenberg and Leddy worked the puck to Beauvillier, and he flubbed the exchange to Seidenberg, affording the Wings a clear;

Detroit changed its personnel, but the Wings iced the puck, so their defense was "caught out long." Nielsen, Abdelkader, Larkin, Kronwall and Jensen drew in and Abdelkader found Larkin, he chipped, and the Wings finished their changes.

Ladd and Tavares found Bailey on the rush, but Tatar came back and Ericsson's flub was taken by Ouellet, his pass to a 4-on-3 hit a skate, but he got back and helped Ericsson break the Wings out successfully. Detroit chipped and changed 14 minutes into the 2nd.

Mantha swiped the puck from the islanders at the blueline, he slid the puck deep to Tatar, and Tatar found Mantha with another lateral pass to take a 3-2 lead.

Mantha scored 2:20 after Helm's goal, at 14:24 of the 2nd, to make it 3-2 Detroit.

The Wings won the bump-up shift's faceoff, and Green pushed the puck in deep for Zetterberg, Nyquist and Mantha, who were unable to sustain possession. The Wings set up again at center, Zetterberg found Mantha, he dropped the puck to DeKeyser, and he fired the puck on Greiss. Green held the puck in and worked it to DeKeyser, then Mantha, and Greiss gobbled up the puck and held on as the TV timeout hit at 15:13.

Detroit was still being out-shot 8-7 in the period and 23-16 on the night, but Detroit led.

Detroit lost the deep zone faceoff but won the battle for the puck at center, and the Wings forced the Islanders offside.

Sheahan, Abdelkader and Glendening ground the puck out to center and into the Islanders' zone, and the Isles pushed back, but Ouellet and Ericsson made smart passes to slide the puck into the Isles' zone and keep it there for a while, with Nielsen sweeping the puck off the crossbar...

And as Nielsen clanged the crossbar, he was bumped into Greiss by Seidenberg, but called for goaltender interference nonetheless at 16:21.

Glendening won the deep zone draw and Helm, Ericsson and Ouellet cleared the puck down ice;

Leddy and the Islanders skated into the Wings' zone and set up, with Tavares and Boychuk working the umbrella.

Tavares found Leddy, then Bailey, he worked the puck down low, and John Tavares lurked below the Wings' coverage, jamming the loose puck into the back of the net.

The Islanders tied the game 3-3 @ 17:11. Tavares from Strome.

Detroit battled the puck up ice during the bump-up shift, with Nyquist finding Zetterberg in the slot to make the game 4-3--a Wings lead again.

Nyquist found Zetterberg @ 17:34 to make it 4-3. A goal 23 seconds after the Isles scored.

New York dumped and chased the bump-up shift's puck into the Isles' zone, and Detroit iced the puck in the resulting dump-in.

Nielsen lost the deep defensive zone faceoff, but the Wings pushed the puck out of the zone, and the Isles re-entered, with Mrazek making a nice stop on a bounce off the back boards that Cizikas popped toward the net.

Nielsen, Larkin and Tatar worked with Kronwall and Jensen and Jensen was run from behind by Ladd, sans call, so Boychuk was able to fire once and then twice wide of the net; Jensen cleared the puck for Larkin, and he was alone, so he simply backhanded a puck in on Greiss. Boychuk bitched at Larkin for daring to shoot the puck, and Larkin skated away.

The Wings lost the deep offensive zone faceoff and allowed the Islanders to walk in, once, then twice, and Tavares fired a heavy shot off Mrazek, Green cycled the puck to DeKeyser, he dumped the puck in, and that was the 2nd period.

  • The 2nd period in summary: The Red Wings got off to an OK start, but they really began to feel their oats toward the middle of the period, when Helm scored a gorgeous tying goal from Tatar. The Wings began to skate up ice and hold the puck in the offensive zone like they can when they're truly on their toes, and goals from Mantha and Zetterberg (despite that stupid, stupid call against Nielsen) yielded a 4-3 lead and a strong edge for the Wings in the skate-shoot-and-scoring department. Mostly, it looked like the Wings wanted the game more than the Islanders, and they were willing to back it up with their play, which was good to see.

Detroit was out-shot 12-10 in the 2nd and 27-18 after 2 periods; Detroit was out-attempted 40-32; Detroit out-drew the Islanders 23-20 (53%).

This wasn't good news, either:

The 3rd period began with this:

The Red Wings won the initial faceoff and Nielsen, Tatar and Larkin ground the puck out down low, with Ouellet helping keep it in via a pinch;

Ouellet was able to get back to stop Ladd from shooting on Mrazek on a 1-on-1 break, and when Ladd's teammates skated in, Mrazek made an easy stop.

The Red Wings won the deep defensive zone faceoff, and Mantha and Nyquist pushed the pace and pushed the puck into the offensive zone, where Zetterberg dropped to DeKeyser and Greiss stopped the point shot; DeKeyser got another shot tipped by Mantha wide, and Mantha, Zetterberg and Nyquist tried to cycle the puck, but were stopped by the Islanders;

The Isles skated into the Wings' zone and fired a sharp-angle shot in on Mrazek, which the Wings cleared, and Helm and DeKeyser chipped and afforded the Wings a change.

When the Islanders skated into the Wings' zone, Jensen coughed up the puck and Thomas Hickey got a nice shot off that Mrazek stopped;

Vanek and Athanasiou ground the puck out with Helm and then Glendening, pushing the puck into the offensive zone, but the Wings changed with the puck in their own zone, and Glendening, Abdelkader and Sheahan were only briefly able to skate into the Isles' zone before the Islanders' fourth line reversed flow and Chimera, Beauvillier and company battled Ericsson and Ouellet down low.

Ericsson was able to set up and the Wings slid the puck up to Nyquist, Mantha and Zetterberg, with Mantha swiping the puck twice, but the Isles still cleared their zone and slid the puck into Detroit's end, where DeKeyser and Green were both checked heavily to yield a turnover; Zetterberg and Nyquist worked very hard to help Green swipe it and Green found Mantha who blasted a heavy shot wide off the wing;

Larkin hopped over the boards and helped Sheahan and Tatar muck the puck away from the Islanders for a moment;

The Isles skated back into the Wings' end and were blocked off well, with Ericsson and Ouellet keeping the Isles at the Wings' blueline until Tavares broke in and dropped the puck to the point, where Leddy's shot was blocked by the Wings.

Tatar cycled into the Islanders' zone and fed the puck to Kronwall, whose shot was blocked, and Abdelkader and Glendening battled the puck with Helm, but the Islanders skated into the Wings' zone and were repelled.

It was announced that Frans Nielsen was lost to an upper-body injury some 5:38 into the 3rd.

Detroit won the deep defensive zone faceoff and pushed the puck out of trouble, with Sheahan substituting for Nielsen;

Nyquist worked with Sheahan and Zetterberg for a shift, and they pushed the puck into the Isles' zone for a moment, but once again, the Isles pushed back, and pushed Detroit into their own zone.

The Wings set up and Ouellet slid the puck out to center, but the Isles swiped the puck at their line, Quine battled his way into the Wings' zone, and Jensen was able to clear the puck down ice, where Vanek negated an icing call. He worked with Helm and Athanasiou, and they were chased out of the Islanders' zone.

Kronwall attempted to set up Athanasiou, but he was stifled by Pellech, and the Islanders fired the puck into their own bench, yielding the first TV timeout of the period.

The Islanders iced the puck as play resumed, and Glendening's line drew in for the offensive zone faceoff. Glendening lost the draw, and the Islanders skated in on Detroit's defense, but they went offside.

The Islanders won the faceoff at the Wings' line, but Detroit was able to battle the puck out of trouble, and New York re-set at the Wings' line, with Ericsson taking over and clearing the zone shallowly.

New York set up and sent the puck in on Mrazek on a long dump-in, and then negated an icing on the following dump-in;

Nyquist, Zetterberg and Abdelkader went the other way, holding the puck in the offensive zone for a moment, and the Islanders skated back into the Wings' zone again, with Detroit pushing the puck out of trouble.

Zetterberg found Abdelkader alone 1 vs. 4, and he pushed the puck deep enough that Detroit could change;

The Isles chipped the puck into Detroit's end and Glendening dumped the puck down the ice, but Larkin negated a would-be icing call, and he, Tatar and Glendening battled as the puck was pushed out and down into Detroit territory;

Hickey swiped the puck from Ericsson and battled the puck down low, but Helm regained control, dropped the puck to Sheahan, and he fired the puck wide of the Isles' net;

10:30 into the 3rd, Detroit was mostly playing defensive hockey, but they were doing OK.

The Isles skated into the Wings' zone and Detroit repelled them, with DeKeyser finding Mantha and Nyquist cycling, battling the puck into the Islanders' zone once and then twice. Zetterberg helped but could not sustain pressure, and New York charged into Detroit's zone again.

Mrazek made a smart stop on Seidenberg for a TV timeout...

And at 11:29, Detroit was being out-shot 5-2 in the 3rd and 32-20 on the night.

Glendening drew in for the defensive zone faceoff and won it with some help, with Tatar sliding the puck out to center and Ouellet and Larkin unable to clear the puck for long;

Ouellet couldn't stop Chimera from centering a puck to Boychuk, who fired one and then two shots in on Mrazek, and the Islanders ground the puck out down low, working it back to Boychuk for a tipped shot that went wide.

Tatar was able to relieve the Islanders' pressure, and Detroit changed, with Nyquist, Abdelkader and Zetterberg working the puck into the Isles' zone for a moment;

The Islanders resumed their attack and Seidenberg chipped a heavy shot in on Mrazek, but Bailey tipped his teammate's puck out of play;

On the defensive zone faceoff, the Islanders worked it back to the point, where De Haan blasted a heavy shot in on Mrazek;

Glendening drew in for the next one and tied it up, with the Wings icing the puck 13:31 into the 3rd;

Detroit iced the puck yet again, and the Islanders won their faceoff in the offensive zone, but Sheahan, Mantha and Glendening worked the puck out to center ice, and when the Islanders pushed into the offensive zone, Mantha got dumped and drew a penalty.

Brock Nelson sat at 14:09 of the 3rd for tripping, and the Wings headed to their first power play since the 12-minute mark of the 1st.

The Wings had bunched up at the bench for a defacto timeout during the TV break, and Abdelkader, Helm, Tatar, Green and Kronwall all set up as the first unit.

Helm won the draw to Green, he fired a heavy shot wide of the net, and Helm hit Seidenberg hard, and Kronwall dumped Tavares, but the puck skittered all the way down the ice. Kronwall found Green for a pinching play that went back to the center point, where nobody was waiting, and the Wings set up in their zone again;

Kronwall skated up and fired the puck to Green on the right wing, but the pass was blocked, and Kronwall was crunched by Ladd in his own zone;

Kronwall and DeKeyser exchanged the puck and set up with 55 left in the PP, nd Nyquist, Vanek, Zetterberg and Ouellet were unable to push the puck into the Isles' zone for long.

Zetterberg skated in and found Vanek on the right wing, he chipped the puck to the slot and Nyquist was stopped in the slot;

Ouellet and DeKeyser played catch and Zetterberg found Vanek for a tip that went wide;

Ouellet and Zetterberg ground the puck out but Zetterberg was tripped and the Isles skated into Detroit's zone as the PP expired.

Tavares cycled and reversed flow, finding Bailey, and his pass was blocked, but Glendening iced the puck, too.

16:35 into the 3rd, the Wings were in caught trying to change, so Zetterberg and Sheahan had to come back out to help Glendening, and Seidenberg fired a hard shot in on Mrazek, DeKeyser and Sheahan cleared the puck, and the Wings could finally change.

Seidenberg found Strome and his lateral shot went wide of the net, so Boychuk dumped and the Isles chased, but Detroit found the puck instead and Zetterberg pushed the puck all the way down the ice.

Abdelkader hit Beauvillier hard at center, but the Isles pushed the puck into the Wings' zone, and as Darren Helm took a Green pass off his feet, Jason Chimera chipped the puck through Mrazek short side to tie the game at 4.

Chimera scored the 4-4 goal at 17:34.

The Wings challenged based upon an offside on the play, and Chimera was offside, but it looked like the Wings put the puck off their own man trying to clear the zone.

The goal stood and the Wings were pretty much going to overtime.

The Islanders won the bump-up shift's faceoff and Mrazek cleared it out to Mantha, who chipped and chased it down int the offensive zone. Green coughed up the puck and the Isles skated in 3-on-2, but Green covered up his mess, Zetterberg pushed the puck up ice, and Lee and Bailey came into the Wings' zone, cycled to Seidenberg, and Green blocked the shot, Detroit chipped and changed.

The Isles set up and sent the puck into the Wings' zone, where Ladd fired a hard shot on Mrazek;

Abdelkader cleared the puck out of trouble, and the Islanders chipped the puck out of their own zone.

Detroit set up, with Abdelkader finding Green at center, and DeKeyser gave-and-went with Zetterberg, the Wings chipped the puck into the Isles' zone, and New York iced it with 39.2 seconds remaining in regulation.

Glendening drew in to help Zetterberg and Nyquist, he won the draw, Green fired the puck wide, DeKeyser fired a shot off an Islander and the Wings got another deep zone faceoff with 31.4 remaining in the 3rd.

Zetterberg drew in for this one with Nyquist and Mantha, and they worked the puck to DeKeyser, who clanged the puck off Hickey AND Leddy to make it 5-4.

DeKeyser scored at 19:32 to make it 5-4 from Zetterberg.

The Islanders called timeout and both teams discussed their plans.

The Wings won the draw, pushed the puck into the Islanders' zone, and New York skated out, into Detroit's zone, and the wings cleared the puck to center and dumped the puck wide of the net with Greiss pulled. Zetterberg just missed an empty-net goal, but Detroit won the game.

  • The 3rd period in summary: The 3rd period was a roller-coaster. Detroit was out-skated and out-hustled for the vast majority of the period, and it wasn't surprising when Jason Chimera tied the game late because the Islanders had just ground the Wings down for the majority of the period, but Danny DeKeyser scored a "trick shot" of monumental proportions to give the Wings a late win that they may or may not have deserved--but earned nonetheless.

Detroit was out-shot 9-6 in the 3rd and 36-24 on the night; Detroit was out-attempted 59-43; Detroit out-drew the Isles 31-29 (52%).


Here's the Game Summary...

And the Event Summary

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WingedRider's avatar

False Hope doesn’t happen very much.

Posted by WingedRider from Saskatoon, SK on 02/03/17 at 10:22 PM ET


Nyquist was on a mission tonight, great game for him. I liked Tatar’s effort too. Z with a strong game.
AA and Vanek were totally non existent (I think Vanek is waiting for the trading deadline already). Abby, Larkin and Green were awful. Mrazek disappointing.

Posted by VPalmer on 02/03/17 at 10:50 PM ET

bigfrog's avatar

A break. Finally. LOL

Posted by bigfrog on 02/03/17 at 10:56 PM ET


Nice to see a win, good hustle, defense little better but still allowed too many good scoring chances. Whatever the coaches have done to Mrazek isn’t good, too many rebounds, way out of position, I’d consider us lucky tonight, goal wide open too many times.

Posted by stateofmifan on 02/03/17 at 11:19 PM ET

Alan's avatar

AA and Vanek were totally non existent

Vanek played 7m40s. AA played 7m48s. Of course they were nonexistant. I wonder why they were in Blash’s doghouse tonight.

That said, that DDK goal was a thing of absolute beauty to behold.


Posted by Alan from Atlanta on 02/03/17 at 11:20 PM ET

Down River Dan's avatar

I heard on the radio broadcast that Vanek only had 4:30 of ice time after 40min….

Nothing like benching your only tradeable asset 3 weeks before the deadline.

You sure showed him…..... shut eye

Posted by Down River Dan on 02/03/17 at 11:52 PM ET

OlderThanChelios's avatar

Nothing like benching your only tradeable asset 3 weeks before the deadline.

You sure showed him…..... shut eye

Posted by Down River Dan on 02/03/17 at 11:52 PM ET

Yup. Blashill is like a first-time parent who thinks the answer to every “behavioral” problem of his kid is: “Go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.”

Blashill doesn’t motivate an underperforming player, he punishes him. In the end, he’s the one who ends up looking like a child.

Whatever the coaches have done to Mrazek isn’t good, too many rebounds, way out of position...

Posted by stateofmifan

Mickey talked about it all night long. Mrazek is sliding all over the place, leaving huge portions of the net wide open. He looks nothing like the guy who was so dominant a year ago. Baffling.

Posted by OlderThanChelios from Grand Rapids, MI on 02/04/17 at 12:31 AM ET

WingedRider's avatar

After tonight Mrazek and Coreau have the same numbers in Stats. Now they both suck, I guess.  Kronner was brutal and always will be without new knees, the Heart is definitely there.

No groin Howard will be back, too soon? Blow another groin and he becomes untradeable and unable to play. When Jimmy was Coreau’s/Mrazek’s age he was still in GR or NHL trying to stop beach balls. His 1st couple of years were tough to watch.

Goose played a pretty motivating game, must be about 5 this year now. Not sure what Vanek did to get shit on? Even when he is bad he is one of the best goal scorers but this might be a hint of his flops with other teams?

Mickey was awful high tonite and wouldn’t shut up about anything.  I thought he was going to lose it. His comments about goalies are guesses only.  He went too far tonite.

I usually like Mickey but he seemed out of control. The comments about the Refs went turned into tantrums.

Posted by WingedRider from Saskatoon, SK on 02/04/17 at 01:00 AM ET


Vanek’s and AA were on a line with Helm and since he plays on most PP’s and PK’s that probably accounted for some of their shortage in TOI. Both AA and Vanek’s looked uninspired and lost, but that’s a normal reaction for anyone coached by Blashill.

Posted by stateofmifan on 02/04/17 at 01:43 AM ET

DocF's avatar

I got the opportunity to see this game.  The only guy who had a really hideous game was Green.  His passes were off and he was a total turnover machine.  He was involved in all three of the Islanders goals.  Is he still hurt?

Sheahan had an OK game.  I still would sit him and play Jurco; it can’t hurt.

I believe that Larkin and Abdelkader are hurting and not fully healed.  They look like it.

Posted by DocF from Now: Lynn Haven, FL; was Reidsville, NC on 02/04/17 at 09:32 AM ET


On goal #1 for the Isles, Mrazek was way too far out of his net.  He was out beyond the blue on a 3 on 2.  The pass came across and he was way too far out to react to a pass coming over to the opposite side.  When Jimmy comes back.  Sit this guy, let him calm down and watch the game.  He is fast and acrobatic.  He is fighting the puck and not reading plays.  Mrazek needs to let the play come to him.  With good numbers maybe we can trade Howard for a 2nd and start rebuilding this.

Posted by Wisconsindale on 02/04/17 at 09:44 AM ET

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